30 September, 2009

oh.no need for you read this.some life blogging

A'kum n ello...

i'm just blogging here.so don't mind me.

i'm wondering about things nowadays.

about living,about future and nature.

VERY BIG STUFF rite?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

as i saw hani's family crying at the grave, i was thinking "why hani?why not someone else?why them?" as i was wondering, i realized that i'm creating my own sin. why must i think like that? if it isn't hani, who else do i think should be in that position?

and i realized, God tests us in every aspect. every aspects,as in ALL OF THEM.

there'll be this time,when you look at someone else's life.and it's very2 sad and painful. and there'll be this thought that you'll say "no way something like that will happen to me"

sorry dear.things won't go your own way like you want it to be.things will never be as easy as that.

that's why,when something bad happen,you just have to be positive.you just have to think about possibilities.you must not get pissed off easily.you must not think that you're the only one suffering.

life,for me,is about choice.and for all i know,every choice that you choose,is never bad.

maybe it starts badly,but in the end,you'll learn why you choose that.

btw, i'm a naive kind of person. i tried to act innocent,not bcos i think it's cute.it's bcos i think life is just interesting that way.it's like you're learning new things.


thanks for reading.

some useless post for you,but i'm blogging rite now cos i feel like doing it.ta~!
A'kum n ello...

Finally, the post about my father's birthday!

sorry Ayah.alia penat sangat.so lambat post pasal birthday ayah.

alia buatpe sampai penat sangat?

from the picture only,you already know that my father is a cool person,aite? haha.it's kinda hard to see a father that loves to do funny faces. when he act his age,he can be very2 serious and at that time,you'll just think he is a nagger.but sometimes,when he doesn't act his age,he'll tell me stupid jokes like:

kapal terbang jatuh, masuk ape?

answer: masuk TV.


bodoh aite?

still,he is my dad. i thought my dad is old,but my friends' dads are older that him.aqilah's dad is 54,and some already retired. so i have to say,my father is kinda young even he already 52.

and yes,he already past his golden age,i.e 50.there was this funny stuff that he told me,that he got a letter from Maybank to open an Akaun Warga Emas.

he still young in my eyes anyway,cos he always do this kind of faces:

he thinks his smile is better than me.
ai~~where did i get my smile from anyway~??blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

oh.from the picture,you can see that he was holding a box and something pink+white. and yes,that is the present that my sis and i gave him. we always gave him something personal that he only use at his office,so both my sis and me gave him something that he can use together with his family.

yes,that white+pink stuff,an Ice Crusher.(is that the word?)

so,after we gave him that gift, he immediately used it and announce that he is better than the mamak (the one that jual cendol) in this crushing the ice thing.

see THIS?

hopefully, he'll be healthy and has a very2 good life after this,and may God bless him in everything that he do.

Thanks Ayah.You're the BEST!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comblogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comHAPPY BIRTHDAY!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

29 September, 2009

he looks like MIURA!

A'kum n ello...

this week is a busy and tiring day for me. i can't update you with anything that happen in my life right now.

there's plenty of things that i wanna blog about,and one of them is my father's birthday.his birthday was yesterday,28th September. i was too tired last night,so i slept around 10am and i didn't blog about it.hoho.

i'll blog about the birthday celebration,maybe,tomorrow.

and you know what, there was this cute guy at UiTM today. never see him before,he's alright.

anyway,as i was walking to the cafe,i looked around and saw that cute guy looked at me.obviously,i looked away,cos..i dunno him~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com.

and then,kp,aqilah and me sat at the seats near him,but not that near anyway. then,kp and qila went into the cafe and i was alone,with these 2 peeps(a male and female) and both of them talked about that guy.

now you see how good looking he is~~?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

then i looked back at that guy,and i saw his eyes,and it reminds me of someone....

and then.
it HIT ME!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

that guy looks like HIM!!!

SERIOUSLY.that EYES~~~!! exactly the same.

i didn't glance at him after that cos it'll be too obvious that i was looking at him, so i switched on the wi-fi from my phone, and twitter-ed about it.haha.

i told aqilah about that guy (that guy left his seat when aqilah arrived) and she kinda devastated.not her chance then~haha.

seriously,that guy really looked like HIM!!!

that guy in the picture is Haruma Miura.aha.

ps: i'll be active at twitter if i'm not blogging.so follow me at twitter then~~!

27 September, 2009

Liverpool 6-1 Hull. and my Liverpool rants.

A'kum n ello..

oh oh!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

firstly, THIS!



i was at Hani's tahlil when the match started. i told hani (SHE's my BESTFRIEND!) that she is more important to me than Liverpool, so i didn't really mind about not missing a few minutes of it.

still,i'm a fanatic.hani knows and understands me. she said "abis makan tu dulu,baru bleh balik" hoho. so i ate the kuih and said bye2 to her and her family. mind you, after 3 days attended the tahlil, her relatives recognize me and aqilah's faces.haha. when we shook hani's grandma's hands, she said "balik awal plak ari ni?" i couldn't say "bola dah start dah,nenek.kene balik awal.match penting gile ni~!!" cos seriously,all of hani's relatives will curse me after that.

so i said "oh.malam ni ayah ade.so kene balik awal." blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, aqilah sent me home, and while we're on the way home, i got a text alert from Liverpool (celcom's BPL alert) that Torres scored the 1st goal for Liverpool.

i was shouting like crazy when i saw the message. i shouted "TORRRRES SCORrE!!!!!! QILAH!!TORRRES SCORE!!!!!"

lucky that aqilah was the one who drove the car. imagine if i'm the one who drive,and i got the message that said "TORRES SCORE! LIVERPOOL LEAD 6-1!!" surely, i'll make a michael schumacher and speed the car just to rush to watch that match.

and when i arrived home, i immediately watched the match and saw that the score was 1-1,instead of 1-0. so i was like "lembap tul celcom nye alert ni.goal geovanni lum antar lagi kat aku".

so i expected something like last week's result;Liverpool to win but with some difficulties from the opponent.

but like i expected, my prediction didn't happen.instead, Torres scored another 2 beautiful goals, and Gerrard scored a beauty and Babel made 2 hahahaha goals.

funny.i should be more sarcastic towards Liverpool after this.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

oh. LIVERPOOL WON 6-1. did i already tell you that?and Torres scored a hatrick. and he's the top scorer of EPL right now.

anyway,people been talking about the after-match tho. Liverpool in a good spot right now, and chelsea lose against wiganl;3-1. didn't expect that to happen tho,but maybe the chelsux team suddenly got cocky after the press been hu-ha-ha about them being the incredible blues.

so,chelsea lose. and it's chelsea vs Liverpool next week.

but i'll be like rafa benitez then. one game at a time.
if somebody asked me "alia,what do you think about the match against chelsea?"
i'll answer (like rafa) "i dunno.i'm only thinking about fiorentina right now"


ta then~!

credit image: LiverpoolFC

26 September, 2009

open houses!

A'kum n ello..

oh.i went to 4 houses today,and THAT not include mine.

anyway, around 11am,i woke up.haha.cos hafiz zulkifli, a friend of mine that i seldom contact in this past 2 years,cos him being a chelsux (no kutuk intended lol ), told fatin aqilah to invite friends to his open house,and he specifically stated my name.

so i was like "selame 7 tahun aku kenal dia, tak penah sekali pun dia ajak datang umah"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


i went to his open house with fatin aqilah.

and oh.the open house started at 11am.

yes2. i woke up late. but fatin also the same(not really,she was helping her mother tho). and so we went to his house around 12.40pm. i had to remind fatin that hafiz,who is a male, has to go to the Friday's Prayer,so. we need to be early.

still,we were the LAST people at his house. hafiz not the best guest treater tho. he had to use his mother to take care of us.haha


then,we went home after all the males in that house went for the pray.

so,around 4pm,i went to Adam's house.

met some old classmates and some things that made me go blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

  • who would have thought that afiq ersyad is there?
  • and also sheena and fatin?
  • and damn, hakim has a MUSCLE!
  • i know how to pronouce Yves St Laurent. (courtesy to Nazneen)
  • Shazizan is currently searching for a job; as a BUTLER.

oh.maybe that's all.

credits image: Adam Mohamed Rahim

and then,we went to ah hin's house. nothing much happened here,except the part when we saw this G-Dragon's heartbreaker mv.haha.

so i asked Nazneen(a nobody in this Kpop world unless i infect some of them to her) to listen to the song, and she said "yeah,cam Flo Rida"

told ya. plagiarized or not,you just have to admit,it's similar.hoho.

and then,we went home. fatin aqilah couldn't drive to hani's house,you know, for the tahlil. so,i drove there,with nazneen accompany me.

so we arrived there,and i met hani.

she's better than before.no tears like yesterday. i talked to Im(realname: hiisma a.k.a hani's sis) and i asked her "dapat tido tak?" cos really i worried about that.

then,she asked me back "dulu alia leh tido tak?" i expected that question. so i answered "alia dah lupe. time alia dulu, alia tak dapat cope sampai 3 tahun,kot"

meaning: when my mother passed away, i missed her for about 3 years, which also mean,my life was very2 difficult at that time.

and she nodded.

but like usual,I, will be in my own world,with my senseless behaviour.

i talked,joked and talked and laughed. it's nice to see that hani joined in the fun,eventhough that time should be a sad moment.

BUT according to my experience, the way to overcome this sadness, you just have to do one thing, have FUN. bcos you have to remember anyway, GOD and the person that you loved don't want you to be sad rite?

LAUGH.BE POSITIVE.hopefully,hani will be better day by day. they(her family) were smiling when they saw us. so i'm happy tho.

and seriously, if there's one thing that i love and learn about today is this one precious thing: when you see people smile and laugh, you know you're making a person's life 1second better than before.

ceh.ayat cam bagus gile cam kang ho dong's crappy talks.hoho.

ta then!

p/s: malas nak taruk gambar dari kamera sendiri.cis.

24 September, 2009


A'kum n ello..

just wanna tell you, the tahlil for Hani's late-father will be tonight after Isya'.

do come to her house if you free.


p/s: after reading akmali's blog, maybe a notice like this is useful after all.


A'kum n ello..

i remember this time when she intro-ed her father to Halimah:

Ni bapak kite yg ensem!mrgreen

and now,her handsome dad is not here anymore.

you know,i'm not good with fathers.i'm good with mothers. the only father that i'm good with is Liyana's father. but still,i know Haniyana's father alright.

  • he came all the way to the Korean class cos Hani forgot to off the van's headlamps,which made the van's battery died.
  • he was the one who told hani to be nice to her brother.

truthfully, i don't know her father THAT well. but he always there alright.

when hani sent the message that her father passed away, my mind was blank. all i think about is "HANI,HANI,HANI.BAPAK DIA MENINGGAL.HANI.HANI. HANI."

i was on my way to one utama to watch UP with aqilah and my sis,and after 1minute in the car,i got the message from hani,and aqilah immediately went back to my house,and i changed my clothes to baju kurung and went to hani's house immediately. nobody was around. so i called her and she said she still in Johor.

TRUTHFULLY,when i found out that she was in Johor, i felt like telling Aqilah "QILAH,JOM PI BATU PAHAT!!"

still, i went to aqilah's house to wait for hani to arrive.

sorry that i only told YOU all at facebook and at this blog.

anyway, around 9pm,aqilah and i went to Seksyen21 cos she said her father will be buried there.so both of us,who know nothing about that graveyard went to search for it. i felt like i'm chasing after SS501 at KLIA. seriously, i want to see my bestfriend that badly.

so we arrived after a dark journey inside the pathway of the graveyard, and nobody was there except the TUDM peeps (hani's father was a TUDM member) who helped her family for this funeral. i asked him if the funeral already finished,he said "blum lagi". so both me and aqilah waited for her family to arrive at the graveyard. it was wow that we were the 1st peeps to be there.

so they arrived,and i hugged hani when i saw her. she coped better than i expected. i looked at the ceremony and it reminded me of my mother's burial. tears were in my eyes at that time,but i tried not to cry. aqilah was there and reminded me that we must not cry cos we have to be there for hani.

after the ceremony end, hani thanked us. i'm not really good in saying sweet stuff to a friend. all i said to her "hani,kuat tau. You'll Never Walk Alone~"

yeah.typical me. tho that' made her smile. i told her that eventhough i'm not as good as her in this sentimental stuff, but i' was there with her.

she thanked both of us again for being there, and i told her "time mak kite meninggal, awak ade. skarg kt lak try ade" something like that.

so i looked at her father's grave. it's like the grave wants me to say "bye2 pak cik. selamat jalan. Selamat Hari Raya" it gave that kind of feeling. a sad but farewell feeling.

i just hope the family will be in a good state after this.



23 September, 2009

Haniyana's father passed away.

A'kum n ello..

something bad happen.like,really really BAD.

my best friend,Haniyana, just lost her father.

LOST as in PASSED AWAY.her father passed away just now.i dunno the exact time,but she told me few minutes ago.

so,the people who know her,please attend her house for the funeral.she's still in Johor.and i dunno when will she arrive Shah Alam,but maybe later at night.

this is a VERY VERY SUDDEN AND SAD NEWS.so,please,recite some Al-Fatehah for her.


p/s: she's not in shah alam,but i'll wait her at aqilah's house.

22 September, 2009


A'kum n ello..

my raya post will start with THIS.

a weird smile from my dad. Pak Yang (the left one) said it's normal for someone to smile like that. so i said to him "Pak Yang, sekarang ni zaman moden;zaman orang muda.so PakYang kene follow cara orang muda.bkan cara Pak Yang dah."

and he replied with a blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

anyway, i solat Raya for the first time after 7years. the last time i solat raya was when my mother still alive. so people were shocked when i told them about that,and i forgot some bits like "camne buat?" "niat camne" and so on.

anyway, after the solat raya (i saw Ustazah Khairia at the mosque~), we went to Mak Long's house. have i told you that Mak Long's house is a POST OFFICE?? blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

ok.back to the story, people gathered at Mak Long's house first. and people were posing for pictures. and so,something like this happened.
again.my father's weird pose. and also that stupid poyo pose from my sis.
that cupboard behind us really ANTIQUE,rite?haha hoho. oh.that's pak utih btw.

so.after we done our posing,snapped pics and make up,we went to the Kubur,to visit my mother's and other relatives' graves.

after that, we went to Umah Atuk for the Duit Raya Ceremony.

before the duit raya ceremony, we took pictures first. only my family's pictures here tho.

formal pictures.


hoho again~blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

after that, a ceremony like this happened.


after that, we took our family photos together. i mean,FAMILY PHOTOS,as in,THE WHOLE FAMILY OF TG MALIM.

i failed BADLY in doing that Junsu Pose.cis~~!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

and some random pics(cos really,i have more than 100 of these photos )




now you know the theme colour of this raya?

oh btw, we went to Batu Pahat on the evening of 1st Syawal. not many people there,but the place was like cybercafe.haha. anyway,not much we did at that place.on the 2nd Syawal,we went bowling at BP Mall.(i got 1st on the 1st game,2nd in the 2nd game) and went back to Shah Alam after that.

before we off to Shah Alam.

and a sick-looking(but not) Pak Itam.

and 1 of the cutest and sweetest little girl i ever met.huhu.

and so.


p/s: i put the nicest picture of you in here,ok Long?hoho.