25 December, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong - Face Shop Showcase

A'kum n ello..

i should post about this 2 weeks ago, but oh well.at least i blogged about it. aha.

the previous post was about Jay Park. this post is about Kim Hyun Joong. apparently, i met 2 handsome Korean men on the same day. hoho.



4th December 2010.

after the Jay Park's Fanmeeting at Berjaya Hotel, we went to Pavillion to see Kim Hyun Joong. Face Shop invited him to come to Malaysia to promote their product(sort of). The showcase was kinda like Lee Minho's Etude Showcase, but this time, the showcase was outdoor and there were more 'audience'. i heard there were about 3000 people. (major difference than Jay Park's. can't say much cos Hyun Joong is a halyu star).

anyway, the venue of the showcase was outside Pavilion,but still in Pavilion's territory. by the way, that was my first time ever been to Pavilion. hooray me!haha.

when we arrived at Pavilion, we went to the receptionist to ask where is Face Shop shop. i went to the prayer's room to pray, Aqilah went to change her clothe to something like a Triple S, Hani went to the Face Shop.

Hani sms-ed me and said the showcase was near ESPRIT store. Aqilah and I went there. and we went outside Pavilion and saw PLENTY OF PEOPLE.


most of them were not even Korean fans. more like "i'm just a looker and i want to see something that i can show to my wife and kids" or someone like "yo man.i saw some Korean guy that i dunno but oh well i can squeeze into some girls boobs while pushing them".

it was nonsense really. and i even thought Lee Minho's or maybe BEAST's showcase were better. not nice.

anyway, we saw HaniCullen and AsyaPrasanComel was with her. haha. she was shouting "OPPA!! OPPA!!OPPA!!!" tho Hani said Asya was shouting Uppa instead of Oppa. Haha.

anyway, Hani didn't know where she put her camera, so she borrowed mine. and so...

oh. that guy with the pink shirt was also Lee Minho's MC.

Hani is a good photographer.ahah. and she loves to admit that herself. -_-

anyway, i hate crowded place. and the place was very very crowded. people were pushing pushing pushing and people were very selfish and foolish cos they still want to walk at that crowded place and rempits were there to just make people pissed off. it was bad really.

and the MCs were from chinese radio. and the showcase was mostly in chinese instead of english.

as i have seen Kim Hyun Joong before, so i didn't really care much about seeing him. Hani was the one who wanted to see him the most mostly bcos "KIM HYUN JOONG IS MY HUSBAND.I'LL DO ANYTHING FOR HIM" (in Hani's point of view) so she didn't mind all the hustle.

Aqilah and I? we were there for about 10minutes or maybe 5minutes. after that, both of us were really hungry, so we said bye bye to Hyun Joong and search for food. oh yes, we left Hani to gaga over Hyun Joong from afar.

and that's all.


this post kinda pointless.

anyway, when the showcase ended, we went to the stage. people already gone at that time. and we posed some pictures:

that's all.

thanks cos reading.hahaha.

hopefully, in 50years, when i read back this post, i'll be like "OH YEAH!I SAW HIM!HE IS UGLY NOW THO"

ta then!


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