13 September, 2009

tg Malim iftar-ed at my house

A'kum n ello..

so,the iftar already end.hoho.

ok ok.i didn't really clean the house like i suppose to,but whatever,i had enough of my sister's nag to remind me of "alia,ko kate ko nak kemas umah?!?apa yang kemasnye ni????"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

my maid cooked all the food,cos people can't celebrate raya if i'm the one who cook anyway. and people said the food were great and some people even asked the recipe from my maid.hoho.

and seriously, my house haven't been this noisy for almost 7 years.the noisy sounds that often heard were always my shout to my sister (ALISAAAAAAAAA!!!) or my shout when Liverpool score the goals (YEAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!) or my laugh when i watch 1N2D.

that's 3 of the noises that can be heard from my house. something like my sister's fart&sneeze and my brother's curse words can also be included in the 'List of Noise from En. Othman's house'.

anyway,back to the main story.

the relatives,consists of Mak Long's family, PakYang's family,Aizam's family, Acik&wife,and Acu's family.kinda nice to see them at my house eventhough i was thinking that it maybe will tire me. but in the end,the sweat and sighed paid off cos i had fun listening to Pak Yang's story about his incident in the court and also their 'behind the talk' about some Tg Malim's citizen that i dunno who.

but there this one thing that really concern me. whenever a person asked about someone,(something like) "ei,dalam buku tu ade anak kak pah" then another person will ask "eh,kak pah tu idup lagi ke?" and that happened many times. i heard similar questions of "dia ada lagi ke?" plenty of times.these relatives of mine also said (to my cousin that already work) "nanti raya bagi jugakla duit raya kat kitorang.pak sedara sekarang ni dah ade skit dah."

seriously,that worries me.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

after that,they went home cos most of them are teachers,so this type of things can be heard from a 51year old man "jom balik.esok sekolah" to his wife.haha.

and when all of them bye-bye, my brother told me "senyap balik umah".

i just blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com+blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com. we really miss this kind of noise.

ta then.

p/s: my sis has white hair.whoa.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


F.A.O.S.M said...

oit.tudng mner??

Alia Liverpool said...


yg gmbr betulkan paip tu eh?

tudung tak dipakai time tu kerana ...

haha.malas nk bg alasan.

taruk gmbr tu pun sbb x ramai pun yg bace blog ni.dats y.huhu.