07 October, 2009

midnight rambling.study and daily.

A'kum n ello...

an uncle of mine said "if you're that lazy to study,how about you only study for 2 hours(for each day)?"

i was like "kenapakah aku tak terpikir pasal tu~~"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

so,i studied Genetics,which,not really study,cos all i did was finished up the lab reports that due last Monday,which means,i already past the dateline.


i planned to sleep first tho,then do the lab reports later,but you know-la manusia kan, plan ahead,but nothing will happen.

so,i did the lab reports, and YEAY,ALL THE STUPID QUESTIONS I ANSWERED!! blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comsome of the questions were very hard,that i even put it up at Yahoo!Answer.haha.luckily,someone answered it for me.

a list to summarize my recent life:
  • Immunology test was hella bad. the paper has 60questions,but i think i can only answered 10 of them.
  • found out that Mizushima Hiro and Oguri Shun were the guests for Domoto Kyoudai!! i need SUB!!! please~~!!!!!!!!
  • i dunno why but my friends are being moody all of sudden.ai~
  • a stranger sms-ed me.what the hell~~ i was kind enough to reply the sms by saying "sorila,u pakai maxis".
  • hani didn't answer nor reply my calls and sms-es.i'm worried.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com
snap this at Etude@Sunway Pyramid.haha.

and that's all.


hafizulkifli said...

kalau aku komen nie, ko akan banned aku ke?? haha!

asyachumel said...


lee min ho!!
eh dah tukar poster ke?

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah.aku ban.ko slh post tho.haha.