03 October, 2009

Video Artwork

A'kum n ello...

so i just got back from Aqilah's open house.(ok,it was 4 hours ago,but still~)

it was fantastic.maybe bcos i talked too much?

oh,oh. i'm not blogging about it now,cos i haven't prayed yet,but InsyaAllah i'll blog about it later.huhu.

and there's something that i want you to watch.

IF you don't mind naked woman and hairy penis anyway.but seriously, this video is about Art,not Sexual Satisfaction.haha.totally cool~~!!

i won't put porn in this blog,ok? be MATURE,ok people? don't watch it if:
  • you're not comfortable seeing people naked. it's only small bits tho. around 15secs or more.
  • your intention to watch it is bcos of sexual desire.
so,thanks to kenny sia for recommending this video.


credits video: TigerTranslate@youtube

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