12 October, 2009

for YOU

A'kum n ello..


and i mean it.

do you think i said all those Alia Baik stuff cos i'm a bad person? i know who i really am. and i know my REAL FRIENDS know that. so, why do you bother about it that much?

you dunno how much i think about you;about what you're doing, about your safety, about your happiness,about your future.

do you think i never think about all of those?

everyday,i pray about you.for God to accept you.for God to forgive whatever you have done. for God to give you a better future. for God to give you a brilliant health.

and you said THAT to me??

i maybe make some cruel things, but you should know that i waste plenty of my time just by thinking about you. and you said that you know me,if you dunno my sarcastic nature,it means you know nothing about me.

and if you think i'm not a good person, ok fine. have it ur own way. be different. follow those stupid minds of yours who think of nothing but stupid things.

it's bcos ur mind is stupid.it's bcos you don't think WISELY.you think you're mature,but you're not. you only think about yourself. you help your friends,but you only help them bcos they might think you're a bad friend to them. you think your life is sucks. it's bcos of your stupid negative mind that was influenced by some stupid,immature people that you become like this.

will you accept my words? i doubt that. bcos your ego hinder you to accept this.

THAT's how stupid you are.

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ada orang tgh marah ...