22 October, 2009

me&man: PAD promote

A'kum n ello...

some weird conversation between me and this guy here.

he's married btw. and a very nice guy who loves to do business.

tho he should learn more about woman tho.haha.

aLia_LiverPooL: nape?
----: pasai pad
aLia_LiverPooL: ahah
aLia_LiverPooL: nape ngan mende tu?
----: Pad untuk wanita...sebaguna/...
----: pad berherba
----: baik untuk kesihatan
aLia_LiverPooL: ooo...
aLia_LiverPooL: xpe da..
aLia_LiverPooL: x ske sgt tukar2 pad ni..
----: oooo
----: tapi ini lain dr yg lain...
----: berhebra
----: baik untuk sengugut
----: keputihan
----: kekuningan
----: sakit bila period
aLia_LiverPooL: erm..
aLia_LiverPooL: part senggugut tu..
aLia_LiverPooL: orang tak rasa senggugut...
----: ye la..kalau ada..
aLia_LiverPooL: aha..
aLia_LiverPooL: rasa pelik gle laki yg promote2..
----: la...apa salah nya...
----: ini bisnes....
----: apa nak di hairan kan....
aLia_LiverPooL: still la kan...
aLia_LiverPooL: some pelanggan ade yg uncomfortable kalo laki yang promote...
----: ohh....
aLia_LiverPooL: some rasa ni cam pervert..
----: bagi aku biasa je...
aLia_LiverPooL: thats why..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha..
----: hahahahaha
aLia_LiverPooL: ni kene tau la pe pompuan rasa..
aLia_LiverPooL: hahaha
----: hahahaha
----: ok

i had to hide his name cos i know some people will think this guy is a pervert. but seriously, he's making a business here.

still, it was weird. a guy promote PAD to me is really WEIRD. WEIRDER enough when he started talking about keputihan,kekuningan and those other stuff that only women know.

still, if you read more about that pad,you'll find it interesting; plenty of use. tho i know some people might think that just a scam. but it's really useful.

ps: about the senggugut thing, of course i feel the period pain. it just that i never find it THAT painful like some people who need some medicine to cure that pain.

ta then~!

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