21 September, 2009

2nd RayaDay

A'kum n ello...

i'm at batu pahat rite now.

oh.it's 2nd day of raya already...~!

1st day raya was nice.i was at tg malim. i'll tell what happen in the next post.this is just a boring post that i randomly blog cos i dunno what else to do rite now.

seriously. i'm bored.

i just found out that my Raya Holiday will end on 27th september instead of this wednesday.bloody bengong. i humiliated myself with the statement "entah UiTM ni.bagi cuti pendek sangat." man,i should know about UiTM more and more after this.

and you know what,my cousin-adila,told me that an INDIVIDUAL wants the peeps in the house to stop playing the internet (this village of mine has wireless),and make the house looks like a Raya House instead of cyber cafe. and adila didn't tell us who was that INDIVIDUAL.

then,there was this point that i was very2 bored.

so,with my stupid and senseless behaviour, i told my cousin to set up the computer cos i wanna play the net,IN FRONT OF MY PAK LONG.

found out,that INDIVIDUAL is Pak Long. cis~!

that's why he avoid looking at me right now.hrm2.

anyway,i already calculate my duit raya. it's more than RM100! YEAY!

my brother gave me RM50,cos he has a job so he gave us duit raya.and yesterday,i went raya to Ikram's house,cos his dad invited my family to come to the house, and cool,he gave me RM15 for duit raya.cun dey~!

oh.about Ikram.his house, we called it: RUMAH AVON. we went to his place,and his sis asked us who we are.my siblings were there too. so i told her "ni kakak aiman" and then she said "OH!" then she add "yang lain pun kakak-kakak aiman gak" she pointed at this group of girls. then i saw ikram at the stairs. and his mother asked him "tu kawan ikram kan?" and then,that Alien guy said "mane de. kawan ikram takde yg sokong Liverpool. camne Liverpool leh menang malam tadi ntahla". then i looked at him.my brothers also looked at him.unlike me,my brothers were smiling when ikram said that. all i said was "HRM~~~~~~" seriously. i realized that i haven't talked to him for 2 years and never argued with him about Liverpool vs Scum for some time already,so kinda surprised when he suddenly talked about Liverpool.da. and then,when we want to go home, my brothers were shaking hands with the males in that house,and when they went to ikram, Amin said "ni M.U eh?" and surely,they become friends after that.

another friend of mine who become my Brothers' friends.ai~~~.

oh.that's all i think.tata!

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