03 July, 2010

the good about today:Knight,friends,KUYT.

A'kum n ello..

today (or more exact,yesterday~) is kinda nice.

i'll make it short,so i'll just show some pictures.hoho.

1stly, i watched Knight & Day. ok,i won't say this is the best movie in 2010, but i still love this movie. funny and sweet and cool. Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz together are just....HOT! maybe Tom Cruise sometimes look like a menopause man, but he still has the look of a good looking guy, and Cameron Diaz is so pretty with her beautiful blonde hair.

so yeah. if you like talking funny stuff than doing the funny stuff, you might love this movie.

2ndly, i met my old friends. 

  • oh, Shazizan will study CAT at UiTM Shah Alam,so i'll meet him more later at PTAR.haha.
  • and Atman told him that it won't be easy to study with me cos i will talk and talk and won't let him study.haha. 
  • and haha, i met Anan!!
  • i didn't talk much with Fatin Aqilah and Ainun. 
  • oh oh, Hakim is balding.i told him to meet Nazneen's dad.haha.(is that rude of me to say that?)

3rd, HOLLAND WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brazil is good, but they never really convince me to be the champion of the latest World Cup. yeah, they played well just now with a fast flowing ball, but still, they have to keep their head together. Kaka nearly lose his head whenever the referee blew the whistle to a player. and Robinho is just like his selfish self. 


he has a weird name and it's hard to pronounce, but his name is easy to type, and let us capital his name together, 

such a hardworking player. i really hope Holland play well and InsyaAllah win the cup. all because i respect Kuyt's determination. he never gives up and he's an inspirational to every people in the world. and also, HE'S A LIVERPOOL PLAYER!

and he's also a very tough guy.haha.

Thanks God. thank you.

and i don't have to go to the market tomorrow.hoho.

ta then.

thanks for reading :)

may you have a nice day.

tho i doubt Brazilians will have a good night tho. oh well.

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KeCiK said...

As expected from Mr Duracell a.k.a Kuyt. Unlucky Babel. Wish he gets his first start.