30 December, 2010

Footie:Good and Bad news

A'kum n ello..

yesterday, my sis asked me why i didn't update my blog.

so now i'm updating.

and it's about football.

in life,we have to start with a Good News first.


Champion of Southeast Asia

i didn't really watch Malaysian football as i watch the English League since 2001.so i tend to avoid the Malaysian football cos whenever i watch it, i'll be like "wth.stupid pass" "wth.stupid save!" "wth.that is just stupid".

so yeah.i tend to complain a lot and also maybe,i laugh seeing them play.

but still, i watched the 2nd leg of the final of Suzuki Cup. and the Malaysia NT played really really well. maybe my football observation of high class play is getting bad cos of the way Liverpool played currently but whatever, the Malaysia NT were really good.

anyway, they won the final with 4-2 aggregate. which is awesome~! and oh,Khairul Fahmi the Sepet n the also the Awesome Keeper is WOW.

and oh, i sent this tweet to John Henry,the Liverpool owner about Rajagobal,cos you have to admit, Rajagobal is a brilliant tactician.

and this is when the BAD NEWS coming in...

stupid Roy. even Mick McCarthy is a brilliant manager than you. Wolves played brilliantly like a top team this morning, and Liverpool were like an idiot, fell into their trap. aih.

seriously Roy, my patience on you is getting lower and lower. and i don't think it will be better.

isn't it sad that BAD  NEWS always top the Good News?

ta then!

YNWA to all readers but pls Walk Alone, Roy.

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