27 September, 2009

Liverpool 6-1 Hull. and my Liverpool rants.

A'kum n ello..

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firstly, THIS!



i was at Hani's tahlil when the match started. i told hani (SHE's my BESTFRIEND!) that she is more important to me than Liverpool, so i didn't really mind about not missing a few minutes of it.

still,i'm a fanatic.hani knows and understands me. she said "abis makan tu dulu,baru bleh balik" hoho. so i ate the kuih and said bye2 to her and her family. mind you, after 3 days attended the tahlil, her relatives recognize me and aqilah's faces.haha. when we shook hani's grandma's hands, she said "balik awal plak ari ni?" i couldn't say "bola dah start dah,nenek.kene balik awal.match penting gile ni~!!" cos seriously,all of hani's relatives will curse me after that.

so i said "oh.malam ni ayah ade.so kene balik awal." blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, aqilah sent me home, and while we're on the way home, i got a text alert from Liverpool (celcom's BPL alert) that Torres scored the 1st goal for Liverpool.

i was shouting like crazy when i saw the message. i shouted "TORRRRES SCORrE!!!!!! QILAH!!TORRRES SCORE!!!!!"

lucky that aqilah was the one who drove the car. imagine if i'm the one who drive,and i got the message that said "TORRES SCORE! LIVERPOOL LEAD 6-1!!" surely, i'll make a michael schumacher and speed the car just to rush to watch that match.

and when i arrived home, i immediately watched the match and saw that the score was 1-1,instead of 1-0. so i was like "lembap tul celcom nye alert ni.goal geovanni lum antar lagi kat aku".

so i expected something like last week's result;Liverpool to win but with some difficulties from the opponent.

but like i expected, my prediction didn't happen.instead, Torres scored another 2 beautiful goals, and Gerrard scored a beauty and Babel made 2 hahahaha goals.

funny.i should be more sarcastic towards Liverpool after this.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

oh. LIVERPOOL WON 6-1. did i already tell you that?and Torres scored a hatrick. and he's the top scorer of EPL right now.

anyway,people been talking about the after-match tho. Liverpool in a good spot right now, and chelsea lose against wiganl;3-1. didn't expect that to happen tho,but maybe the chelsux team suddenly got cocky after the press been hu-ha-ha about them being the incredible blues.

so,chelsea lose. and it's chelsea vs Liverpool next week.

but i'll be like rafa benitez then. one game at a time.
if somebody asked me "alia,what do you think about the match against chelsea?"
i'll answer (like rafa) "i dunno.i'm only thinking about fiorentina right now"


ta then~!

credit image: LiverpoolFC



lawa blog...apa pon Liverpool memang class!

@r zh@r said...

good job Liverpool!

eh! gambo same la.. hehe :)

Alia Liverpool said...

YNWA peeps!