22 August, 2009

Choose Choose Game

A'kum n ello..

do you know this choose choose game?

1st,ask someone to choose it for you RANDOMLY.better let her move the pen/finger to choose it,and you say STOP or you can just randomly choose it by singing i-ni-mai-ni-mo-a-li-a-ba-ik song while you choose the shape of face,the eyes and mouth and the hair.

you'll get something like this.

or maybe THIS!

we're thinking that i should be Aqilah and Aqilah should be Me. but i think this stuff show how ur personality looks like.hahahahaha.

aqilah,kamu cute!


p/s: this game was played during the Human Mentality class.we played this game to sort out our boringness.haha.

like the mamak at Restoran Darul Ehsan said, SELAMAT BERPUASA!

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