28 April, 2010

realize why i don't have any feeling for men right now...

A'kum n ello..

i realize about this today.
tho i was kinda know about it since my birthday last month [nathan: LAST MONTH?? why it felt like 10months ago?] .

at that time [she is referring to her 20th birthday btw], there was this waiter, a very enthusiastic waiter. he was a spec-man and was constantly being funny when he talked to us.

then, my sis told me "that waiter is handsome"

i was like "EH??? HANDSOME???"

then, i think again, "yeah. maybe~" and rolled my eyes.

and then, today, before Economics exam [which she thought was kinda disappointing cos she forgot the way to describe things in Business language], she was reading the notes, until her friend, Miezah the perverted said "oh, that guy is cute~!" and so i looked at that boy that she was referring to, and i laughed.

ok. that boy is cute.
ok. that boy is fair.

but i laughed!

which is a problem! cos i should be like "YELA MIEZAH!!! LAKI TU CUTE GILE!!!!!!!" which is the most normal thing to do considering i'm still young and fresh and boyfriend-less and also a girl that loves to look at man's 6 pax.

but nope, when i saw that boy, i LAUGHED and said "haha. aku dah lame tak usha2 camni, so aku pun tataula" which is not a good thing. hahaha.

i wonder what's the reason why i don't think man is not handsome.

maybe bcos of some korean men...........

Siwon: see my CK?

or maybe bcos of some japanese men......

Shun: Alia choose me~

or maybe cos of this certain Mr. Shim.......
Changmin: want me to show what is handsome?

and maybe this certain Italian man that has 2 of the most magical feet in the world......

Aquilani: Hee~~~

yeah, maybe bcos of them.

i have to say i haven't love nor like nor have a crush on a boy since my Form 5

and i think i started not to care much about man since the departure of Xabi Alonso to Real Madrid. [God bless Aquilani~]

like all people know, i was once, a Mrs Xabi...........
Xabi: sorry Alia.

and so, since the day that guy become Christiano Ronaldo's lover and not Steven Gerrard's [or even yours], i have to admit i don't really care much about men.

i mean, especially if you have Microbiology guys that took left-over foods, or made some sexual statement in front of the owner of the boobs or even talked about some extreme-porno movie with you, i don't have much choice then.


maybe i really should blame those Microbiology guys. they make me forget what true men really are.


ok now.


[i think the reason she's not into men right now is because of this certain human being......]

Amber: erm, you like me?

[Alia is not a bisexual.or else, she won't dream about me]

27 April, 2010

talk about why i chose that.

A'kum n ello..

you know, my life haven't been that great nowadays. but you know,after some positive thinking and muttering "Things Will Be Good" zillion of times, i think my life is not that sucks anymore.

it's the mentality.

you can't be over-confident tho. like this time when i thought i can win that Solitaire game at my phone,just when i have 1 card left to flip, the last card couldn't be flip. i was like,what the hell??? why did that happen?? then i found out, that Solitaire game in my phone is a lil bit special. i cannot leave 1 card, i have to leave more than 2 cards.

i know you don't understand. but just read.

after that incident, i tried to be more humble, and played that solitaire game smartly and with humility.thus, i won.

i just read this friend's blog. she was complaining about her life. i think this maybe bcos of her study. how her cgpa is not that high,especially with plenty of competitors among her.

i think almost all of her posts are emotional ones. it was kinda depressing. it's like her life is just full of grays even though she is a very bubbly person.

she's really2 a nice person! very jolly and bubbly. but like Jay Park said "there's light at the end of the tunnel". she shouldn't complain. it's not like her life is as hard as me anyway.

i dunno why i even blog about this.maybe cos i have this feeling to blog after days of not blogging. so yeah,i'm blogging.

anyway, in that friend's blog, she also said "i chose ___ cos i scored high marks on that subject"

totally the opposite of me. i mean, if people ask "what are you taking right now?" and when i say "microbiology" people will say "oooh" "wow" "aaaah" and also "you love biology eh?"

erm. no. i got B4 which equal to B-.  i chose that, cos this is life. i live for myself and for others. i want to know about things that happen in the world. to tell you the truth, i don't care about wealth. i don't care about being rich. if i wanna be rich, maybe i'll join that facebooking job. that Nuffnang advert at the sidebar is just to fill up the spaces in my blog. i'm not that obsess with money. of course, i love money. i can buy plenty of things if i'm a billionaire. but then, i don't think money is everything anyway.people talk about what kind of house they want. i only want an apartment, with a kitchen,tv,oven,bed...and aqilah's ogawa massage chair.

i mean, this is life. and i live. and i always think there's a reason why i live. maybe the reason i live is because i have to know what God have.

to be honest, i chose Microbiology cos i was planning of studying medicine. then i thought, i won't have the time to enjoy God's gift later, so i want to find another option.which, for now, i don't even know what my option is.

i know. my cgpa is low. i don't even want to remember the numbers of my cgpa. it's kinda annoying really that your knowledge is based on exam. people kill trees to get papers for exam, and then we have to make an essay about "the bads of cutting trees". i mean, bcos of exam, the priority to learn change to something else.

but what can i say anyway.

that is:LIFE.

have to hail it then.

[nathan: she blogs about something messy again T-T]

Rafa: don't do that again,Alia.
Alia: yes,yes.

ta then!

[after this,i,Nathan Sheridan,alia's dream man,will appear out of nowhere. if this symbol [ and ] appear,that is me.thank you.]

(Nathan Sheridan is Alia's favourite book character.Alia wanna say sorry to Meg Cabot for using her book's character name without permission.)

26 April, 2010

being not-myself for a bit.

A'kum n ello...

ok.it's exam mode.

[in life, you have to think about the future and always think the positive things.therefore,she will say....]


[why did she say "yeay"? "yeay" is not the word during exam. no, it should be "bloody hell" with capital letters. but still, she already said "yeay". she can't press the backspace button now.i won't let her]

YEAY!! EXAM!!!!!!!!!

[and i wonder why?]



[so this Alia Liverpool is already planning ahead. she wanna watch Ip Man 2, she wanna watch Ice Kachang Puppy Love, she wanna eat UNAGI, she wanna make more cookies, she wanna buy some jdramas, she wanna buy Meg Cabot's Being Nikki, she wanna eat ice-creams, she wanna eat lasagna, she wanna eat kerepek bawang, she wanna eat maggi, she wanna use the pot that she bought at Daiso, and...maybe that's all.for now]

3 papers done. 4 PAPERS TO GO.hoi ya hoi !

[so 3 papers of Alia Liverpool's paper already gone. Statistics, Mycology and Virology already say bye-bye,and Economics will be on this Wednesday, and then she'll be free until Monday,which she forgot what paper she'll have on that day (Alia Liverpool to the writer: It's Instrumental Analysis la dey). Anyway, about the last 3 papers, she think she did ok. even though some problems happened, which involve Late Statistic table, Stupid Brothers that cancel plan last minute and stupid sister that chose friend over her lovely sister, the papers were quite ok. and she was quite happy with it cos she was very scared about it.she even sacrifice her Liverpool match (by not being focus in that 90minutes of the match) cos she studied in front of the telly while the match still on.right now,we better pray for her so that her hard work and sacrifice paid off.]

ok.tata now. no idea to say some wacky stuff anymore.

not wacky enuff?


18 April, 2010

not in syllabus.

A'kum n ello..

for ur info, my 1st final exam paper will be Statistic it'll be on this Wednesday,21st April.


so,obviously i studied for that paper.and so.......i revised the subject by doing this assignment that i'll send tomorrow.

of course, there'll be this moment when i got stuck,cos seriously,statistic is one hell of a subject. my bro asked me if my first paper is an easy paper or not, i told him "none of paper that i'll face this semester is an easy subject"

anyway, i used the past year paper to revise. then, i got stuck at this 1 particular question:

erm.ok. less than. i forgot how to calculate it.

and so,i tried to search my tutorial exercise,to check if there is any similar question with this.apparently,my lecturer already gave the answer for the tutorial exercise,so it'll be easier for us to study. 

and so i checked, and saw this one albino question:

i want a less than question, and i got it. 

and so, i checked the answer for that question:


(mind the spelling error)


wish me well for my exam then. tata!

17 April, 2010

for you,i suppose.i'm sorry.

A'kum n ello..

i hope you won't get hurt by this.

you know, the past few days haven't been that great for me. and one of them were the saddest and might also be the most upsetting of all.

i mean, how could he said that? especially in front of her? i'm upset bcos the friendship now is in jeopardy. we'll be awkward. we may be laugh n smile together like usual, but that'll be just plain hypocrisy. i'm sad cos maybe what he said is true and eventhough i noticed it earlier, but i didn't notice what the surrounding will think of it. that was my mistake.

but seriously, when he said it was nothing personal, and when i gave my own opinion, and he said "i just made a different answer" which i dunno what different it should be cos i only gave one answer, how could i not take it personally.

i'm sorry that i said this through this blog, cos i know you'll be major hurt about it. but i'm too humiliated to see you right now, and when i want to say this stuff in front of you, i just said something else cos i don't want to see you hurt.

if it's a friend who said that, i don't mind.
if it's not in front of you, i don't mind.

but he is someone that you respected,someone very important to you,how could i not mind when it seen clearly that he doesn't want me to friend with you anymore cos i 'took advantage of you' when i clearly not, cos never in my mind i had those thought. you're my friend, and i love you. i enjoy being your companion cos we laugh together.but when i was seen as someone that took advantage of you, i was clearly upset and sad that someone actually think my friendship with you is that...CHEAP.

if he didn't say that in front of you, i wouldn't mind. i will always be there with you by ignoring what happened cos you dunno your precious person said that to me. you were there, and i was humiliated. you know how 'angry' and 'direct' he was at that time. you know what tone that he used at that time. you told me not to care, but how should i not care? he is your precious person. i understand he did that becos of his position to care you. it just that the way he said it, the timing he chose to say it, the assumption that he gave me, how should i not care? my pride was at stake cos i NEVER NEVER THINK ABOUT THOSE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS. but at that time, i only care about our friendship. at that time, all i was thinking, was i that bad at you? what i gave you plenty of difficulty? was your family hate me that much? all i care at that time, am i that selfish?

when he asked me," if you in her position, do you think she is taking advantage of you?" i was quiet. he demanded answer. the answer that i want to give him was "she's my friend.we've known each for a long time, how could i even think of that?" but he wants a right or wrong answer and if i said no, do you think he'll accept it?

maybe he was tired.maybe he was in a bad state. so i don't mind.

but you already know me more than anybody else right now.

this is not the same problems that i or you or both of us got before this. this is major.this is different.this is a family member we're talking about.

you know that i prefer avoid more than ignore. i want to avoid him, i don't want to ignore you. but that'll be very2 hard.

this is maybe a cowardly act. but to tell you the truth, this is not the most cowardly act that happened in my  your life.

i'm sorry.
but thank you for all that happen before this.

10 April, 2010

2nd tweet at LFCtv. new kit.

A'kum n ello..


i think i'm in the good list of the LiverpoolFC website, cos again, with some sms words, and some grammatical error, and my own use of words, again, my name is on the LFC website.

SEE THAT???????

that famous name is there!!!
AliaLiverpool! hahaha. and i tweeted that while i was bored at the library and KP and me were laughing at that tweet cos we thought it was funny.(in our funny kind of way)

oh.maybe you wondering why my name is there?

LFCtv wanted to know what the fans think about their new kit. so they want to know them through twitter,facebook and also from the official forum.

and so, bcos of my talent of twittering, my tweet been chosen by LFCtv for the 2nd TIME!



wanna see the new kit? be prepare cos you may laugh your ass off cos the model is really2 the pretty boy.hahaha.

torres is such a pretty boy. look at that blond and those smoky eyes,and those pinkish lips.

ta then!

ps: for the people that haven't bought anything for me as a birthday gift, please buy me this new Liverpool jersey please.kinda cheap,only RM205.70,cheaper than that Super Junior's ticket.

09 April, 2010

Alice in Wonderland-1n2d style!

A'kum n ello...


Alice in Wonderland-1N2D's style.


credits: not really sure who to credit, but i got it from 1n2dfansub.

late Dinner post.

A'kum n ello..

now the post about the dinner.
i'll make it short cos i don't think i remember much about that night.but still,it was a nice night, with that new style i donned.

2nd April 2010.

aqilah,KP n i arrived kinda late on that night. the dinner happened at Concorde Hotel,around 8.15pm.

yeah2.Concorde Hotel. totally near my house. but i was one of the latest people that came that night.aha.

the venue was kinda small. Intekma Hotel(the last dinner's venue) has a bigger hall than Concorde's.maybe cos of the lack of fund from the Microbiology Club.aha.

anyway, it was kinda cool;that night. i was a lil bit different than usual, with that different style,too red lipstick,and a skirt. so it was a lil weird. a female friend said "oh.Alia lain!" the male friend said "make-up Alia tebal"

typical man~ -_-"

Khir(1st from the right) the one who said "make-up tebal"
oh well. the lipstick was too red. i already know that.

btw, i sat with these boys last night. the 2 guys from the left are Liverpool fans.haha.so..YEAY BABY!! WE WON LAST NIGHT!!! WE BEAT BENFICA!!! WE WON! 4-1!!!!

ok.back to the dinner.


the food were great!

they got crab soup there. and you know, i'm a fan of crab,(just like Lee Minho ;p) and i ate that soup more than i ate the rice.haha. and the heavy food are alright. the chickens were great, the squids not that ok.but the crab soup the best!haha.

still, i got a fever and cough on that night. so i didn't taste the prawns nor the ice-creams nor the orange juice. aih~.

and because my cough was worsening throughout the night, my appetite to eat more cakes totally down. oh damn. and now i'm craving for Secret Recipes TT-TT

oh. special mention to KP,cos seriously she really ROCK THAT NIGHT!

ok.to be honest, when i found out that she would perform on that night, i was a lil bit skeptical. i know her voice is brilliant and all, but if you go karaoke with her, you'll know what i mean. she loves to choose bad songs,and always sing them by her own, with her eyes close like she has the whole world in her hand.seriously, she was like that.

but then,that night was very very different. she performed mighty well and maybe the guys ease her nerve a lil bit(they shouted "BESAR PUNYE!!"),and with najla sang with her, she was brilliant all night long and didn't hog the microphone.

(sorry no picture.too blur.aqilah recorded the performance,but it was too long.haha)

and then, there was this slideshow contest from each part of the Microbiology programme. the Part 3 and Part 5's slideshow were boring, and my Part(the Part 4) was brilliant, with some elements of humour,mysterious and fairy-tale.

hence, we won the Slideshow contest.hahaha.

have to say, i couldn't enjoy much on that night. so..........

only have this to show you then.haha.

me and K-rol.hoho.
K-rol is one of the funniest guy i ever met.seriously.haha.

this is Ayu.
she's the cutest!!haha.

and this is Mila.
she's very beautiful here.

me with Almie.
have to say, she's an expert in pantun.hahaha.

and that's all.haha.

ta then!

ps: won't online later at night. need to finish the lab reports first. i'm super hardworking right now.maybe cos of this morning's win. and also,i'm going to save some money to buy that new Liverpool jersey.ehe.

04 April, 2010

bunch of excuse

A'kum n ello..

dinner post will be posted later.

i'm sick. so i can't really blog anything long.

and blogging without expression is like nasi lemak without sambal.

dunno when will you see my over-make-up face and skirt, cos seriously, i have assignments and tests to face later this week.

so yeah.ta!

02 April, 2010


A'kum n ello..

Dinner tonight.

what that dinner called?

Glorious Night of Microbiology?
something like that i think.

ok.people been asking "what are you wearing and all" and because the theme was "Masculine and Feminine" so people were like "oh2.what you wearing??"

and yeah, the girls said the usual stuff that show their femininity, something like "oh, i'll wear kebaya or baju kurung only.nothing much"

the only different thing that'll happen later will be more make-up. and also with more shiny shiny, glamourous clothes you won't see at the usual day-class.

aqilah said she'll wear this fully beaded dress. wonder what kind of dress is that.

i, on the other hand, will wear a long skirt, someone said the skirt kinda look like British India's, and even though i dunno what kind of skirt British India has, so i don't really care much. but it was quite flattering to know that a RM69.90 can be mistaken as British India.aha.


it'll be my first time wearing a skirt in public.

and with my sister's enthusiasm to make her older sister as beautiful as possible, she'll be the one to make-up me. and i'm hoping that i won't look too make-up-ish,cos that'll be too over.i'm not a geisha anyway.

oh ok then.

tata then!