30 December, 2010

Footie:Good and Bad news

A'kum n ello..

yesterday, my sis asked me why i didn't update my blog.

so now i'm updating.

and it's about football.

in life,we have to start with a Good News first.


Champion of Southeast Asia

i didn't really watch Malaysian football as i watch the English League since 2001.so i tend to avoid the Malaysian football cos whenever i watch it, i'll be like "wth.stupid pass" "wth.stupid save!" "wth.that is just stupid".

so yeah.i tend to complain a lot and also maybe,i laugh seeing them play.

but still, i watched the 2nd leg of the final of Suzuki Cup. and the Malaysia NT played really really well. maybe my football observation of high class play is getting bad cos of the way Liverpool played currently but whatever, the Malaysia NT were really good.

anyway, they won the final with 4-2 aggregate. which is awesome~! and oh,Khairul Fahmi the Sepet n the also the Awesome Keeper is WOW.

and oh, i sent this tweet to John Henry,the Liverpool owner about Rajagobal,cos you have to admit, Rajagobal is a brilliant tactician.

and this is when the BAD NEWS coming in...

stupid Roy. even Mick McCarthy is a brilliant manager than you. Wolves played brilliantly like a top team this morning, and Liverpool were like an idiot, fell into their trap. aih.

seriously Roy, my patience on you is getting lower and lower. and i don't think it will be better.

isn't it sad that BAD  NEWS always top the Good News?

ta then!

YNWA to all readers but pls Walk Alone, Roy.

25 December, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong - Face Shop Showcase

A'kum n ello..

i should post about this 2 weeks ago, but oh well.at least i blogged about it. aha.

the previous post was about Jay Park. this post is about Kim Hyun Joong. apparently, i met 2 handsome Korean men on the same day. hoho.



4th December 2010.

after the Jay Park's Fanmeeting at Berjaya Hotel, we went to Pavillion to see Kim Hyun Joong. Face Shop invited him to come to Malaysia to promote their product(sort of). The showcase was kinda like Lee Minho's Etude Showcase, but this time, the showcase was outdoor and there were more 'audience'. i heard there were about 3000 people. (major difference than Jay Park's. can't say much cos Hyun Joong is a halyu star).

anyway, the venue of the showcase was outside Pavilion,but still in Pavilion's territory. by the way, that was my first time ever been to Pavilion. hooray me!haha.

when we arrived at Pavilion, we went to the receptionist to ask where is Face Shop shop. i went to the prayer's room to pray, Aqilah went to change her clothe to something like a Triple S, Hani went to the Face Shop.

Hani sms-ed me and said the showcase was near ESPRIT store. Aqilah and I went there. and we went outside Pavilion and saw PLENTY OF PEOPLE.


most of them were not even Korean fans. more like "i'm just a looker and i want to see something that i can show to my wife and kids" or someone like "yo man.i saw some Korean guy that i dunno but oh well i can squeeze into some girls boobs while pushing them".

it was nonsense really. and i even thought Lee Minho's or maybe BEAST's showcase were better. not nice.

anyway, we saw HaniCullen and AsyaPrasanComel was with her. haha. she was shouting "OPPA!! OPPA!!OPPA!!!" tho Hani said Asya was shouting Uppa instead of Oppa. Haha.

anyway, Hani didn't know where she put her camera, so she borrowed mine. and so...

oh. that guy with the pink shirt was also Lee Minho's MC.

Hani is a good photographer.ahah. and she loves to admit that herself. -_-

anyway, i hate crowded place. and the place was very very crowded. people were pushing pushing pushing and people were very selfish and foolish cos they still want to walk at that crowded place and rempits were there to just make people pissed off. it was bad really.

and the MCs were from chinese radio. and the showcase was mostly in chinese instead of english.

as i have seen Kim Hyun Joong before, so i didn't really care much about seeing him. Hani was the one who wanted to see him the most mostly bcos "KIM HYUN JOONG IS MY HUSBAND.I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR HIM" (in Hani's point of view) so she didn't mind all the hustle.

Aqilah and I? we were there for about 10minutes or maybe 5minutes. after that, both of us were really hungry, so we said bye bye to Hyun Joong and search for food. oh yes, we left Hani to gaga over Hyun Joong from afar.

and that's all.


this post kinda pointless.

anyway, when the showcase ended, we went to the stage. people already gone at that time. and we posed some pictures:

that's all.

thanks cos reading.hahaha.

hopefully, in 50years, when i read back this post, i'll be like "OH YEAH!I SAW HIM!HE IS UGLY NOW THO"

ta then!

22 December, 2010

Jay Park's Fanmeeting

A'kum n ello..

i know i should blog about it 2 weeks ago, but i was busy with Jewel In The Palace and also some depressing stuff. anyway, now i have the time, i'll blog about the Jay Park Fanmeeting. hoho.

btw, LONG POST AHEAD. like usual, i'll talk about it in detail, tho not include the name of the Jay Park's songs.


so it was Saturday. it was on the 4th of December. and fyi, Kim Hyun Joong had a Face Shop showcase on the same day at Pavilion on that day. Aqilah and i planned to go to KHJ's showcase instead of Jay Park's fanmeeting cos we didn't really know much about Jay apart from his abs and him being a 2PM fallen leader and also that Nothing On You song that he copied(jk) from B.O.B, and other reason like the price of the tickets. so we decided to go to KHJ's because it was cheap(supposed to be) than Jay's fanmeet.

but still, both me and Aqilah have a deep friendship with this weird girl named Haniyana Cullen.

she suddenly called me at 11am on Saturday(the day of the fanmeeting) and said "ALIA!!!!!!!!LETS GO TO JAYBEOM'S FANMEETING!!!!!" (she sort of said like that.or maybe i exaggerated it a lil bit).

AliaBaik: EH???
HaniCullen: LETS GO!!!!!
AliaBaik: Money?
HaniCullen: TopUp!
AliaBaik: ok then.i'll call Aqilah.

so i called AqilahPrasanCute.

AliaBaik:Aqilah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jay Park's fanmeeting,LETS!
AqilahPrasanCute: EH?????
AliaBaik: oh.i wanna borrow your money.
AqilahPrasanCute: ok then.

(ok.the conversations weren't like that.but you're not the one who blog about it)

oh btw, the fanmeeting scheduled to start at 2pm.

so we went there by Hani's car.oh,her sis drove the car btw.

so we went there and arrived at this hotel behind Times Square. i think the hotel is called Berjaya Hotel.maybe,i'm not sure.the venue of the fanmeet suppose to be at somewhere in Putrajaya.but they changed it at the last minute. i don't mind really about the last minute change of venue cos i was a last-minute audience.

and so we arrived at the hotel.

and when we arrived at the hall (of the fanmeeting), i saw AsyaPrasanComel,NadiaDarling and their friend that i know from twitter,YayaZureen (hahahaha.twitter name!). HAHA.

funny that the one that saw me first was AsyaPrasanComel.haha.she saw me and i was surprised to see them, so i went straight to Asya and pushed away Nadia.HAHAHAHA.that was classic.

i pushed Nadia cos i never met Asya before and i got bored with Nadia.that's why.hahahahahaha.

and the ooh-wow-finally-see-AsyaPrasanComel-and-hello-yayazureeen, we went to search for the counter to buy the tickets.

oh.i forgot to say that we haven't bought the tickets(at that time) yet.

so we went to the counter.and bought the tickets. oh, we bought the cheapest ticket,the RM160 one. (i know,not cheap)

and then we saw many people inside this room. this one lady told us to que at that place according to our seating plan. i didn't see the trio of Sepet,PrasanComel and Yaya, so i went out from the room and search for them.

and whilst i was searching for them, i saw the 8tvNiteLive people, Mike and Baki. i ignored them and search for the trio.

i found them few seconds after that. they were around Mike and Baki.

how nice.

Nadia saw me and asked me to take a picture of them with Mike and Baki. i said ok. but then, the duo of 8tv didn't really care much about us, so i told Nadia to take my camera and i went to Baki. Baki, at that time, was talking with some 8tv crew. i, being an excited fan that couldn't wait to see Jay's abs, interrupted Baki and asked him "AWAK,AWAK.NAK TANGKAP GAMBAR NGAN AWAK (english:hello you. i wanna snap pic with you) and Baki was like "ok ok!!" but then he called Mike and we snapped pictures together.HAHA.

this picture is like the theory of darwin: tall,taller,tallest.AHA.

and then, i snapped pictures for the trio with the duo. (checked their blogs to see the picture)

some incident:

i snapped their picture while my hands were holding Aqilah's heavy bag and the camera. and because of that bag, the camera was shaking. Baki thought i was nervous, so he said "takyah nervous dik. JayPark ade kat dalam lagi" (english: [i'm too lazy to translate for you])


anyway, i waited outside the hall with the trio instead of waiting with HaniCullen and AqilahPrasanCute in that other room. i asked this one lady about the difference between waiting outside the hall and inside the room. she didn't even know about the other room,but she said the people that wait outside the hall were for VIPs.

oh well. i still waited outside the hall.....

and oh, 8tvnitelive tweeted this picture:

i saw Mike snapped a picture of this using his iPhone

anyway, NadiaSepet asked me something while we waited outside the hall. she asked me if i want to win the Lucky Draw. and before i answered, people were screaming and shouting spazzingly cos they saw AOM.

i, being a non-fanatic of Jay Park, know AOM are Jay's dancing crew.but i didn't really know much about their faces and names. and so, i saw a group of people going to the other group whilst fans shouting their names excitedly, and i forgot about Nadia's question immediately after that.

anyway, they opened the hall's doors. the VIPs went in. after all the VIPs went in, 2 girls that have the RM480 tickets went in too. and then nobody went in. so i used that opportunity to enter the hall earlier than other people. reminder: my ticket was the cheapest ticket and my seat was free-seating.

anyway, the lady there let me in.HO HO.

i went in and searched for my seat. i didn't know where were my seats but i just sat somewhere around 3 seats at the back

found out, that seat was for the RM200++ ticket. I KEPT QUIET about it.

and then, more people coming in. i saved some seats for AqilahPrasanCute and HaniCullen. i told them that our seats were NOT actually our seats. Hani kinda scared about my mischief. 

and then, NadiaSepet, AsyaPrasanComel and YayaZureen came in. they searched for their seat. they couldn't find their seats and asked the lady there, and the lady there told them to seat in front of me.

i was like HAHAHAHAHAH but i pity them a bit.

i mean, my ticket is RM160 ticket. and their tickets were RM260. see the massive difference? so they kinda upset about it.  

but then, the fanmeeting started. 

and that's when you know the organizers for this meeting are bad.

JayPark entered the stage and sang Count On Me(Nothing On You). at that time, the fans at the back ran to the front to have a better view of Jay Park. all of them ignored the seating plans, and just went to the front. the trio were three of the fans that went to the front. AHA.

some fans even took the chairs to the front.haha. and bcos the chairs disappear, Aqilah and I kinda like dancing at that empty spaces.hahahaha. we didn't really went to the front but we were like shouting and screaming like we were Jay's number 1 fans.

blurry picture.i obviously know.

and then, the screen showed a mv of Demon, Jay's song that i don't even know it even existed. and the Jay appeared again, and he sang Demon.

as AqilahPrasanCute and I didn't know the song, we were like "Demon....De Demon.Demon Demon Demon" haha. it was quite awesome really. we were like in da club cos we were like,owning the floor (that bcos the chairs were gone cos the fans took it to the front).

anyway, i was a lil bit disappointed with the fans. most of them were too hung up with their cameras to snap photos of Jay that they didn't really care much about enjoying themselves. da. and then, i think there was another song. maybe. i'm not sure.

and then, the fanmeeting start. i mean, the 'Interaction With Fans' session.

a female host appeared. she was a pretty lady with some sexy stuff(mostly bcos i can see her cleavage and i really was quite far from the stage). she talked about some of the people that will performed such as Jay Park himself, AOM people and Dok2. fans were screaming when she mentioned Dok2. seriously, i don't even know him. oh well.

then Jay appeared. fans were shouting his name and there was this one fan who shouted "I LOVE YOU,JAY!" and Jay answered while looking at the floor "YEAH.ME TOO" haha. and then da host asked some questions which i didn't remember. and then they called AOM peeps to the stage.

the AOM peeps appeared and the host asked some stuff about Jay that the AOM peeps had to answer. the questions were something like Jay's embarrassing moments and his relationship status and is he a good friend or not. aha. i forgot his embarrassing moment tho.i think it was something that related to his pants. and he is currently single and he is the best friend a person wish for. those were the answers that AOM gave.

and then AOM left the stage. the host then said the Lucky Draw are starting. and i think she said something about being with woman or some sort like that. i'm not really sure. maybe she asked something like is there a woman that you like or something like that (seriously not remember) and HaniCullen was shouting "HERE HERE" (meaning: your woman is here~!) so it was funny really cos people were quiet at that time,waiting for Jay to answer, but Hani suddenly shouted THOSE WORDS so it was nice.haha.

and then, the fans session begin. they called the seat number of some lucky fans that were picked by Jay himself. the first fan got a picture drawn by Jay. and then another fan got to touch his nose(i think). some touched his elbows. and some even kissed his forehead.

yes. forehead. oh.yes,she KISSED.

anyway, you know all this were the lucky fans rite? apparently Yayazureen's number were called. but for some cute reasons, she didn't go on stage. apparently, when NadiaSepet asked me if i want to win the Lucky Draw, she was thinking of giving it me if one of them were chosen. oh ****, why must AOM appeared when she asked me THAT FATEFUL QUESTION???

anyway, fans session end. so the performance continue. Jay and AOM peeps appeared and they danced some brilliant break dancing. it was cool. i think my mouth were opened the whole time they breakdanced.haha. 

and they were kpop stuff that they danced too. i only remember SECRET's Magic tho. aha.anyway, it was funny.haha.

and then, Dok2 appeared. he sang some hip hop song. obviously i didn't know what he was singing. but oh well, i sang the song with some made-up lyrics.hahaha. even Hani said i was perfect when singing that song.HAHA.

and then, Jay appeared. he sang with Dok2  and also with Cha Cha. and at that time, i went to NadiaSepet. i continued spazzing like a mad fangirl beside her. haha. and she said she was surprised to see me like that. hahahah. sorry dear,i'm not.

and then, he ended the show. 

and i know there would be an encore.so i kinda waited for it.haha.

and oh,while waiting for Jay to appear for the encore, we saw Mike (da 8tv guy,again) sitting alone. he was yawning (BUSTED!!) and Hani tried to snap a picture of him, and he saw her. so he made a Peace sign, and as he was being cool about Hani took his picture, aqilah and i went to him and i sat beside him and took a picture together with him.haha. and then i said thanks to him and shook his hand and went to Hani and Hani said "GAMBAR KITE NGAN DIA TAKDE PUN!!" (meaning:how come there is no picture of me with him???) and when i said i'll take a picture of her with Mike, suddenly, Jay appeared again. and we forgot Mike after that and ran straight to the front.HAHAHA.

Jay was singing Nothing On You for the encore. he also sang You Got It Bad (Usher's) and he always showed us his abs. seriously tho, if i become the lucky fan, i'll ask for a special request. i'll ask for a "can i rip your shirt" request. srsly tho. his abs are AWESOME!

Hani got a good video of him showing his abs.but i couldn't contact Hani for now, so i didn't have the chance to ask for the video.

and then, the fanmeeting ended. THE END.

it was nice.brilliant even. have to say this is the 2nd best Korean stuff i ever been too.srsly.

anyway, cos Hani wanted to see Kim Hyun Joong so much, so we left the hall early. haha.

so we went and ran quickly to the lift. and when we reached the lift, we saw AOM.

no Jay but saw the whole members of AOM.hahahahaha.

all 6 of them, and i was frozen when i saw them eventhough i know nothing about them.HAHAHA.

and oh. Hani screamed when she saw them. she screamed like she owned that place. she was AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  when she saw AOM. i was surprised to see her screamed. the AOM peeps were even more surprised

Hani told me to take a picture of them but they shook their head cos they need to enter the lift. oh, they were ALONE at that time, and only us 3 (AliaBaik, HaniCullen,AqilahPrasanCute) were there. see how lucky we were?

anyway, Hani asked if they want to go down, and they nodded. and i was like looking at them with a blank face cos i really didn't know what to do. and then the lift door opened, and whilst they were entering the lift, 2 women appeared and said we can't take pictures with them. i told her we're not. and then one of the AOM peeps was entering the lift and the lift door was closing and he kinda stuck to that door. haha. and oh,Hani screamed again when he got stuck.HAHAHAHA. and the AOM peeps laughed. and the woman there was like "wow,very protective of you" to Hani and i was laughing and said "YES,SHE'S LIKE THAT" and so AOM were gone, and we were waiting for our lift with some excited feeling. Aqilah said i shouldn't be the one who went excited about it cos i didn't know about them, but whatever, i saw them.hahaha.

oh. the AOM peeps lied. they were going upstairs instead of downstairs.haha.

and then we went to Kim Hyun Joong's showcase and that will be in the next post.haha.

anyway, the fanmeeting was brilliant. it was awesome. APR maybe bad about being the organizer, but we were quite happy about it cos with their bad management, maybe we won't have the experience like a VIP. so, thanks APR.

and oh, if there is a showcase and a fanmeeting on the same day, please choose fanmeeting. way better.

so, thanks for reading.huhu.

next time, let your upper-half naked.


08 December, 2010

he has sexy abs.

A'kum n ello..

i'm coughing.
i'm ill.
i had fever.
but i'm better.

ok, i dunno why the above sounds like a rap.

anyway, in few days, you'll see a post about this certain korean guy.HAHA.

Jay's sex face!!

anyway, i'll blog about it later as my head still dizzy from the fever and the cough. mind you, my fever was very bad, the doctor said i maybe had dengue!

anyway, the fanmeeting was brilliant!

so you can expect some spazzing from me.


ps: i got bored seeing the same post whenever i look at my blog.so a new short post like this is ok.haha.

03 December, 2010

Si Won on me.

A'kum n ello..

i mentioned before that my dad went to Korea before this. and yes, i did tell the whole world at twitter that i got some Kpop stuff.

and so, here they are!

(only the one that related to Kpop)


this is a shirt.
with an 11 on it.
however, this is not a common shirt.


why not common?

this is SNSD, people. the women in your wet dream.

the story behind the shirt:

apparently, my dad bought this for my sister. because it was for my sister, he bought a size S. then, he told my sis that he bought for her a shirt that is similar to Girls Generation. my sis,a try-hard-anti-Korea said she doesn't want it. and so, I,as a fanatic Korea fangirl, i took the shirt.HAHA. the shirt is tight on me tho.it makes my small boobs become big.HAHAH.oh well.that's why cardigans exist.

response from other people about the shirts:
  • wear that shirt and sing Oh. <-----miezah said this
  • give that shirt to your small bodied cousin. <-----my dad said this
  • wear that shirt and hold pom-pom. <-----mimi said this
  • ahahahahaha.you'll become Seohyun, your least favourite member in SNSD.ahahahahha!! <----my inner self


my favourite!

you'll see this like plain shirt eh? but no,it's not a plain shirt.

story behind the shirt:

my dad suppose to give this to my brother,Haikal. he gave it to Haikal and Haikal tried it. Haikal told him that this is a girl's shirt, but my dad insisted it was a man's shirt cos the tag showed a group of men stood as a group. anyway, my dad also said the shirt has a MAN on it, not a woman. so he was insistence in thinking that the shirt is for male.

so haikal wore it. and EVERYBODY LAUGHED!!! he looked like a gay-man!! or maybe like a wrestler.hahaha.

so i told Haikal "let me wear it" and so i wore it. and when i wore it, i saw the tag. there were Super Junior on it. HRM.

and i wore that shirt. and i suddenly have this thought. i immediately look at the shirt.the man on it seems familiar.HUH?

i looked at the shirt. i saw Super something. EH??

i looked at the man's face.and when i saw the words under the man's face. i shouted. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

SI WON!!!! SI WON!!! SI WON!!!!

this hot guy is on my shirt!!!

oh bloody hell.

and of course. i told Haikal and my dad that the shirt is MINE.


so that's the story of this shirt.HAHA.

  • siwon's on ME! <----my inner and outer self
i'll only blog this 2 stuff then.

oh. my dad got 2 SM Town's plastic bags that didn't even look like plastic bags.one of the bags has Super Junior on it,and the other one has SNSD.(no picture of the bag btw) my dad got this bag cos he bought those t-shirts at SPAO shop. and the shopkeeper there asked him if he wants the bag. as my father know how much i love this stuff, he asked for 2. and when he found out that he can make business with the bags, he regretted not asking for 4 instead.

and that is all.


ta then!

ps: please comment or tick the response box cos i appreciate that so much :D

26 November, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong and The Face Shop

A'kum n ello...

so today i watched Rapunzel:Tangled.



lets talk the real thing.

before the movie, aqilah and i went to The Face Shop to buy the stuff that we need for the time when Kim Hyun Joong come to Malaysia later.

so the conditions to meet him was: buy The Face Shop product for more than RM50.

cool stuff.

you know,i already met Hyun Joong before. remember this post?

so i didn't really feel excited about meeting him. i decided to go to his fanmeeting/showcase event hough i know he won't sing or dance but only smile and wave and "apa khabar?" and that is mostly because i want to buy The Face Shop products.

usually, when i enter their shops, i'll see some expensive stuff like a RM39.90 body scrubs,RM123.90 lotion or other stuff.

but then, if you want to buy something that result a ticket to see a handsome man, you know all those stuff are cheaps(not included the RM100++).

as i said,i'm not that excited to see Kim Hyun Joong.he's not my bias.but you see,with Jaebum's fanmeeting and Wonder Girls concert are over my budget, so Hyun Joong is the only thing that i can cope with.

which is kinda cool cos among all the 3 that are coming in Malaysia, Kim Hyun Joong is the most famous one and the most good looking one among the three.Jaebum is hot,but only his body that attracts me.HAHA.if he made his fanmeeting without his shirt on, maybe i don't mind taking the VIP.hahahahaha.

i am a girl.
i maybe loves Liverpool, i ,maybe wear the same tudung everyday, i maybe watch some porn,or read Futari Ecchi. but i loves hot abs, handsome men, shopping good stuff and reading shojo.

so when i see some reasonable price for beauty products,especially the one that i need most, of course i'll get excited.


and so i bought Sweet Body Moisture Exfoliator and some Eye Serum(i think).


Sweet Body Moisture Exfoliator?
cos the shopkeeper put some scrubs on my hand, and the result immediately seen.i was humiliated in an instant.i found out my hand has plenty of dead cells and i knew about it after 1second of testing.

Eye Serum?
cos i have eyebags. blame my life as a microbiology student and also as an individual that live in front of the computer everyday.


RM50++ for both of them.

and oh, the Eye Serum has a 50% discount. RM70++ to RM30++


i love THIS!

ta then!

21 November, 2010

2nd Alisa.

A'kum n ello..

so this is the 2nd Alisa.

yup yup.
she's my new little sister. 
tho to be exact she is my stepsister.but who cares.

and hopefully, she'll be a very sweet girl and won't be an Alisa wannabe. i had enough of one Alisa in the house. 

she still don't have a name yet. so i'll call her Baby or the 2nd Alisa.

and yes.
she is a GIRL.


wish her to be nice girl when she grow up ok?

ps: if i'm with a baby, it's me as a sister,not as a mother.

20 November, 2010

laziness creeping in.

A'kum n ello..

haven't blog for awhile.

memory card reader still haven't replace to a new one yet.

the main computer stroke by lightning.

the above was because of Alisa.

i used my brother's laptop for the last few days.

now the main computer is OK with a news LED monitor.

i watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow without Aqilah.

i watched it with my brother instead.

i celebrated Eid Adha at Tg Malim.

i wore a black Jubah instead of some gray stuff like the Theme said.

i had a picture taken at a graveyard.

i wore beach sandals during that Eid Adha.

i wore a short jubah.

i watched Harry Potter 7 part 1

Harry Potter 7 part 1 was good.YES/NO?

NadiaSepet came to my house.

she listened to my brother's madness.
YES -__-"

i showed her some bits of 1N2D.

she laughed.

hates Roy Hodgson?

amin kicked the door and it almost broke?


a new sister on the way.

ta then!

12 November, 2010

this is why i love footballers.

A'kum n ello..

at first, i was thinking of showing you this cute picture of Torres.

so cute rite?
him with a ball,and Hodgson's face blurred by me.
this picture is the epitome of cuteness of a the most machoman in the world.

but then. my innocent fangirling suddenly become not so innocent after i saw this video:

*i need an emoticon to show that i just salivated*

oh,someone made a .gif that show the climax of the video.

HI SAYANG~!!!!!!!!

image sources:  ONTDfootball@LJ

bill:RM488.never use it.how come?

A'kum n ello..

i slept at 6.30am today.

and i planned to wake up around 12pm-2pm.i planned to have a 7hours sleep.

BUT! a call from an unknown number reached me.around 11am,i answered that call cos i thought it was from my practical place.



so they called me. and i was sleeping. you know how grumpy i can be when somebody disturb my sleep.

about 3 years ago,around my 2nd semester at uitm shah alam, i got this FREE sim card from U-Mobile people at PKNS. as that thing is free, i took it without consideration even though they asked for my i.c. i thought the sim card was a prepaid card, so i don't really care much about it.

then,i used that sim card. ah,how nice.I CAN'T USE IT.no line. the sim card was a wreck. so i don't really care much especially that i got for free.

then, a bill came. it said i had to pay about RM88 i think. i ignored it. i didn't use it.i thought they'll terminate it.i never sign any contract that i had to pay it.

anyway, 5months later, no bill came. Good.

but then, 3 years after that, which was this morning, a U-Mobile guy called.

oh man.

he told me that i have to pay the bill,which is RM488. i told him i never use that number,so why must i. he kinda shocked. but he still ask me if i can pay the bill. i told him "WHY MUST I???I NEVER USE THAT SIM CARD. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE DID I PUT IT.WHEN I HAVE THAT NUMBER,I TRIED TO USE IT, BUT OH NO, THE SIM CARD WAS A WRECK. and WTH,A BILL???"

yes. i was MAD.

i also added that i got it free from street sellers that wore u-mobile tshirts.and that guy was shocked,again.

oh man.

anyway, he was kinda nice. he told me to do a report police. and then took it to a nearby u-mobile center.

nice. this is why i hate free stuff.

you know, i never been to a police station before this. so i seriously hate this.

so i said ok.

and then he told me to take his number and he gave me his name......

as i was toooooo sleepy and pissy at that time, i couldn't catch his name well. i mostly use my brain to think logically, not to think thoroughly.

i mean, the way he talks didn't even look like a Chinese or Indian or non-Malay people. how could i expect his name to be...Julian.

when he said his name is Julian, my logical mind asked him "what????zailan?jailan??joelan??"


oh man.

and right now, i don't have a car to go to the police station, or even a friend/sibling to be with me there.

it's not really a good thing when you finish your exam early. -____-"

ta then.

11 November, 2010

BOYFRIEND NO. 78986876868

A'kum n ello..

ok i'm bored.



MY BOYFRIEND NO. 789868768685.


you dunno him?

do you ever watch Hana Kimi?
the Japanese version. not the Taiwan one.
if you remember, there was this guy, with curly hair. if i'm not mistaken, he was the athlete guy n the person that people always ignored the most. i'm not really sure.
oh. his character in Hana Kimi was Sekime.
you know?haha.


anyway, he wasn't really my favourite when he was in Hana Kimi. cos my favourite in that drama was Oguri Shun(obviously,as he is my boyfriend no.5,higher ranking than Mr Okada here).and i have to admit, i suddenly fell in love at first sight after i saw this picture of him at OurHour's LJ.


i love him. ignore Aoi Yu who was standing beside him in the picture. it's 2.32am right now,i don't have the mood to even 'scratch' Aoi Yu's face.(btw,i think she's the most beautiful Japanese woman i ever seen).

oh Masaki Okada. i SUKI you!

and don't u shake ur head to reject me.

ta you!

08 November, 2010

exam END.holiday START!

A'kum n ello.



i'm happy as Pepe.


it was nice.

i feel free. i feel like i just had my 1st taste of that expensive eel at HYATT resort.hahaha.


you'll meet me in the next 2months or so.HAHA.

i have about 8 books to be read, more than 70 manga chapters need to be looked, more than 20episodes of dramas need to be gaga, about 30 movies need to be watched, shopping malls that need to be raped.

so yes, i'm a very very busy person.

so if you ask me to go out with you, asked me first if i've done my read,look,gaga,watch so then i can go 'rape' any shopping places with you first, comprehendo?

oh. Jaebum' fanmeeting and Wonder Girls' concert.

i still dunno if i want to go to that fanmeeting or not. i'm still calculating my money. the fanmeet happen during the holiday so it was kinda heavy for me to spend most of my money on Jaebum, a person that i only know just bcos he left 2PM n his sexy abs, instead of enjoying the holiday.
and i like SNSD more than Wonder Girls tho. tho i have to say that Wonder Girls have many catchy songs, but the fact that they're doing the concert in Genting is kinda tough for me. so no WG.

oh well.

i'm rich without buying anything for now.HAHA.

tata you~!

LIVERPOOL 2-0 Chelsea

A'kum n ello..


i scored 2 goals,baby.

2-0 against Chelsea.
the reigning champion of English Premiership.
and currently first on the league.

Liverpool,who was in the bottom3 beat the current leader of EPL 2-0 thanks to the goals scored by Liverpool Torrific player, Fernando Torres Liverpool's No.9.


as i was watching the match, i was glad that Liverpool played well from the 1st minute.

then,around the 11th minute, Kuyt made a brilliant pass to Torres, and LALALALALA he SCORED!TORRES SCORED!

and Terry was like:


bliss. i shouted with passion when Torres scored the goal. ah....he is back to his best.it reminds me of his 1st goal for Liverpool.it was against Chelsea and a very very brilliant one at that.

and then, his 2nd goal came.

Meireless took da ball from whoever-it-was-i-only-know-it-was-a-chelsea-player and passed it to Torres. and Torres took it, didn't look around and saw the goalpost and POM he scored the goal.

i almost had a heart attack and almost lose my voice when he scored that goal.seriously,it was the greatest feeling ever! 


he works hard.seeing his interview after the first match, he didn't talk much about his personal glory. 


damn he's married already.aha.

oh well.

his armband proves he was a Red.
You'll Never Walk Alone it said,
We got the boy from sunny Spain,
He gets the ball, he scored again.

ok now.

ps: Gerrard's hat-trick,Torres brilliance. I LOVE THIS!

05 November, 2010

LIVERPOOL 3-1 Napoli

A'kum n ello..

a POSITIVE LIVERPOOL post that you haven't seen in a LONG time.


1st half was horrible.my brother,who is a Scum fan was watching it with me. i dunno how embarrassed i was when Liverpool played dat badly in the 1st half. the tactic was wrong, n the passes were just bad, and the attitude........

aiyo the attitude. it was SOOOOO WRONG.

and when the half-time whistle blown, i slept. i just couldn't bear it.

i missed the start of the 2nd half.

but i woke up around the 68th minute. then Gerrard equalized with this kind of goal:

see that keeper's face. 

with Gerrard's goal like that, the attitude of the players increased to something good. Napoli played badly and Gerrard eventually made a hatrick.

oh. the Liverpool owner and his hot wife were there. lucky them, they saw a hatrick from Gerrard; totally show the brilliance of Captain Fantastic.

and dear Roy. the outcome of this match didn't happen because of you. it was Gerrard who made Liverpool win. you just some old person who put some tactics that even someone like me could guess the weakness. 

ok now.

been watching dramas the whole day. have to study later.


You'll Never Walk Alone~!

04 November, 2010

minor really.

A'kum n ello..

i'm seriously tired right now. and it's 2.08pm.

last few days were kinda mix feelings for me.

yeah, my dad got back from Korea after his convention at Busan and also some visits at Seoul. and there were some GOOOOOOOD STUFF that he bought and brought for me...

*ehem* Siwon's shirt.

the memory card reader is crazy right now, so i can't upload all the stuff that he bought and brought for me. but oh well, it was really really NICE.

and oh. i have 2 SNSD posters. ANYBODY WANT? give me a reason why you want it.haha.

then, there this good news about Liverpool. i still don't like the way Roy Hodgson handling himself as a Liverpool manager.he said some stupid stuff about his own players which is logically not what you have to do to become a good manager. DA~. but oh well, Liverpool is winning right now, which is good.

but seriously Hodgson, please stop talking nonsense during the press conference,ok? my hatred towards you got 11 LIKES at facebook.

oh well. now that you apologize to Rafa Benitez about your nonsense, i'm giving you some chance.hoho.



stupid MSG.

man, now i really hate maggi. i've been trying to avoid aji-no-moto now.


maybe that's all.

tata you~

27 October, 2010

he has a gilfriend.

A'kum n ello..

so the KPOP world already know about this certain shining guy dating a certain unknown woman (yeah,i dunno her.who is she btw?).

and so fans are crazy cos this kind of thing rarely happen in the KPOP world. i mean,RARELY for an idol with another celebrity together, and not just that,young idols too.

I,a Cassiopeia through and through, should not mind about this much. but apparently, i mind it so much i think my heart just beat 1beat/sec, which is not a good thing.

i have to admit that he is a good looking man which a short body and with a powerful voice and i think i might HAD a celebrity crush on him. but then i saw Minho,and my life is like full of rainbow and had this thought "who the hell is Jonghyun?"

and so, when the news about him(Jonghyun) dating a very slutty woman (in the eyes of MiezahSkeMinho), i have to say, "lucky me.it's not Minho"

and dear Shin Se Kyung...
some part at Korea have this group of fans that hoping you'll be like this:


note from blogger: all the pictures here are not hers.and she is not a killer.and she is far from Korea.

26 October, 2010

he has SEXY shoulders.

A'kum n ello..

if you notice, everything that i tweet seldom appear appear in the blog as i prefer not to repeat what i say.

but oh well, maybe things will change anyway. cos i really can't forget the existence of this picture:

thanks God.

i seriously love this creation of person called Kim Jaejoong.
and also to his mama n papa that had a passionate night n gave birth to this guy here.

i seriously salute you.

and i don't think he did any plastic surgery before this, so i won't say thanks to the surgeon.HAHA.

oh hail to the mighty mjjeje~!!

you know, i was too excited, i even sms-ed to MimiSukaNickhun about this ex-boyfriend of her.HAHA.

now i'm waiting for Yoochun n Junsu to upload the same kind of picture.HAHA.this is when men need to be competitive.

20 October, 2010

yes.it's the JYJ Malaysia Showcase post!

A'kum n ello...

hehehehhe. [LONG POST AHEAD!]

lookie here~~~!

haha.MiezahTeuk is smiling here~~~HAHAHA.

from the STADIUM NEGARA word you obviously know what i was doing at that place.

and for the people that don't know.erm...i'll show you this:

so it was on Sunday,the October 20th around 3pm.

the event was suppose to start at 2pm, but instead they did it at 3pm.

but oh well. i'll blog from the start.

so the night before the showcase, AqilahPrasanCute message-d me what time we have to go tomorrow. so i told  her around 11am cos JYJ will arrive Malaysia(from Singapore) at 10.30am, so maybe around that time it'll be good for us. and not just that, i had to pick up some goodies set from SaranghaeTVXQ before 1.30pm and also this DBSK fanmade shirt that i ordered from someone that i didn't even know from my life.

so i told her that.

on Sunday,the day of the showcase. i woke up around 9am; already ready with the binoculars(in case JYJ is tiny in my eyes),full-battery camera,red shirt,full-battery phone.

so when 11am almost there, AqilahPrasanCute sms-ed that she'll be a little late. she said it'll be around 11.30am.OK~

then 11.30am, i ate lunch. i know she'd be late.

i checked up on twitter. news about JYJ arrived at KLIA were buzzing. SharingYoochun was tweeting about being on the same flight as them. and some fans already tweet to mytvxqfc that she touched Yoochun's arms.

i didn't care much about those stuff. maybe because Changmin was not among them.HAHA.

but then,there was a tweet from mytvxqfc:

"JYJ showcase album normal edition is RM30.the limited edition is RM150.selling at Rock Corner booth at the venue"

and i was like, WHAT?????RM30?????

then i looked at the time, and it was 12.05pm. i sent sms to AqilahPrasanCute,"PALLLLLLLLI!!!!!ALBUM JYJ PRICE RM30!!!PALLI BEFORE GONE!"

she didn't reply.CIS.

and it was 12.25pm.......
and she still not arrive.

so i called.and she was "SORRY SORRY.I'M GOING NOW!!"
ok then.
then she arrived.we picked up MiezahTeuk and her friend,ThirahJae.

we arrived at the venue.we saw cars, we didn't see any fans YET.

so we went to the entrance, and saw PLENTY OF FANS. and seriously,it was HOT!i called the girl who had my DBSK shirt.....(and seriously people,i want to show you the shirt,but the memory card reader is having this stupid problem.DAMN).

after we picked up the goodies sets from SaranghaeTVXQ, we saw this booth that sold JYJ's the Beginning album. so i asked the people there how much was the album. and she said "RM50" and obviously i was shocked. i told her that i heard it was RM30.and that seller became shocked and asked me "where did you hear that?" i answered slowly and said "Twitter........."

anyway, i bought the album.HAHA.

oh,when we were buying the album, suddenly a girl i know called me excitedly "ALIA~~~~~~!!!!!" i looked at her and it was HaniyanaGD. HAHA.

anyway,cos she was in a good spot with her sister,behind the booth that sold the JYJ album,so we were together with her.aha.

and let me inform you, that spot that we gathered were kinda 'noisy' cos of that motorcycle that have 'tracer'(is that even the word?). whenever people is 10cm from that motorcycle, the vehicle will suddenly nininininininininininininini

it's the alarm.
and with 4000 fans at that stadium(or maybe 1000 or so cos the other 3000 were at the other side of the stadium), people will look at us and wonder where the hell that ninininininin sound came from.

anyway, let me introduce you the person that were with us on that day:

from above to below :
KakIc(Hani's sis),AliaBaik.

anyway, we were outside the stadium. and some fans already que-up to enter the stadium.they always screamed tho.at first,i thought they're like other fans who love to scream at everything.but then,we found out that from their position, they could see the 3 HANDSOME MEN OF KOREA DANCED ON THE STAGE eventhough the fans were outside the stadium.

don't understand?

it's physic.

so it's like the diagram above. the fans could see JYJ rehearsed at that position.the door was opened,but it was prevented by grills and also RELA(security a.k.a green men).

anyway,we tried to be at the fans position, and yeah, we saw Jaejoong sang and danced.anyway,we didn't really see him clearly,but we saw the screen tho. so i saw the dance steps for eEmpty(JYJ's song) ;hands up,spin spin(ok not quite).

and then, we back to our spot. we kinda loud, maybe bcos of the motor. some media people came to us. i remember some media called Rentak Sejuta and also Hot Express. haha.

AsyaPrasanComel showed me a picture from HotMagazine's facebook:


cool eh? i couldn't find the picture from RentakSejuta,so..oh well.

anyway, it was 2pm already, and we still not inside. some 8tv people were there.erm,i forgot those 2 guys name. and when i was talking about Sungkyunwan Scandal with HaniyanaGD,their cameraman filmed us.haha.ThirahJae tried to avoid it cos she didn't want her mother to find out that she went to the showcase.HAHA.

oh well, around 2.20pm, we entered the stadium. while we were quing up, some fans gave us balloons and lighsticks. and i was kinda like -_- cos i paid RM16 for the goodies set that include balloons and lighsticks.but then, they distribute the same stuff to other people FOR FREE.ceh. tho i don't think it's from the same people that sell the goodies set tho.
and then, we entered.


our seats were ok.it weren't that far. we could see Jaejoong's muscle-y arms clearly. haha. i don't even need binoculars to see that sexy thing.

you don't need that Miezah~~~

anyway, we waited for JYJ to come out.it was 2.45pm,and people for the free-standing were entering at that time.

then,around 3.10pm, STARTO!

Jaejoong appeared and yes, he was the most significant one among the 3 maybe bcos he wore a sleeveless clothes.so he was really...HOT.muscle-y arms. and then Micky was heeeeeee tho he kinda messy with that long hair,but still ok.and Junsu,erm.....i seldom notice him.his voice was wow.

first song was Empty. and that song is really catchy. and luckily, unlike the time when i was at Super Junior's concert, i had my voice in this JYJ showcase.hoho.

and so,with the voice that i had...I SCREAMED!!
i screamed like that.

the lyrics suppose to be like this:
Why can't you let it go 
Let it go let it go let it go 
Girl because your heart is empty

and oh, if you look at this fancam, you'll see that hand part during the Let It Go,Let It Go. and haha. it was like that Malay traditional dance.HAHA.

 credits: mardiya@Youtube

by the way, i didn't record any performance from the showcase.the showcase was short.and the flow was very fast, so i didn't want to miss any minute of it.so i'll just put some good pictures and videos from someone else here.ok?cun.

but if you think i'm too stingy to share my picture,here this is the picture that i took:

this is Micky Yoochun. from the screen.AHA.

anyway, i didn't really remember much what song they sang after that.haha. i remember that they sang Be My Girl. and Junsu's voice was really really good here. oh,if you're not a DBSK fan, you have to know that DBSK hate lip-synch. so this guys sang all the songs LIVE.awh-some~!

and also some other songs that i couldn't remember it names,but remember the beat.aha.

and then, there were this 'break'.JYJ went backstage to change their clothes, and SerenaC was on the stage.and she was nice! she remember the time when DBSK came and she also the one who handled their press conference. and she also said that last time she talked about durian with DBSK,this time she was thinking about other stuff like Nasi Lemak and so on (i shouted KETUPAT!!SATAY).haha. and then, JYJ came up on stage.

SerenaC talked with them,in English, with a translator.anyway,she was different than the usual host that handled other korea stuff.totally better than that host that handled the BEAST showcase.he was horrible.anyway,SerenaC made the guys comfortable.before she start, she said to Micky"last time,you couldn't understand what i said cos i talked too fast.now, do you understand me?" and then, Micky answered her question and wittily said "errr.what?"

HAHA.classic. fans were laughing~! you can see JYJ were in a comfortable state.anyway,SerenaC made them shy tho cos she always teased them,especially with their lack of English.haha.

there was this time,when Micky was talking, and the translator was beside him. and then Junsu the one who talked,and SerenaC said "i think you better go there"HAHA.

and SerenaC asked the boys WHAT are doing right now.Junsu said that he is currently doing Mozart musical.Jaejoong who didn't have any schedule with him right now said that he did a drama.and SerenaC asked when will we watched that drama.Jaejoong said "already end".hahah.Micky then said that he is currently acting in Sungkyunkwan Scandal,which make fans SCREAMED so loudly,and Micky then added "the fans know" to SerenaC and she then said "oh.they already know?"hehe.

and there was also this time,when SerenaC asked "do you think Malaysian girls are the hottest woman in the world?" the translator translate that to Junsu.and Junsu said "YES!" fans screamed~~ and then SerenaC asked Jaejoong to answer the same question. and Jaejoong looked at the fans.he was pausing with a very cute smile on his face. and SerenaC said "ahhh.you people make Jaejoong shy" and yes,he was really really shy. and the screen showed his shy smily,with those big muscle,and i was like "weird,but beautiful"HAHA.

anyway,Jaejoong answered the question.i didn't really remember what he said,but i think it was like "BEAUTIFUL!.....the weather is hot".

and then, SerenaC told him, "yes.the weather here is very hot.that's why Malaysian girls are hottest!"
fans screamed.HAHA.

and then...

Micky: thank you for your support. we will come here again for our concert next year.(fans screaming)
SerenaC: ooooh.what time next year will you come for the concert?
Micky: (look at Jaejoong.pointed the microphone at him)
SerenaC: ah you want Jaejoong to answer the question.
Jaejoong: (thinking.i think he was thinking the English words.not about the answer for the question) SUMMER?yes.SUMMER....
SerenaC: ok people.they'll come here again during SUMMER!!!!(fans screamed)
SerenaC: except that they don't know that Malaysia is all-time summer.(yes.i laughed)
SerenaC: so we can expect that they are coming here around June or July.

so.i have to save plenty of money for Super Junior concert and also JYJ concert.DA!

and then,interview end.it was kinda short,cos even Micky asked "IS THIS THE LAST QUESTION??" SerenaC was like "YES" you have to admit,even the boys are having fun with the fun interviews.haha.

Micky always smile.Jaejoong with his shy smile.Junsu.......i seldom notice him.HAHA.

and then,they continue to perform.they sang Chajatda(Found You), the OST of Sungkyunkwan Scandal.and of course, the fans were happy. the song was really good, and SaranghaeTVXQ planned this project to fanchants during this song.at first, we followed the project,but then,we ignored it cos we couldn't focus to their singing.haha.

and then, they sang Ayyy Girl.ahaha.the song was good.i didn't really remember what happen in this song.hahahahah. maybe Jaejoong was doing some sexy waves when he was singing *salivating*

and then, the clock almost struck 4pm.i know it was almost the ending.the guys suddenly said Thank You and they hope they can come here for the concert and Micky also said "Keep The Faith,always" YOU HEAR THAT CASSIES?!?!? HE SAID THAT!

now bring me Changmin.

and then, they sang the last song: Empty(remix). and Micky told us to stand up. and so we stood up and sang the song and JUMP JUMP JUMP JUMP.haha.

and we did the dance again,you know,that Malay traditional dance hand.haha. and Jaejoong sang like he was in a karaoke.haha.not in bad way,it just that he sang it passionately.haha.

and then.


fans were trying to make an encore,but SerenaC then appeared on the stage and said "sorry,no encore".

fans still inside the stadium even though announcements about leaving the stadium already out. haha.

and so we went out cos RELA already blew the whistle to chased the fans.ceh.

oh.on the way out, we saw a musolla,so we prayed there. after i prayed, i went to the toilet and saw some Japanese fans with KIMONO!haha.and so....


and i told the other girls about it and they also want to take photo with them and so...



anyway, the showcase was really really short.but it was enjoyable.seriously,very enjoyable.it was one of the best korean stuff thing i ever attended.aha.hopefully, next time, i can see Changmin.

yo Changmin,get out from SME.haha.
ta then!

ps: next time,please do the showcase during night-time.day-time is not dark.