17 October, 2009

alia missing and FAIL.

A'kum n ello...

this week is not a good week for me.

ok.maybe i laughed a lot and become closer with the microbe peeps,but still,it wasn't a good week.

lucky that KP fought with her boyfriend,so people noticed her instead of me.hahaha. still, a good friend of mine,who saw me laughed and laughed and laughed,suddenly said "i want the old alia back" and i asked back "i laughed and still ask you money.what's the difference?"

and that person said "dunno.something missing"


maybe bcos of my PMS. and also bcos of my constant fights with my sis, so i wasn't in a good mood.

sorry,ok chinggu? if you buy me tokyo-g, i'll be happier than ever.hoho.

anyway, i have this new word that i loves to say recently. the word is FAIL. fail,as in,GAGAL=TAK LULUS.

i know i used it when i talked with aqilah, but i realized that i used it among my friends and family too.

like when i met this guy that i never talked to:

alia: sape name ko?
afiq: nama dia arif.
alia: oh.
afiq: dia orang kelantan.
alia: (looked at arif) kelantan?
alia: FAIL.
arif: (smiled)
alia: minat bola? (can't help that)
arif: sori.aku ske sukan.tapi tak ske bola.
alia: FAIL!
arif: ok ok.aku ske bola.
alia: kelab mana? kelantan?
arif: man utd.
alia: FAIL!!

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comagain.no offense to the kelantanese. it just that my JPJ instructor was a kelantanese. and he loves to nag. seriously. i don't want someone like him.hahahahaha.

oh. my Analytical chem lecturer told me off today. he said something like "kak,jangan senyum2 je.exam nak dekat".i thought he was saying it to aqilah,so i looked at aqilah,but she was writing something.then i realized that he was looking at me.

and i continue smiling.

seriously,i just love to smile.it's not a sin anyway.

btw, can't help it. i saw the question,and it reminded me of something funny,and bcos it's funny,i smiled,instead of laugh.

ai~. the lecturer also loves to smile,rite? someone should tell him "sir.u can't smile. exam nak dekat~~~be serious!"


ok then.

something that i want to show you.

from Ayam Penyet.hahaha.

ps: Beast is GOOOOOOOOOOD!better than MBLAQ.agree,kpop fans?BAD GIRL!!!

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