20 October, 2009

being a LOW person if when you COPY.

A'kum n ello...


2 tests today.

immunology and biochemistry.

immunology: blame on almie,k-rol,acap and myself. cos those three talked about some LUCU tapi LUCAH stuff,and i was there while reading the immunology notes, and you know what the old people said "hilang ilmu kalau dengar benda lucah" in the end, my immunology test was bad.VERY BAD.all the things that i memorize and read went messy inside my brain.and to make it worst, Dr Hana gave 2 quizzes during the test,and i innocently thought that the DEAR DR HANA will let us bring the quizzes home,but nope,she didn't. wiera asked her:

Wiera: kene bawak balik ke?
Dr Hana: (didn't hear it clearly) you can send those 2 together if you want.
Class: ..........(salah dengar da~~)........(hopeful~~)
Wiera: antar hari ni?
Dr Hana: yes.
Aqilah: (quietly) perlu tanye ke soalan tu~~~?
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the test was BAD.again,BAD!

Biochemistry: bad.BUT! i think i'll have good marks,cos i COPIED the people around me.seriously,why the hell i didn't study last night??? seriously, i didn't watch any porn recently, but still, how could i forgot the notes that i read last week??

i'm not happy with the COPY thingy,you know.i feel bad to the lecturer. i'm disappointed with myself for that. but when i think about the carrymarks and all, i was like "oh shit.i have to~~~"

in the end,i chose the bad choice of all.

aish.i feel like i'm a low human being.

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