20 July, 2010

Fukuyama Masaharu;Ryomaden

A'kum n ello...


(go away if you don't want to read the excitement of a young innocent girl like me)

i think i like...........



oh man. i'm in love with him!

soooooooo FINE!

one of the best actor in Japan, and he also have one of the most wonderful voice....

 oh MILK TEA~~i really love that song...~~!!

i think i blog about this man before, but whatever, he is one of my favourite man in the world,so buzz off you people. haha.

i start to like him when he acted in Galileo as this.......

cool, handsome professor~~~!

or maybe i started to like him when he appeared in Music Station to promote Milk Tea. and you know what, Milk Tea is very very nice song. EVEN MICKY YOOCHUN LOVES THAT SONG AND ALSO THIS GUY!! he even tried to say "Hontoni Momoshiro~~" cos that's what Yukawa Manabu(Fukuyama Masaharu's character in Galileo)  trademark words. aha.

Hontoni Momoshiro= Very very interesting. (correct me if i'm wrong.but i don't think i'm wrong)

anyway, why i spazz about him, now,after years of no news about this man?

it's because of this:


it's a taiga drama, which also means, a Japanese historical drama. so you can expect Samurai, Katana(japanese sword), Shogun, and Kimono.....

oh well, just expect Samurai. cos this drama mostly about the life of Sakamoto Ryoma, a Japanese legend who was a low ranked samurai and became one of the legendary man in Japanese history.

oh. Sakamoto Ryoma is a REAL person. check wikipedia to know more about this great person.

back to the main thing.

as you all know, i really am a fan of Japanese history. i really am interested in samurai stuff, and when i found out that Fukuyama Masaharu acts in a taiga drama, i was like "YOU!WHAT?!?YOU!REALLY?!?!" . seriously, i was insane!

to expect Fukuyama Masaharu in an old japanese clothes......
....with katana at his side, .....showing his cool macho side, .....
no way i'll miss that.

and so i started to watch Ryoma Den yesterday, and for now, this drama has 2 seasons. currently, i'm at episode 7 in Season 1. 

and luckily, i know where my priorities lie. and thanks to Sakamoto Ryoma for that. cos this drama inspired me and make me realize, "you maybe have that fear of thinking you are wasting your time for doing that, but you must realize, what's the first reason you live for"

and yeah, i realize :)

so now, i have to sleep.

jaa ne Fukuyama Masaharu. i'll watch you later.


ps: i'm dreaming of molesting Fukuyama Masaharu.

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