04 September, 2009

[PART 2] SS501 in Malaysia

A'kum n ello.

so now,the PART 2.

and WARNING! serious major PERASAN-ness.haha.whatever, ALIA LIVERPOOL have the right to be excited.haha.

so,we went to KLIA. and aqilah was driving very2 fast,it was more that 120km/h.seriously. and bcos we don't want to miss the boys cos we already missed them at One World Hotel,and just to make sure that THEY REALLY WILL GO HOME TO KOREA,we called many people just to check what time is the flight to Korea for 3rd September is.

Aqilah asked her cousin,Kak Nana.
i called Liyana Sulaiman.
Afiq called his friend that live at Kedah.kot.

Kak Nana said that the flight to Korea from MAS airlines are na-da.so we asked her to check the Korean airlines.
Liyana said there is no flight to Korea.
Kak Nana called back that the Korean Airlines has a flight to Seoul at 11.45pm.
Afiq's friend said that the flight to Korea is 9.45pm.found out,that's the departure at Penang Airport,not the KLIA.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

so, after much calculation.the SS501 boys must check in 1hour before their flight,and so,we still have time.

at KLIA, we ate McDonald(afiq's treats!) and suddenly, Hani called me that the boys almost arrived at KLIA. so we waited for her another call.

so we waited and she called again. BUT! no sound heard from her call,and i was frantic cos maybe SS501 were in the arrival hall for the VIP instead of the departure hall for the public.

then,we saw many GIRLS crowded at one place. so,we went to that place. afiq was running while holding the plastic that full of chicken mcdeluxe.haha.seriously,he was the only fanboy there.haha.

and then,i saw hani. hani saw me,and she pulled me,and said "ALIA,HJ (hyun joong)! HJ! HJ! HJ!!" and there were people snapping pictures and they leave this space for this group of peeps at this security counter. and while hani asked those excited questions,i went into that 'space' and got near that group of people,and i asked loudly,"MANA???MANA?!?!??!?!?!?!" then hani pulled me again,and pointed at the person in front of me.yeah,around 5 meter in front of me. it was Hyun Joong.

HYUN JOONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not that clear.but THAT'S HIM!!!!!

seriously. i don't even recognize him. i thought he was this cute chinese dude that i couldn't recall whom. an ajumma there said "NO PICTURE!" but who really care about her anyway.aha.

and emi told me that Hyun Joong maybe looked at her while she was shouting "ALIA! MANA ALIA??"

klakar dey~

and this was from Emilia's camera.wooohoo!

and then,the organizer planned another fool to the fans.

Hyun Joong and the staff went downstairs using the lift. and the fans used the escalator. he went to this door that only allowed for the KLIA STAFF. we ignored that sign and went to him.Hyun Joong was at the end of the door and he disappeared after that. the crowd were quiet.nobody said anything.until me and my big mouth start saying these words "BYE BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" loudly.and the crowd also said bye bye loudly.we waved at the door that Hyun Joong left. the bodyguard was there. and he waved back at us like we were waving at him. then i shouted again "BYE BYE PAK GUARD!!!!!!!!!" and then, a miracle happened. Hyun Joong suddenly appeared and waved back at US!!! seriously,i was shocked.i nearly died. i was bragging to the peeps,"KITE YANG START BYE BYE TU DULU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and DIA BYE BYE BALIK!!!!!!!" and then i added "RASA CAM DIA BALAS KITE NYE FLYING KISS.HAHA"

i was excited. it's like Jaejin's incident all over again.haha.

if you realize, it was only about Hyun Joong. where were the other 4?

the staff did the check in for the boys. and i think this one is Hyun Joong's luggage. LV baby!

at that time,people thought that the other 4 members already checked in. and the organizer used Hyun Joong to fool the crowd.you know,to lessen the fangirls (+ fanboy) at that airport. we nearly got fooled by them,until we found out that the guards already gathered and i saw that "NO CAMERA!" ajumma,and i know that the full members will arrive.

and when they really arrived,with this grey alphard, i saw Hyun Joong. AGAIN! seriously.

and i was like "what the hell.tadi ko dah pi.skarg ada balik??"

and then,all the 5 members appeared.and the fans went to them.the bodyguards already protected them. and i was searching for Jung Min. and i dunno which one was him. and there was this 1 member,always smiled and waved at us. he even looked at each one of the fans in the eyes,and waved and smiled. i can say "YEAY!! DIA PANDANG AKU!!!" and the fans shouted at that guy, "JUNG MIN!! SARANGHAE!!"

found out that the guy who was smiling and waving was Park Jung Min,the member that i was looking for. shhhhheeesh.

i need to learn more about them.and not just their music.

and then,they went into the departure hall. fans were screaming.this one fan fell down. the ss501 boys were worried.Jung Min was smiling and waving at us. then, a voice shouted "MANA KASUT KITE?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!"

it was Hani.

and then,stampede in the hall. the tourists were looking at us. and there were this 2 foreigners,both women,were laughing with the fans behaviour. and 1 of them whistled at them,and i looked at them,and said "COOOOL!!!"

seriously,when i got excited,my english is like the best in the world.

the foreigners laughed at me.and and one of them asked "that's a band right?"
i replied with " yeah.they are a boyband from Korea"
"oh.what do they called?"
"SS501! ok,i'll check it"
Google it!!"

Daesung Entertainment, i already promote your band!

anyway,when the boys were having their bags checked, fans were screaming,and they were waving at us. at whoa,it was my lucky day. they waved at me and my friends!! i told afiq "AFIQ,DIA PANDANG AKU!!!!!!!" afiq said "TAKKK!! DIA PANDANG AKU!!!"

Kyujong was looking at??


The boys always looked at our side and always waved and waved. hoho.

i'm in heaven.

cool rite?

and then they went home to Korea.



ta then!

p/s: it's 3.22am.and i have to sleep.if i have videos,i'll upload it.sorry.

extra: i went totally in front of Park Jung Min and i smiled and waved and said "BYE BYE!" at him,and he smiled back.hoho.

another extra: Kim Hyung Joon was totally in front of me when this girl gave this bottle of healthy drink to him.and he took it!! the girl was so happy that she screamed! and both me and hyung joon laughed.haha.

credits image: Puteri Emilia Fazrin


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Dayya said...

jeles T_T

Alia Liverpool said...

yeah.mende camni mmg sng rasa jeles.hahaha.

takpe2.bln 12 karang maybe diorg dtg.aha

Dayya said...

is it?
for wt?

asyachumel said...

jeles juge

Alia Liverpool said...

nadia: for concert. rasenye warner music asked for a fanmeeting from ss501 cos nk intro yg diorg nk buat konsert.so maybe jd la kot plan konsert bln 12 karang.

asya: sori sbb buat anda jeles.

F.A.O.S.M said...

eventhough i'm not soo familiar with diz ppl, but still rasa cemburu!!!!

Alia Liverpool said...


laki korea la fatin. sape taknak?hahaha. sile jeles.ahaha.

Dayya said...

dun forget to update me with that thing..
and.. jom jom jumpe mereka!!!
hahahahha ;]

p/s : padahal x minat giler pon >_<

Alia Liverpool said...

hahah.beli yg murah sudah.hahaha.mls dey nk beli tiket yg mahal2.haha.takat dpt enjoy jela.aha.

same here.x minat pun.but saje nk usha.bkan slalu pun.haha.