22 August, 2011


A'kum n ello.

yesterday (2 days ago), Liverpool won against Arsenal. scoreline: 2-0 to Liverpool.

HAHAHA. a certain Arsenal fan bragged during the match and arrogantly said that he was looking forward to see me cry, went missing after the final whistle. fortunately for him, i wasn't in the mood to search for him and BRAG. a waste of my time. i rather say it at twitter, instead of saying it in front of the opponent's face.


i think i should blog about it; the Liverpool in Malaysia: DAY 2.


"you still wanna blog about it????" are the words that you people are thinking right now.

YES, i still want to blog about it. 

who knows when will i go to Anfield?

what if my children asked me "ma, you ever went to see a Liverpool match before? were you a crazy supporter?"

and i want to brag to my children and reply "i saw the Liverpool lads before. saw them played against our national team. and don't tell your father, i saw plenty of ABS on that day!"



i'll start with the Day 2 of the LFCinMY: Day 2 now.

there's a reason why the intro for this post is long.

continue reading.....................

after LFCinMY: Day 1, the LFCinMY:Day 2 was not as good as Day 1.

it was Friday. it was after lunch time. it was in KL.

so, if you're a person that understand KL the most, and connect all the 3 points together, you know what it means when the 3 dots are connected: TRAFFIC JAM.

and yes, i spent about 1.5 hours in the traffic jam, just to see my Liverpool boys.

and oh, i wasn't alone. i'm crazy but i am not stupid. if i got tortured, someone need to be tortured with me.

she went to the training session with me, she was also the one who went with me to this session.
*clap clap*

FYI, i lived in Shah Alam. Shah Alam to KL should be about 40minutes. as i mentioned before, i was stuck in the traffic jam. 
  • info: Jamie Carragher, Andy Carroll, Raul Meireless, Soto Kyrgiakos, Jon Flanagan, Steve Clarke( assistant manager) and Andy Poulsen were the Liverpool players at Pavilion.
  • another info: they arrived at Pavilion at 3pm.
  • an info that needed to be mentioned: both me and NadiaSepet arrived at 3.30pm.
and when we arrived at Pavilion, plenty of Liverpool fans were in the venue. the place were crowded with people in red shirts and also plenty of Liverpool stuff.

the big Liverpool shirt.

the crowd.

and when we arrived, the LFC players (obviously) already arrived.

i saw Carroll's beard, Carra's Liverpool smile and Flanno's geeky face.
and i kinda glad that that Liverpool fan covered Poulsen's face.harhar.

i saw Meireless' gangster face, Soto's greek hair, Steve Clarke's face and another Carra's face.

and i also saw Carroll's teeth.

blame the traffic jam, i got no chance to be on the stage to tell Carroll to cut his hair.da!

what happened when i saw them from far away?
  • the MC of the day was a certain Hitz.fm's deejay. i forgot his name. i rarely listen to radio. so sorry.
  • the MC asked some stuff. and i forgot what.
  • but he asked something to Meireless and Meireless suddenly smiled and he said he want to come to Malaysia again and i was like "YEAY!!!!!HE WANTS TO COME AGAIN!!" and i have admit that i was a bit confused at that time. (fyi, as a kpop fan, whenever i heard the kpop guys said "we'll come again to Malaysia" that also means another concert. so i was a bit confused with that).
  • and when Meireless said something, the fans were very excited and they chanted Meireless' name. (fyi, Meireless is rumoured to leave Liverpool. i'm using present tense bcos the transfer deadline still in 10 days).
  • and then, some session with the fans. i saw plenty of kids on the stage. damn, they still can meet the Liverpool players after 30 years. just let the older fans meet the heroes first la!
  • and after all those stuff, Carra said some words, and they said bye bye.
all the points above happened in 15 minutes or less than that.

i was stuck in the traffic jam for 2 hours and i only met them for 15 minutes.

oh well.

and because they said bye bye, i also said bye bye.... to Pavilion.

both NadiaSepet and i went to OneWorld Hotel to see the Liverpool players in that place. we were stuck in the traffic jam for another 2 hours. 

we arrived at OneWorld Hotel, and the players were having dinner in a function that was prepared by Standard Chartered, which only the VIPs can enter the function.


i talked with 2 fans. a Singaporean man and a Malaysian woman.
  • Singaporean man "i stayed in the same hotel with the players. had breakfast with them. have their autograph but i cannot snap pictures of them eating"
  • Malaysian woman "no, i don't live in this hotel. i live in Malaysia. i don't think you can see the players coming through here tho."
no chance to see the players up-close. tho i saw Paul Rogers and Paul Eaton (both LiverpoolFC.tv's journalists). didn't say hi to them cos i wasn't wearing a Liverpool shirt. but too many people snap pictures with them tho. oh well. i'm too excited and nervous at that time. i kinda worried about my English fluency at that time. ahah.

and then, i saw a female staff of OneWorld Hotel. i asked her if she knows when the Liverpool players will come out. she said about 11pm or 12pm.
  • note: it was 9.40pm.
  • another note: NadiaSepet's curfew was 7pm.
the female stuff said that if i am very very lucky, maybe 1 of the players will come out in front of me. i told the staff, "we are really unlucky today. so we better go home" and so we went home."

oh, before that, i saw this old man. he was looking at me weirdly. he is old and Caucasian. bcos he looks at me weirdly, i didn't really smile

and then, i found out that he is actually Jamie Carragher's father. 


i should be generous with my smile. Jamie Carragher's father maybe told his son that "Malaysian fans are nice, but this one lady is not so nice"


ok now.

LFCinMY:Day2 done!

the Day 3 a.k.a the Malaysia vs Liverpool match will be done......later.



credits image: NadiaSepet's camera


lifeless. said...

oh awak, kte x dgr lgsg time kt pavi tuh. dorg ade ckp2 eh? haha

agak kelakar part curfew tuh~

we spent time lagi banyak dlm kereta ye.. saba jela T_T

Alia Liverpool said...

hahaha.time kt blog psl ni,perasaan geram kat traffic jam membuak.haha