25 July, 2010

last week: busy,hang out,new shoes.

A'kum n ello....


last week was very very hectic. lab reports(false alarm.i thought Medics report need to be sent last Friday.but nope,it'll be this Monday.so i have free weekend cos i did the report already.haha), CV for the practical and Industry&Enviromental open book test need to be sent on the same day i.e Friday the 23rd July (HAPPY BIRTHDAY HaniyanaPrasanCullen!!!). and yeay, i did all those stuff after some difficulties.so hooray me.i'm free.

some part of my CV.

anyway, last week was pretty weird.

  • a friend of mine got scolded cos of our dear lecturer said her group waste people's money and time (you know Her), and 
  • AqilahPrasanCute (me not included cos i was hiding) got scolded by the same lecturer (yes Her) cos she parked at the Staff's parking spot (again,i was there cos i hid in the car.so i think the lecturer didn't saw me.maybe.haha), 
  • me stayed in the lab for more than 6 hours for the autoclave (meaning: to sterilize your stuff to be clean from bacteria or other microorganisms in a high pressure and temperature) and plating of agar and only went out to pee and poop...
  • and i ate CRUNCH!!! hoho!
RM1.60 only la.
cun.better than Cornetto.hoho.

  • and my dad ate plenty of stuff on Friday night, and he's not even a heavy eater (he ate more rice than usual, he ate this BIG pear,he ate 3/4 of my chocolate bar, he ate 8 pieces of drumet) and 
  • AfiqSukaSuJu sms-ed me and said "Alia,lets eat Sushi!-i'm bored-my treat!-lets!". which in Malay is kinda like this:

and so...

yesterday, me and AqilahPrasanCute went out with AfiqSukaSuJu to O.U(cos AfiqSukaSuJu never been to One Utama before being a North person who too absorbed in the book) and ...

  • we introduced him Tokyo-G (me n AqilahPrasanCute almost in tears cos we haven't ate Tokyo-G for more than 1.5 months,i think, and that Rock n' Roll Sushi is too damn good!!!) and 
  • we bought some biscuits at Marks&Spencer....
who cares about the Digestive word if the biscuit is GOOOOOOOOOD.

  • AfiqSukaSuJu bought us Baskin Robbins and 
  • he also bought this present for Shhhhhhh. lucky gal.haha.
  • i bought this Carlo Rino shoes(not wedges,or high heels,or whatever did u call it) for RM79.FINALLY!!!!! 
so you call this flat? or something else?

  • we also bought Pepero from Lotte Mart....
in a green box instead of the chocolate one like last time...

  • ate some food at Old Town White Coffee (n bcos i don't drink coffee,so i ordered Pepsi Float instead), and
  • AqilahPrasanCute bought this scarf,or whatever you call it from this Arabian guy and he was very lame cos he didn't have any sense of humour.DA~ 
  • and AqilahPrasanCute drove very fast on the way home cos her dad wanted to use the car......

so it was really unique. the hang out and also last week.haha.

oh, i was too busy last week, that i still haven't ate the McChicken that i bought last Thursday.i was THAT busy. and today is Sunday.


and i'm sorry that the post is not too detailed as before, but like i said before this, I'M REALLY BUSY.

ok now.

ta you later!

things to do: Agriculture lab report and Food Microbiology lab report. and call SMC (KPJ)

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