19 October, 2009

my bacteria~~!haha

A'kum n ello..

ok now.i know most of you sometimes wonder, "pemende alia blaja ni?"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and sometimes,i blogged about salmonella typhi,a type of bacteria that i often used in the lab.and i know most of you know nothing about it,especially that the readers here are mostly account students,teacher,statistic student,computer science students and a football fans.

haha to that.cos the only thing you all do is calculate,teaching and supporting your football club,while i have to guess what the hell is this thing here:

anybody genius know this?

let me intro first why i have to guess this:

last friday,i had practical test for bacteriology. the whole class got an unknown bacteria each,and they have to guess the scientific name of the bacteria. after some tests, you'll know the bacteria of that unknown.

so,i'm guessing mine is Enterobacter.why? bcos you won't understand how i know it and also bcos you don't know what is Enterobacter.

and yes,people.that's the bacteria that i saw and found under the light microscope.that's only 1 part of the bacteria from a small colony.

the due date to send the result of the test was suppose to be today,but KP said Sir Roslan extend it till Thursday. cool then.

ok now.i have analytical class later.tata!

ps: i need to learn how to do the hanging drop technique. see?!you don't understand that.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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