16 September, 2009

speaking group?

A'kum n ello..

dear,i'm dizzy and my head feels like it wants to explode.seriously.

people already on their way to their home.KP's bus will depart later today.and she already skip this morning class.ai~

and really,really few people were in the class today. aqilah,farhan and zul had to do their test,so they left the BEL311 class early to attend the test.and the only girl in the class after that was only ME,and i had to join Amier's group for the speaking moment..

and seriously,i was kinda loud? o_O

Piji did the talking mostly,and Amier said SHIT in front of Madam Jennifer but lucky she didn't hear it clearly.and Zarif always smile and closed his mouth,cos he only said 10words,Potter was nice,and Hamka talked like he is the expert in bribing and Me,i did the intro after Amier had a nervous breakdown.haha.

so,it was a nice speaking group.cos Mdm Jennifer said so.maybe bcos we're not excited enough,so the mood was low.haha.

oh.i'm still at PTAR so i'll blog more later when i'm home.

p/s: nazneen,the uitm's IP address is banned at my cbox,so i can't reply ur message rite now.btw,i know that my blog doesn't state the date of my posts,and bcos i'm not that good with the New Blogger Template,so i can't do any change right now.i'll put the date when i'm already an expert.


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