03 December, 2010

Si Won on me.

A'kum n ello..

i mentioned before that my dad went to Korea before this. and yes, i did tell the whole world at twitter that i got some Kpop stuff.

and so, here they are!

(only the one that related to Kpop)


this is a shirt.
with an 11 on it.
however, this is not a common shirt.


why not common?

this is SNSD, people. the women in your wet dream.

the story behind the shirt:

apparently, my dad bought this for my sister. because it was for my sister, he bought a size S. then, he told my sis that he bought for her a shirt that is similar to Girls Generation. my sis,a try-hard-anti-Korea said she doesn't want it. and so, I,as a fanatic Korea fangirl, i took the shirt.HAHA. the shirt is tight on me tho.it makes my small boobs become big.HAHAH.oh well.that's why cardigans exist.

response from other people about the shirts:
  • wear that shirt and sing Oh. <-----miezah said this
  • give that shirt to your small bodied cousin. <-----my dad said this
  • wear that shirt and hold pom-pom. <-----mimi said this
  • ahahahahaha.you'll become Seohyun, your least favourite member in SNSD.ahahahahha!! <----my inner self


my favourite!

you'll see this like plain shirt eh? but no,it's not a plain shirt.

story behind the shirt:

my dad suppose to give this to my brother,Haikal. he gave it to Haikal and Haikal tried it. Haikal told him that this is a girl's shirt, but my dad insisted it was a man's shirt cos the tag showed a group of men stood as a group. anyway, my dad also said the shirt has a MAN on it, not a woman. so he was insistence in thinking that the shirt is for male.

so haikal wore it. and EVERYBODY LAUGHED!!! he looked like a gay-man!! or maybe like a wrestler.hahaha.

so i told Haikal "let me wear it" and so i wore it. and when i wore it, i saw the tag. there were Super Junior on it. HRM.

and i wore that shirt. and i suddenly have this thought. i immediately look at the shirt.the man on it seems familiar.HUH?

i looked at the shirt. i saw Super something. EH??

i looked at the man's face.and when i saw the words under the man's face. i shouted. AAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

SI WON!!!! SI WON!!! SI WON!!!!

this hot guy is on my shirt!!!

oh bloody hell.

and of course. i told Haikal and my dad that the shirt is MINE.


so that's the story of this shirt.HAHA.

  • siwon's on ME! <----my inner and outer self
i'll only blog this 2 stuff then.

oh. my dad got 2 SM Town's plastic bags that didn't even look like plastic bags.one of the bags has Super Junior on it,and the other one has SNSD.(no picture of the bag btw) my dad got this bag cos he bought those t-shirts at SPAO shop. and the shopkeeper there asked him if he wants the bag. as my father know how much i love this stuff, he asked for 2. and when he found out that he can make business with the bags, he regretted not asking for 4 instead.

and that is all.


ta then!

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asya yaacob said...

HAHAHA bestnye!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

haha.best gle~!

tp kan.ble convert blk harge baju ni,around rm50 cmtu.so cm agak ok la.bygkan kalo jual kat msia.xde can la bawah rm50.aha

Eireen Camelia said...

oh. shit. i hate you. malam ni terus takboleh tidur malam.