15 July, 2010

Despicable me.

A'kum n ello..

world cup already over.

class already start.

another person to hate.

my life is getting better. the same thing happen. maybe after watching Lion King, all the things that i thought already end, started to come back. so it's true then,it's the Circle of Life.

oh well.i don't want to care much about the bad stuff that is happening to me right now. i know what happened right now really is important, but if the important stuff is bad, i just have to ignore it and view it as something that never exist before. why must i bother much when every people around me thinks she's the coolest person on earth?

Sneijder: Alia, you're pitiful.
Alia: shut up, baldy.

ok. i should make a brighter post right now.

brighter like him....



Despicable Me.

No,i'm not talking about how despicable i am.

YOU.MUST.WATCH.IT! Despicable Me is a movie.

the movie is in 3D, so the ticket will be expensive. but still, the money is worth it. the start of the movie is a little bit boring, but after 20minutes or so, the movie is totally AWESOME. Disney doesn't really promote the movie as heavily like Toys Story 3, so not many people know about it. but still, the movie is really really good.

i was hitting the empty chair beside me plenty of times cos the movie makes me laugh and laugh. and really loves this little yellow creature:

they talked real funny.

and so, dear people, please WATCH THIS MOVIE! the fact that Pharrell Williams did the music arrangement for this movie really is cool.

so now, tata~~!

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