26 April, 2010

being not-myself for a bit.

A'kum n ello...

ok.it's exam mode.

[in life, you have to think about the future and always think the positive things.therefore,she will say....]


[why did she say "yeay"? "yeay" is not the word during exam. no, it should be "bloody hell" with capital letters. but still, she already said "yeay". she can't press the backspace button now.i won't let her]

YEAY!! EXAM!!!!!!!!!

[and i wonder why?]



[so this Alia Liverpool is already planning ahead. she wanna watch Ip Man 2, she wanna watch Ice Kachang Puppy Love, she wanna eat UNAGI, she wanna make more cookies, she wanna buy some jdramas, she wanna buy Meg Cabot's Being Nikki, she wanna eat ice-creams, she wanna eat lasagna, she wanna eat kerepek bawang, she wanna eat maggi, she wanna use the pot that she bought at Daiso, and...maybe that's all.for now]

3 papers done. 4 PAPERS TO GO.hoi ya hoi !

[so 3 papers of Alia Liverpool's paper already gone. Statistics, Mycology and Virology already say bye-bye,and Economics will be on this Wednesday, and then she'll be free until Monday,which she forgot what paper she'll have on that day (Alia Liverpool to the writer: It's Instrumental Analysis la dey). Anyway, about the last 3 papers, she think she did ok. even though some problems happened, which involve Late Statistic table, Stupid Brothers that cancel plan last minute and stupid sister that chose friend over her lovely sister, the papers were quite ok. and she was quite happy with it cos she was very scared about it.she even sacrifice her Liverpool match (by not being focus in that 90minutes of the match) cos she studied in front of the telly while the match still on.right now,we better pray for her so that her hard work and sacrifice paid off.]

ok.tata now. no idea to say some wacky stuff anymore.

not wacky enuff?


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