24 August, 2009

Pak Uda's bukak puasa.

A'kum n ello..

yesterday's iftar was at pak uda's(i still use this term) house...hoho.

the food wasn't as good as at acu's house,but still, blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.huhu.

these were the food AFTER the iftar.haha.

anyway,that night was noisy;pretty common if you have the whole tg malim native at one place.haha.Mak Long's,Pak Yang's family and Acik were there.so pretty much,it was crowded.


and nothing much happen after that. after maghrib,we recited the yassin,and bcos i brought my analytical chem's and immunology's notes(i have quiz and test),so Pak Yang said "yassin ni ntuk bdak spm,upsr and UiTM" haha.

and after that,we had solat Isya' and terawih. and i forgot the niat for Solat Witir. seriously~~! prove that i haven't solat terawih for some time already.ai~

and behold,a new trend! Telekung Pose is the new Chanel.haha.just look at these pics.

aizam and sarah~

kononnye nk pi Mekah la ni.

cool eh?
tho not as cool as this.


anyway,we celebrated Mak Uda's birthday at that time.she's 56 this year. and people wished her to live a long life,and also maybe,meet a new man,at the same time as her daughters. (Pak Uda already passed away) and yeah,people found it funny.

ha-ha. blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.maybe she'll meet a young man just like demi moore and ashton kutcher.haha.

not funny,i know.haha.

this is mak uda.....

and this is her BIRTHDAY CAKE!

and that's Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe.huhu.

there was this conversation between me and mak long.

Alisa found out that the Secret Recipe cake is Chocolate Indulgence,not Cheesecake.

Alisa: la...nape bukan cheesecake??
Mak Long: chocolate ke? mak long tak ske.chocolate pahit~~
Alia: chocolate ni manis,mak long.
Alisa: cheesecake lagi sdap,mak long.
Mak Long: cheesecake? sdap ke?
Alia: Mak Long tau ke cheesecake tu pe?
Mak Long: *smile* yang makanan tikus tu kan?
Alia: *laughed very hard*
Mak Long: *???* camne cheesecake tu?
Alia: *didn't know how to explain,so-* SUSU BASI!

haha.really tho,mak long is too cute.haha.

k.that's all.tata!



ainkinz said...

oke,muka aku nmpk sket.
muka memang pro potong kek.

n this is d first n last bukak pose reramai for me utk my ramadan this year!
hate it! hate it!

Alia Liverpool said...

sian ko,long.
xpe,nanti raye karang ktorg leh jumpe.tupun kalo aku raye tg malim la.haha.

kalo ko naikkan duit raya from rm2 to rm5,aku konfem blk tg malim.haha