05 September, 2009

raya shopping

A'kum n ello..



1st: i slept around 3am this morning cos i was doing my Human Mentality's powerpoint.

got some problems while i was doing it.
  • the topic is HEDONISME. what is Hedonism? According to Wikipedia, Hedonism is school of philosophy which argues that pleasure has an ultimate importance and is the most important pursuit of humanity. and THIS hedonism thing is one of the strategy that the Jews used to manipulate the Muslim's mind. and to make it worst, this strategy can be seen throughout the whole Muslim world. and mine,maybe included.
  • and there was this topic about football as 1 of hedonism,and i was like "ai~ bola pun hedonism gak ke? sblm aku nengok bola,aku smayang dulu" but still.
  • and also the lack of my Malay language.seriously. it was tough. i had to ask ainaa,"un,reference dalam BM pe?" lucky she knew the word.haha.
  • and also, my USE of words. i always blog and you know i love to be sarcastics. and i ALMOST use that sarcastics statements while preparing the powerpoint.

anyway,i had to wake up around 7.30am and went to the Human Mentality class,and lucky that our presentation was good. the boys and aqilah(God bless her that her way of presenting is better by each day.haha) presented well.aha. ME,however, was very sleepy,that i talked about some useless stuff.seriously.

my father told me to meet him at PKNS cos he'll be there with my sis cos we planned to buy the baju raya. aqilah dropped me there after the class, and i saw my sis waited for me at McD. my father was paying the Zakat,and seriously,this year's Zakat really pricey.aha. last year, it was around RM4 or so,not it increase to RM7/person.hoho. selangor's peeps are richer day by day.

my sis was very picky while she chose her baju raya. we had to search at many stalls just to find her clothes.

ME,on the other hand, went into this one stall,and i went to the 'RM119 Baju Kurung', and i chose this one light green baju kurung that caught my eyes,and i bought it.WITHOUT even looking at other baju kurungs that other stalls have.

i'm NOT that picky if my father the one pay for my stuff.aha.

after my sis found her baju raya,we went to Sunway Pyramid cos my sis saw this one scarf that suits her baju raya.so my father brought us to sunway pyramid,and we bought that scarf.aha.

and then,my sis said she want shoes.and she recommended Nose.

so.we went to Nose.

and my sis want this 5inch High heels and my dad said "TAK BOLEH!" i was laughing hard when my sis argued with my father about the shoes.haha. in the end,she chose this cream colored gladiator shoes that cost about RM80++.haha.

i asked my father which one he likes best in that shop.he chose this high heels wedges that totally not my taste,but i give it a try and i said "ok.beli yang ni jela"

so,for the FIRST TIME in my life, i have a high heels shoes. aqilah,be impressed.haha.

before we bought the scarf, i asked my father that i want the chocolate biscuits at Marks&Spencer.he bought it for me.haha.

then,at Popular bookstore,i asked him what is '2@50%rebates mean' while holding the Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper book.haha. and then he bought that book for me.hahaha.

cool.i haven't carried 4 big heavy plastic bags (not include grocery stuff) for some time already.haha.

all in all, it was a heaven day. haha. i had to cancel my attendance to the LSCM's buka puasa cos aiman is here,and i don't want to miss that.

still.that's all.haha.

p/s: my father said "apa yang dah lepas,biar jela lepas.takyah nak stay benci ngan orang tu". i replied "alia tak kisah kalo orang tu buat jahat kat alia.alia buat tak kisah je kalo dia nak benci ke pe.tapi kalo orang tu start buat jahat kat orang keliling alia,alia tak ske la"



a i n k i n z said...

dia bukak pose sama korg jugak ke?

Dayya said...

kte bli gak sister's keeper tuh..
br suku bace..
slow giler..
tp best :)

Alia Liverpool said...

long: yeah.aiman bkak pose ngan ktorg.haha.so x pi umah pak yang ntuk bkak puasa smalam.

nadia: agak slow.but orait tho.haha.baru suku gak.buat masa ni kt ske character bapak anna tu.haha.