10 October, 2009

Playlist and Jay Sean/Chou

A'kum n ello.

My Blog's playlist:
  1. Won't Give You by 4minutes
  2. Wo Ai Ni by Hitomi Takahashi x BEAT CRUSADERS
  3. Been So Long by Tohoshinki
  4. Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On a Bad Bet by Fall Out Boy
  5. La cHA tA by f(x)
  6. New Perspective by Panic At The Disco
  7. Addicted by Hiromi
  8. Friend by T.O.P & TaeYang
  9. Wannabe by Epik High
  10. LUV DNA by MC Mong
  11. Naega Ya Han Myeong Neonae! (duet with Lyn) by Kim Tae Woo
  12. Neoramyeon Chut Ge Seo by Yoon Do Hyun
  13. Super Girl by Super Junior M
  14. Shelter by JaeChun
  15. Ignorance by Paramore
  16. Horrow Show by MC Mong
  17. Mikazuki by Ayaka
  18. Jewelry Day by Ayaka
haha. not the latest songs, but my current favourite alright. and like you already know,i'm not the best listener of the latest Hollywood songs,so,i'm sorry that i mostly put japanese and korean songs in the blog. it's all because that oricon and the korean charts always have new songs in their chart, AND that billboard chart remain the same in each week,until THIS week, and i'm not really fond of Jay Sean. i like Jay Chou more.haha.

i remember the time when i chat with this chinese guy at twitter:

alia: any good song for me?
chinese guy: i listen to Jay.
alia: who? Jay Sean?
chinese guy: no la!! JAY CHOU.
alia: blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that song is Yi Lu Xiang Bei btw; the Jay Chou's song that he recommended to me. very2 nice song.it's the Initial D's OST. (and like usual, i understand NOTHING about that song)

ps: man,i'm in love with Ayaka. her voice is really WOW. hopefully, she'll be healthier after this. AMIN!

ta then!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


asyachumel said...

wont give u best!!

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah. tu feveret tu!!!haha