07 October, 2009

PMS woman.

A'kum n ello...

i hope my period will come NOW rather than later cos don't want to be in a bad emotional state with this PMS thingy,especially with final exams coming up.i need to prepare with a good state of mind,k?

oh btw, for the boys out there, when the ladies are having their PMS, they'll have this one tiny little thing,that is,PARANOID.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

so i'm being paranoid,eventhough i'm not having my period for this month yet,but still,it's almost the time.

the hormone is kicking me,and telling me all of THESE:
  • "oh,dia cam sial da.apehal dia pandang ko camtu?"
  • "erm,nape dia tak senyum?ingat bagus gile ke?"
  • "eh2,sdap2 je makan makanan aku"
  • "takleh bagi pensel tu baik2 ke?"
  • "nape aku kene buat soalan tu??!?!??!"
  • "oh shut up.ko bising giler!"

seriously. why oh why PMS exist?

still, a positive note for the woman who's having their PMS:
Women become sexy without they realize it when they're having their PMS.

and there's also:
Women will get attracted to the muscle man when they're having their PMS.

this,if i'm not mistaken,i got from the research of the Liverpool University's students.haha.

ta then~!

ps: mind your own bussiness.