11 October, 2009

7 years already

A'kum n ello...

this post should be yesterday, but i dunno why, i didn't feel that sad. but today, it's something else.

it's 10.10.2009 yesterday.
it's already 7 years.

i remember my YM-ed with this Liverpool mate of mine,farook.

farook: sape kat umah?
alia: maid,abg,adik,diri.
farook: ayah?
alia: kat JB.buat highway.
farook: mak?
alia: ah~~.dah meninggal.
farook: OPS.SORRY.camnela leh tak terpikir.sorry sorry!!!
alia: takpe.kadang2 pun lupe gak nape umah ni cam takde orang.haha.

seriously.bcos it's already 7 years,so i kinda forget her. i still remember her face tho.i still remember what she did and all,but her presence,its not there. maybe bcos i'm in a happy state now.i love my life.and maybe in previous years, she's there bcos my life was kinda wreck. and she was there to be there with me.

still,in the past 3 days or so, i often talked about my mother with aqilah. i told her that she drove very,very fast.i told her that maybe my direct manners came from her.

it's 7 years alright. and maybe i can understand now why hani doesn't want to answer her phone at times like this. the memory that your beloved left you,for forever,is like the most painful thing. and it takes time to accept the truth that he/she is not here anymore.

You taught me everything
And everything you've given me
I always keep it inside
You're the driving force in my life.



ps: Boyz II Men's Mama is the playlist for this week.


Anonymous said...

She is happy when she sees u and ur siblings are doing fine now.. :)

Alia Liverpool said...


duit raya?

a i n k i n z said...

rindu mak andak jugak.

aku masih ingat penceritaan mak andak waktu dia muda2 dulu.
swit gile.

hey,take care oke?

Alia Liverpool said...

mak aku time kecik amat2le pelik.ko tanye jela mak ko,ade2 jela cte gle yg mak aku buat time skolah.haha.