08 October, 2009

Google Translate: ENGLISH - MALAY

A'kum n ello..

last night, i was doing my CTU assignment, about Abu Abdullah Al-Battani,1 of the greatest astronomists of Islam and also the founder of trigonometry.

there's not much source in Malay Language about him,but there are plenty about him in English.plenty of English articles about his achievements from many foreign universities,and so,i had to translate most of the articles to finish my assignment.

and you know,my English is not that great,but my Malay is not that good either. i had to search for the English-Malay dictionary in the house,and i found 2 dictionaries that exist since my father and mother were young.

so,you can expect technological words like apogee and apsides won't be in that book.

and Al-Battani was an astronomer and a mathematician. so, i really NEED THE MEANING OF THOSE WORDS!!

so,i used Google Translator cos i found out few months ago that they put Malay language in their translator thingy.

so i used it.
and got THESE.

seriously,FAIL! Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka should make a website like this.they can explain things better.

still,at least Google didn't translate this wrongly.


ta then~!


asyachumel said...

ahahaha alia baik!

Alia Liverpool said...

thanks.anda mmg pndai komen.hahaha.