30 October, 2009

dunno really....

A'kum n ello..

1st day of exam: END!

6 papers left,and this night is like a karaoke night for me.

now i know why that facebook quizzes often ask "what do you always do on Friday night?".

yesterday,i'd say "erm.TV?"
today,i'll say "oh wow i'm FREE"


the past few days, i did that horrible lab reports and assignments. it's stupid really that ASSIGNMENT BEFORE EXAM?? and a MORE THAN 50PAGES OF LAB REPORTS THAT NEED TO BE SENT???

still,i did all of those in just 4 days, and i had muscle cramp at my hands cos of that non-stop writing.and i already sent those assignment and lab reports.YEAY!

and today's exam?
i dunno really what to say.maybe i have to check my words first before i say it. erm....

English was okay. maybe bcos i always blog,IN ENGLISH (with plenty of grammar errors and weird sentence structure),i think i did ok.

Genetics? dunno really. IF ONLY I READ THE WHOLE NOTES,maybe i can say "alia terer~~"
but nope,that didn't happen.


ps: new word: FERNANDO-d!

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