26 July, 2010

my call with her.

A'kum n ello..

i just called KPJ. KPJ is SMC, which also means Selangor Medical Centre.

so yeah.it's a hospital.

why did i call the hospital? did i call if Wonder Girls already arrive but got homesick suddenly and got into room 55501 and asked the receptionist to connect the line to their room and say "Haha.SoHee,Heechul is mine!!" something like that? or did i call bcos one of my friend is in there,and i call her just to say "weyh, you know ah, KYUHYUN GOT TWITTER!!!!!" ?

Kyuhyun: oh hee. i got twitter. follow @AliaLiverpool pls.

nope.i called the hospital just to ask for my practical training for next semester.


you know, after i called them, i don't know the real motive to even call the hospital. it's not like you are 100% sure to be selected, so why the reason?

yesterday, my conversation was like this (please remember that yesterday was Sunday):

KPJ: Hello. this KPJ Medical Centre. may i help you?
Alia: Hello. is this KPJ Medical Centre? 
KPJ: Yes.
Alia: may i asked, do you have any...................
Alia: may i talked in Malay with you?
KPJ: (laughed) yes yes.
Alia: boleh saya tanya pasal praktikal di KPJ tak?
KPJ: oh i'm sorry. you have to call tomorrow.
Alia: oh yes. ok. i'm sorry. thank you.
KPJ: you're most welcome.

man. she was really sweet.the receptionist. i mean.

and so just now. i called again.

KPJ: hello. KPJ Medical Centre.
Alia: hello. i'm Alia. i wanna ask about the practical training at your place.
KPJ: wait eh. 
KPJ: (lalalalala.line connecting to the practical department.....)
Woman: Hello.
Alia: Hello. i'm Alia. boleh saya tanya pasal praktikal training di KPJ?
Woman: oh. awak hantar dulu surat dekat kami. nanti kami pilih kami nak ke tak. (something like that-la,she said)
Alia: oh ok. baik.
Woman: hantarkan surat, lepas tu kami pilih.
Alia: ok.ok. baik.
Alia: so,....
Woman: (hung up already.)


ok then. have to be prepared then. i maybe will face someone like her in the future.

ok then.tata.

to-do-list: Call KPJ.done!

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