03 July, 2011


A'kum n ello.


last night (2nd of July), went to Sunway Lagoon. entrance fee: RM353, that was the price after 10% discount. not cheap, i know. especially that we(AliaBaik,AqilahPrasanCute,MiezahGS and NoiLovely) didn't even play any game in that place.

but still, TOTALLY WORTH IT. why, you maybe want to know?


so....BI SEU TEU!

it was AWESOME.srsly.

after 3 times they came to Malaysia, this is the best appearance among the three. maybe because there was no pushing(cos i was seated), the view wasn't that far(VIP seat,baby~!) or maybe i wasn't as tired as before(before this, had to wait for 5 hours to enter the showcase and the other one,i had to rush from my workplace to the venue).

so this one, awesome. dot.

i'll start with some usual bits that all fan accounts must have:

the show was scheduled to start at 8.30pm. NoiLovely already arrived at Sunway Pyramid at 6pm. AliaBaik,AqilahPrasanCute and MiezahGS arrived there at 7.40pm. we took our time at Sunway Pyramid, all because we had numbered-seat instead of that dangerous free-standing. 

around 8.20pm, we RUSHED to Sunway Lagoon. 

yeah, we OVERtook our time. da~

right 8.30pm on the dot, the fans were screaming. just when we put our butt on the seats, suddenly the place was lightless and fans were screaming and POM! on the stage they were, the handsome in white clothes, mr BEAST!!!!

ok. i was wrong. Doojoon was in grey.

so they started with Special. and i didn't expect that. other B2UTYs, however, already expected that.

the thing was, their promo poster for the fanmeeting was FICTION. so i thought they were here to promote the FICTION album. so i kept replaying the FICTION album at my itunes. been replaying it until i memorize most of the songs in the album. as you people should know, i'm good in listening, not good in memorizing lyrics. 

but then, the night only have few songs from the FICTION album. they mostly sang their hits songs. so i was like "hey...................why are you like this?"

so the songs that they sang on the night:
  • Special (Shock of the New Era)
  • Soom (Mastermind)
  • Shock (Shock of the New Era)
  • Beautiful (Lights Go On Again)
  • On Rainy Days (Fiction)
  • Fiction (Fiction)
  • Oasis (Beast Is The B2ST)
  • I Like You The Best (Lights Go On Again)
  • V.I.U (Matermind)
i really don't understand why they didn't sing Bad Girl. last time also they didn't sing that song. that was their debut song, why no that song?

oh well.

when i mentioned this show as awesome, it means 'wow' 'whoa' 'damn this is good' 'more more more!' 'HAHAHAH.FUNNY!'. and special thanks to Dongwoon, Yoseob and Doojoon for that. and yeah,maybe some bits to Hyunseung, Junhyung and Gikwang.

Dongwoon's sex face~

DooSeob moment there.

Yoseob the Immortal~

after the boys sang Special and Soom, the MC told them to introduce themselves. by the way, i love the MC. sooooo Mak Nenek. haha.

BEAST and that Mak Nenek MC

i didn't really care much about the introduction tho cos i didn't hear them well,even though they introduced themselves in Malay. tho i was laughing hard when Dongwoon said "Selamat Sejahtera" as something else like "Selamat Selatera". but when Gikwang introduced himself, i was like "Gikwang DARI Beast? DARI? DARI???" he spoke Malay way BETTER THAN ME!

Gikwang's malay introduction was like this:
Apa khabar??? Nama saya Gikwang dari BEAST.

Mine will be like this:
Apa kabar?? Name saye Alia dari Shah Alam.
admit it. you also like that too.

full introduction from BEAST:

memorable stuff in the introduction:


so after the introduction, the MC suddenly said that they have a surprise for BEAST. something like 'we have something for you' 'something special for someone' 'a gift for a certain member' yada yada. BEAST were wondering what was the surprise. the fans already screamed with joy. BEAST still clueless tho i think maybe some of them already found out about the surprise.

and for someone famous who are loved by many, Doojoon really is a clueless person. i think he realized what was the surprise was when the MC said "few days from now...." and he was like "OHHH.THANK YOU!!".

the MC told us to say Selamat Hari Jadi to him, and i thought he said SANG instead of say, so i was singing the first line of Happy Birthday...
Alia: SELAMAT HA~RI JA~DI........
MC: ok! happy birthday, Doojoon!
i was like "HEH?"

Happy Birthday, DOOJOON!!

and after all the blew up the candles and so on, BEAST were seated and the MC told us that BEAST will be asked 6 questions, all from the fans.

and when he asked those questions, i was like "oi, i want to know Doojoon's favourite football team. why my question not there?". but still, Doojoon did mention that he'll be a football player if he's not a singer, and i was like "DOOJOON!!!! YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!"

memorable stuff from the Q&A:

  • 1 of the question was from a guy to BEAST, who asked BEAST to sing Happy Birthday for his girlfriend. Dongwoon kept saying "ROMANTIC GUY" to him.
    • dear Shim Changmin, or Cho Kyuhyun, or Miura Haruma, or James McAvoy, or Yoon Doojoon, next time, do something like that to me, ok?

Q&A time

another memorable stuff when they were talking: 
  • when that MC was talking to the audience in Malay, Dongwoon suddenly replied YA YA (i think). and the MC was surprised and asked Dongwoon in Malay "Dongwoon, awak faham ke?" and Dongwoon was smiling and replied "YEAH YEAH
  • when the MC said "budak ni kan,NAKAL BETUL!" and Yoseob and Dongwoon laughed like schoolkids.haha.

Ke hadapan Dongwoon,
          Saya suka awak. Faham tak?

Yoseob licked his finger. or maybe touched it, using his lips.

and then, after all the talking, the MC introduced Progression to BEAST. apparently, they won a dance contest so that they can danced on the same stage as BEAST. (if wrong info, do tell. POLITELY). so they were on the same stage as BEAST, and haha, one of them is sexy.hahaha. they danced Shock in front of them. and Doojoon was kinda impressed or maybe proud, because you know, he's the leader. and seeing something like that in front of him, some international fans danced his group song, that's quite achievement for a group that only 2 years like BEAST. SOOO BEAST!

Doojoon, i also am proud of you. but this proud is not the maternal type. it's more like lust type (his mouth was open).

Half of BEAST and Progression.

Dongwoon: Alia,where are you?
Alia: in Doojoon's heart.

 after Progression performed Shock, BEAST also performed Shock. and so they performed Shock. and it was GOOOOOOD. and then they sang another songs, and then....GAME TIME!

about the Game, 6 lucky fans were called to the stage. i won't comment about the fans even though some people have opinions about them. but my favourite was Dongwoon's baby,haha. that Lisa girl. haha.

the Game. was boring. bowling? seriously, people??

tho the best part BEFORE the game was Junhyung's focus face.haha. other members were like "YEAY BOWLING!!" and ignored the MC when he was explaining the game. Junhyung, however, was not like that. he was listening intently what the MC was saying, listening and ignoring his partner(whoever she was). the other boys didn't even care about the rules of the game but Junhyung's focus face was like "OH.THE GAME IS LIKE THAT.OK.I'LL PLAY WELL". as Junhyung was the only one who listened to whatever the MC was talking, he was also the one who picked up the 1st card that was showed to him.

fast-forward to the end of the game (they played bowling. had to some task before they bowl. Junhyung showed his armpit hair. i didn't really remember what happened to Hyunseung and Gikwang, but they were friendly with their partners. Dongwoon had to dance with her partner,his partner did that Penguin dance-FAIL but CUTE cos Dongwoon laughed at her-. Doojoon was SWEEET cos he used his towel to cover his partner's lap. Yoseob and his partner were very close, and it was nice that Yoseob was playing along with her flirtiness.HAHA), which Dongwoon's team won and Doojoon's team the loser (blame Doojoon cos he missed the pins).

the good thing about the 6 lucky fans, 5 of them got a cellphone while the winner got an air-purifier.

all of sudden, i was jealous of her cos i really need an air-purifier since 3 years ago. seriously.

memorable stuff:

  • Doojoon tried to cheat by taking Yoseob's scoreboard instead of his. 
  • the MC announced the score for each team, but for Doojoon's team, he asked Doojoon to announce it himself because Doojoon was the loser. Doojoon funnily said "THIR...THIRTY~!"
  • Yoseob's reaction to his partner's placard. "JOKER????!?!?!??!?" and Junhyung was clueless. or maybe he wasn't.
  • Fans shouting Goo Hara's name. not nice.
and after that, they performed On Rainy Days. and Junhyung didn't cough.

and i thought maybe Doojoon will be the one who cough because he was the nearest to the fog thingy.

and suddenly, Dongwoon said "this is our last song" and then they performed Fiction.

Penguin dance! i saw them LIVE!

it was nice. really. to think that i showed that dance to my sis, and my sis said that i danced like a penguin, and then i saw the Penguin dance LIVE like last night, i was a really proud Penguin dance dancer.

and they were really hyper.

and then they said bye bye. and everybody know they were not bye bye.

and immediately after they said bye bye, the fans shouted "ENCORE ENCORE ENCORE!!" and i even shouted Encore in Fiction-kind-of-way.

and so, they did the usual.
Yoseob: you want summore?????
Doojoon (i think or maybe)/ Dongwoon: are you ready???
Fans: YES!!!!!!
Doojoon/Dongwoon: i'm not.
Alia: LORH!
and then....

they appeared and sang Oasis, I Like You The Best and V.I.U.ahahahaha.how nice! they were like "You You You You Beautiful Like You You You You" and oh, AliaBaik,MiezahGS and AqilahPrasanCute stood on the chair. HAHAHA.

look at Hyunseung..

look at Hyunseung....

and i was snapping some pictures and then i realize of some sexy human Beast.haha. 


Hyunseung didn't wear his T-shirt. he was only wearing a singlet.

a singlet.


Gikwang's armpit.........

after looking at Hyunseung with no T-shirt on,but a SINGLET on, i was focusing on him all the time.hahaha. and he was the most passionate dancer on the stage.ahaha.he was like dancing like he owned the world, like only himself live in this world.haha. the other members were like enjoying themselves (especially Junhyung, he was smiling all the time) but Hyunseung were dancing all alone, like 'whatever, i own this world'.haha.

some other memorable stuff:
  • Dongwoon was looking at the camera,and he saw that the screen was showing his face, and he was like "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.THAT'S ME!!" and continue looking at the camera.hahaha.

and then, BEAST said bye bye.

and they really bye bye. :(

........until Yoseob suddenly appeared again and almost fell when he was running down the stairs.haha.

which, i kinda missed that moment; the almost fell down moment.

and that's all.haha.

extra bits:

  • NadiaSepet's and YayaZureen's faces were on the screen. the funny thing, both were looking really really tired. and the best thing, after the screen showed their faces, the screen showed Junhyung's face.ahaha.
  • YayaZureen got Doojoon's towel. i was like "AAAAAAAAA!!SHE GOT IT!!!" and i told her i wanna touch it. and she let me. and instead of just touching, i was USING THE TOWEL TO WIPE MY WHOLE FACE. and then...............i know Doojoon's smell. he has the same body odour like me. and you. and you. you. you. he is also human.
  • met Kak JC. her comments about the fanmeeting will be kept as a secret. even though maybe she already rant it at twitter already.aha.

ta ta BEAUTYs.

ps: any wrong stuff, please tell me.POLITELY.

*corrected the tracklist. and some bits.


asya said...

Ke hadapan Dongwoon,
Saya suka awak. Faham tak?


Alia Liverpool said...

hahahahahahaha. part tu~~~.hahahahaha.

nadiasepet said...

dorg nyanyi You?

HAHA sebab awak cakap kita kuar screen besar, saya sangat gigih cari fancam ade kte tau! HAHAHAHA

at least kan, awak nampak Joker senyum T____T

idk tp kte x nmpk sgt dy senyum. kte lg focus dkt org lain tho cekak kte name joker.

jeles pulak tgk gambar awk. lawa T_T

yandevass said...

Motip selit gak nama aku? wakakak! bagus Aliaa.. all my comment gonna be secret. kekeke!

Dah tweet alia mana yg perlu dibetulkan.. okay la.. suker baca.. best.. siap ada moment2 best laik tuh. i saw the balloon!!!

Alia Liverpool said...

corrected the wrong ones. alia copy fr someone kat twitter.sndiri tau,alia part topik lagu ni takkan terer.haha.

thanks sbb btau.hahaha.

Alia Liverpool said...

kak jc, belon tu alia tayang all the time tu.walopon x menolong ntuk donate,tp at least dpt tayang ngan semangat sambil diri atas kerusi tu arapnye membantu la.aha.

Alia Liverpool said...

nadia,kt silap skit psl lagu yg diorg nyanyi.haha.

n hahahahahha.awk ade jmpe ke ur face kat screen tu?hahaha

ZURYN said...

hbs towel doojoon dirogolnya. hahaha