11 September, 2009

1234 nothing better

A'kum n ello..

today.i saw someone.and i told her everything that i felt about that certain someone.

good.i dunno what i felt at that time.not guilty,no wrong feeling,but not happy either. i just think it's better i told her.she should know.

it's not that we did it bcos of hatred.we did it bcos of love. hopefully, that other person will realize her own bad behaviour. it's better for that person to realize it herself rather than we tell her directly.it's better that way.don't you think so?

but the bad thing is,it's like we're bad-mouthing her.i have to admit,maybe we did.

still,i'm happy.i don't think a friendship will easily break like that.we know each other more than 5years.do we need some childish talk like "TAKNAK KAWAN KO LAGI!"?

i remember that words.i often heard that. when i was in primary school, the girls will fight for something,and when things happened differently, the girls will say "TAKNAK KAWAN KO!"

haha.adzrin nadzirah, we often heard these words when we were kiddies rite?hahaha.gile klakar bile ingat balik.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway,i'm pretty bored right now,and also wrecked.my father didn't reply any of my messages that i sent him.and he didn't bank in the money for the trip to the market tomorrow.and things will be busier bcos the tg malim peeps will iftar at my house this sunday,and the peeps in the house have to clean the house,bcos the tg malim peeps just love to nag when they enter my house.

i can guess the famous questions that'll come out from their mouths later.

"MAKCIK TU TAKDE KE?"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


btw,i told you before that i'll have bacteriology test today. dear readers, no test today.cos the lecturer lectured too much that he didn't have any time left to give a test to us.so,no test. kinda a good thing for me cos i was clueless when i read the notes. i was blank.i wonder what must i read.ai~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

still,that's all.

p/s: so i asked my brother "raya ni amin nak balik mane?" he replied "singapore".blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

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