17 July, 2010

lecturer:mr lee (i think)

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored right now.

seriously bored.

i'm not in the mood to study or anything,and twitter is not that busy in the morning like at night, so i really don't know what to do right now.

so i'm blogging here and wondering what kind of post i'm trying to make, and hopefully, the ideas will come out while i'm typing the words.....

and oh, FT Island is playing in my iTunes now..........
ERK.it's not FT Island. it's Lee Seung Gi. hahahahhahaha. how could i even mistake him with Hongki.hahaha.

Hongki and LeeSeungGi?

anyway, class already started. it's already the second week. and labs already start and all the lectures already happen.


this semester is not as good as the previous ones. i don't know why. maybe i don't have that much fun as much i expected. or maybe because i'm not that busy like last time tho. have to say, this semester have less class, and labs are not that tiring cos i always do the light works.haha.

oh. i got a Chinese lecturer with me. a male. a very tall man who wears specs and loves to use as relationship example to make students understand his teaching. like this time:

Friend: sir, what is this 4 things?
Mr Lee: you have to choose 1 from this 4 things to do your fermentation.
Friend: like how?
Mr Lee: Aiyo. you don't know-la? it's like you have 4 boyfriends, but you can't have 4 of them, so you have to choose one la. so this is like that la.

yeah. that lecturer is like that. and you know what, i'm not even sure if his name is Mr Lee.hahahha.

and last time, he talked about bowling. and he said "the reason men love to play bowling is because of the woman's butt"

seriously tho. he is crazy as a lecturer. he even asked "you know what is intercourse right? not that sexual intercourse ok?"


anyway, he is a very punctual guy. the class start at 5.10pm, but he came at 5pm, and he already start the class in that instant. the bad part about his class, if you miss 5minutes of his class, you maybe won't understand anything.

so enough about this lecturer.

and that's all i think.

i suddenly gone blank. maybe i need to have lunch right now.tata~~

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