18 September, 2009

A'kum n ello...

i cleaned my room AGAIN today.

you know, I HAVE TO CLEAN the room,bcos raya is in 2 days,and my room is full of dust.

like always, whenever i clean the room,it's like Back To School,all the things that you see and want to throw away will make you reminisce the past.

the state of my room while cleaning.

i wonder WHY did i buy those comics,WHY did i buy kreko, WHY did i waste rm3.50 every 2 weeks to buy that book, WHY there are plenty of bills, HOW come the Matrikulasi notes still there??

WHY oh WHY???blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and so i wonder.


you know, when i was 16, i will buy Kreko,a manga magazine(Malaysian version); every 2 weeks, and that magazine cost about RM3.50,if i'm not mistaken. i stop buying the magazine after my high school days, cos i realized that i can READ MANGA for FREE at the internet,and bcos sentimental values are not that important anymore,thus i don't think a COLLECTION of kreko is not that precious.

i had a bit of thinking tho when i planned to throw these Kreko, cos i think about "where can i read MORE MANGA?" then, like usual, a voice answered my question and said "MangaTraders ade da~"

so.BYE BYE kreko!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and when i talk about sentimental values, i also found my late Mother's old hairdryer. i plugged in the drier,and it still can be used,but only for 5seconds.cos after 5 seconds,the hairdryer suddenly gave this smoky smell, and you know there's something wrong with that hairdyer.maybe the fan~.

this hairdryer is very memorable.i remember the time when my mother always used it to blow her hair every morning before she went to work. but what can you do anyway if something is broken. once that thing can't be fixed,it'll end up as NOTHING.

the hairdryer is not the only thing that gave the sentimental value tho. i also found this.

the mini umbrella is a gift from the 2007's Weird Day. man,that time was hilarious. i wonder when will we have another weird day? it was 1 of the best moments in my life.

and NO. i'm not throwing away the umbrella.

tho i have a 2nd thought about throwing that stupid FT Island's flag. seriously~ if it isn't bcos that's AN OFFICIAL FT ISLAND's MALAYSIA CONCERT flag,maybe i straight away throw that flag to the bin. how could they/the organizer cancelled the concert after i wasted my money to buy a yellow shirt(that i never used after that day) just to go to that concert.seriously~.


there's also another stuff,that i planned to throw away.

WALK ON magazine.
only for LSCM members.

maybe bcos of the lack of financial support just like the Americans did to Rafa Benitez, LSCM stop publishing the magazines,and end up publish an eMagazine instead.

eMagazine,is that even a word?

still,i kept some of them. i didn't throw the one that have an article about Liverpool's historical european matches. that's too memorable for me. Istanbul is like the Greatest Night i ever had. no way i'll throw that away.

and so.that's all.



a i n k i n z said...

wah,mmg patut dikemasin.
ekceli,aku pon penyimpan SAMPAH mcm ko.
pas aku abes UNIMAS,br aku clean sume menda.
even kertas pekse aku time form1 sampai matrix aku jumpa lagi.
mmg sangat sangat sentimental value oke?

Alia Liverpool said...


sme ketas exam aku tu dah buang dah. markah yg 'lawa' yg mempunyai memori 'indah' tu amat2 le tak disukai oleh aku.

except ketas english kot.sbb aku dpt high marks dlm english nye essay,and essay aku cam byk cte2 instead of article bosan tu,so aku simpan.tu baru memori.haha.

kalo aku simpan lg ketas add math aku tu karang, abisla anak aku terjumpe ketas tu.haha