28 February, 2009


A'kum n ello..

i'm frustrated.....

that's why i hate ongoing manga...you won't know what will happen in the next chapter...haish2....

but still..


why the Nodame live-action didn't have many kissing scenes...
a serious guy like chiaki is nice for nodame to kiss..

especially with nodame's personality.........
a weirdo she is...

stupid sis at the side.

mangas theme:LOVE

A'kum n ello..

read naruto,bleach,eyeshield 21 and nodame this whole week..


and all the chapters from the mangas have the same theme;LOVE.

naruto: hinata protected naruto, and naruto finally know her feeling towards him
bleach: orihime wanna protect ichigo.
eyeshield 21: that monster that i forgot his name wanna protect the Japan Dream Team after kurita protected hiruma.
nodame: nodame,like always,support chiaki.and chiaki realize that nodame is the reason that good things happen to him

tho i have to be mad at nodame cos make me lose my focus towards physical chem.....

but still..
hinata's sacrifice can make you cry really2 hard.TOUCHE~!...and naruto was damn angry about what pain did to her and POM~!!!!,he became a ____~!

such nice~!

next post then.
i didn't blog for awhile now..hoho..my bz week already started

25 February, 2009

bz with lab reports.

A'kum n ello..

dats the word.

have to be bloody serious...too many reports need to be done...and the lecturers even gave some sympathy to postpone the due date.


i even miss Boys Before Flower eps. 3 and 4 at kbs...

i don't mind them...but no way i'll miss tomorrow's 1n2d and real madrid vs Liverpool match..

that's the only tv that i watch in my i'm-not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman era....


i have a future to think about.


  • biochem's lab report done!
  • microbe's lab report:not yet.
  • organic chemistry's lab report:not yet.
  • organic chemistry's tutor:haha~
  • physical chem's lab reportS:not yet.

24 February, 2009

early study and blast

A'kum n ello..


i need it.
not really.

i think i'm not an early morning person...i'm still sleepy....i'd try to do something like aqilah,ie wake up early to study,but nope,no can do,i'm not that kind of person after 1st trial.

better know it earlier than never.

i'm trying to finish my physical chem lab reports.

we just learned it last week but we have to send it today...
2 lab reports.
and they said we're only part2...~~~

whatever then....

anyway..i read this news from the BBC feeds...and i was shocked a lil bit when i saw this news about "blast in cairo"...believe me,i was very worried...cos my friends are in cairo right now,and i was worried if they were one of them who were _____.

but nope,none of them involve and so i'm very2 LEGA!..
however,my simpathy to the people who lost their love ones...it was terrible...the blast was in a public place...a french woman was killed...

the world is really scary..
can't help it if most of them are immatures.

and from bad to happy.
later i'll send your present.haha!

ta then!
wanna find more about le chatelier's principle.

23 February, 2009


A'kum n ello..

so i heard the news about roslin hashim...
i heard about it during my LDK...and it was a lil bit wow...cos he was married for only 12 days...

and now?


kos cerai?1 lafaz from the suami.

the world today.
it gives young people like me to be scared of marriage and relationship.

but still.
if the party thinks that divorce is the solution to find the happiness,that's what have to be done then.

but 12days?


A'kum n ello..


mascherano was terrible.
lucas was bad.
i am trying to trust lucas,but he disappoint me.

too many if.

the commentator was right...too many questions than answers.
i don't think rafa has any fault in this draw...cos if i'm him,with gerrard and xabi out,i'll think i'll play the same team also...


IF aurelio.....
IF benayoun....
IF torres..

too many haish.

well,think of the brightside...
xabi alonso will be back~!
that's my brightside alright~


21 February, 2009

Nodama Cantabile anime

A'kum n ello..

i'm back to the animeworld........
here i come!!!

wait for me!!

i miss the days of watching anime..
now that i'm back...my resolution of 'rediscover my form as a student' will be bleak...

but still,i'll try...like mdm amaliawati said,we have to work smart...aha~
and maybe tonight's ceramah will say something like this also....

but hell,crunchyroll delete nearly all the animes that they once had....and nodame was one of them..haish~..

anybody know where is the place to download Nodame Cantabile anime??
tell2 if you kind...
the anime Nodame Cantabile and it reminds me of thelive-action drama

k,why Nodame Cantabile?
and why anime?
cos i watched Animax just now..and nodame was on..and the anime was better than i expected cos the last anime i watched was Ouran..and the anime was bad...so i don't want to waste my money for another anime,except if that anime is really2 good...and Nodame is a must watch anime for me...but now the shop that always sells anime and jdramas stuff already gone from Shah Alam mall,i have to download it then.

dunno u care,but better u know.

wanna ask ah hin where she download all those animes~

bored like frying

A'kum n ello..


later will have some kind of ceramah at uitm...8.30pm-10.30pm...nice~...straight to home after that,no way i'll stay at Melati Unite...

naik tangga~
tak mungkin~~mad

need to buy a new baju kurung.
maybe i'll check that cheap baju kurung at ole ole later...nice~

i heard BoA's eat you up(club version) and that version is better than the original one....blame my brother cos influenced me with techno songs...


where is atman when i want to tease his gayness~

koukou debut,end!

A'kum n ello..





i'll miss haruna and yoh!
they're really the best manga couple i ever read....

hope there'll be one-shot or something like that.
cos really,i need it.

nice ending,mate!
go go!
more Kawahara Kazune's work!

i help you,dun think you'll want it

A'kum n ello..

another backstabber behind her.
i pity her really.
wish i could help her.
but i don't think she'll accept the truth when i tell her about it.

the real world.
i've seen it once.
now i'm sinking in it.

i'm a lucky person.
the friends behind me are not hypocrites.
a backstabber?
maybe one of them will be the backstabber,but nothing happen yet.
and so,no backstabber for me.


but still.
i am a lucky person.
wish you a happy life.

20 February, 2009


A'kum n ello..
torres in a TV show???
mate,he is a football player...not an entertainer....

torres Dancing On Ice?

really tho,the world is becoming weirder...haha..!

birthday for dbsk and me

A'kum n ello..

i wonder..
do i need to go to that DBSK's birthday event?

aqilah obviously want to go...
and thinking that i'm still clueless about all this chemistry stuff,the current me is saying
"don't go"

and i think i'll go.
maybe i don't.
it's my birthday anyway.
(1 day after that,but who cares)

and my father said my birthday won't be celebrated on 6th March.
so,dear my friends,belanje me.

Acap,Nandos k?gune ptptn ko.

and hamka,instead of beli telur ntuk campak kat aku,better ko bli adiah terus.nice~blikan mug doraemon harge RM59.90 yg jual kat pyramid tu..aku nak~!

maybe that's all..
i have to think about what i want for my birthday eh?...

what i want...
last time was a camera.

and this year.
that long beautiful scarf.
that i want so much since i know Liverpool.
ayah,please eh?
lagi murah dari kamera or laptop or henfon or ipod or make-up.

i've been using malay words quite often lately.

wanna go to Liyana's house.
mate,some chocolates for me k?

end for this.

A'kum n ello..

let me just say this...
i don't mean any harm...and i don't feel any anger right now..what i feel is just tired and another feeling like "continue eh?"

i'm not mad...
and i don't feel guilty..
and i am not Muahaha.
i know who is Muahaha..but i don't want to take things further than that..

if you want to stay mad,be it.
i'm not a person who like to influence people.
i'm not perfect,but i'm improving.
and i am a positive person.

many things happen in my life,and all of them are more massive than this..and things like people saying i'm retarded or insult them or something like that are just a small matter to me...my sister said many bad stuff already to me and nobody can beat her in that...and so i don't really care about it..

and after i blogged about izza,i told her at her blog that i bebel at her..and if i say some bad stuff about her,why must i told her about it...and i asked her to read it bcos i thought she's a sensitive and open-minded and strong person like i view her in my mind...but nope,that didn't happen and that's disappoint me bcos i thought there'll be some positive feedback...but maybe it happens,but people misunderstand it...and for anybody that knows me,they know what bebel means to them if i'm the one who say it...it means i'm just saying it jokingly...

and yeah,i want to stay positive bcos that's what help me the most through-out my life..

and maybe before this i'll be mad if people talking crap about Liverpool..but this time,i don't want to bother about this kind of people,cos i know that i have many more things to do than caring about those people...and reading something like "rafa benitez is stupid for Liverpool" from a person that doesn't even support Liverpool is a laugh for me...

heck,i shouldn't blog about all of this cos it just means negative thing to me..but i still blog about it bcos i don't want to care about this anymore and it means i want it to end...and so,end it....

and btw,Muahaha has no blog...so don't ask that person for any link...you'll just waste your time cos no links from Muahaha exist...

and btw,i love xabi alonso and i think he is the best passer in the world and he is brilliant.and don't forget,alex ferguson fought with Liverpool to buy him.

k then.
have a happy day you all!
thanks for reading this.

and if you still think i'm bad,suit yourself..i always wish for people around me to be happy,and that's include all the people that read my blog..bcos bad stuff happened to me many times,and i don't want it to happen to you all,and that bcos i care.unknown or known to me is equally important to me.

again...have a happy life.everybody need it.

19 February, 2009

nicks and happiness

A'kum n ello..

i have 2 new nicknames...
6daysoldercousin and aliaatikolam...

aliaatikolam is the best!
never thought about that...very2 unique...haha..thanks to salikinSiBakalGuru for this nickname...i thank you very much...

and thanks to pepper who currently hate me and so she create a new nickname for me cos of hatred...
mate,that's brilliant!

this people are good...~!

i was late for Bel260's class just now..and it was funny...
she asked us why we were late,and i told her with some 'heavy breathing',"i'm like this not bcos of tired,but it was bcos of aqilah's driving skill"...and then mdm laughed...and she let us off..
my,that class is the best place for you to have fun...Mdm Kanaga is the best lecturer in the world!!..haha....
oh,i even say i love you to her cos she's soo awesome..haha...

and aqilah really nearly got me,kp,amier and piji dead cos of her driving....and amier was like my twin..i feel like when i look at his behaviour,it was like looking at the mirror...

God save me~!


do you know that rafa benitez was a former medic student???...no wonder he always talk about health is important and those injuries thingy...he know what'll happen with some health's reason...


and another thing,fergie is becoming older and eventually will nyanyuk....and rafa is becoming older too...but he isn't as old as fergie...

mate,i see a wonderful future for Liverpool..


A'kum n ello..

btw ms pepper..
i dunno if you read this...
but i have to say,thank you cos make me realize something that i dunno that will turn bad...
but i have to improve then..

so i have to thank you.
thanks then.



A'kum n ello..

i didn't know i'll be that famous in the internet~

truthfully,i think i said all of that bcos i care..and i didn't mean bad things about it....

but whatever.
really tho,i'm totally shock.
tho i laughed really hard cos that person explained nearly all the sentences that i blogged about...so...i have to give credit to her,cos i realize that i really don't say any bad stuff..maybe some unsuitable capital letters...
yeah..maybe that..


have to wait for Asar prayer to meet Mdm Kanaga...

oh2...amier and my class rep had lunch at my house...haha..
sorry potter,you were lost and found...and so i didn't see you..haha~

k now.

18 February, 2009

importance of internet

A'kum n ello..

another reason why i don't want to lose one bit of internet from my life..

my interest in newspapers have been low in this past few months...and so,i think i better don't waste my money on newspapers...

which i think is alright cos my father subscribes The Sun every morning

stupid news...and they think they're good..bloody hell to that...

and so,the only news that i read is only from the BBC feeds at this mozilla...
if you use mozilla,you'll realize that you have a BBC feeds with the title Latest Headlines at the toolbar....
i click that to know what happen to the world...

and i know about chris brown attacked rihanna from that feed..
and also about stupid Dutch PM who was banned from entering UK cos of his opinion about that stupid dutch movie,Fitna.(i don't think you know about this rite?try to click it when you're free or bored about life)

k now..
nothing really want to say...

  • do you know that HIV came from a monkey?

been bz.still blog

A'kum n ello..

been very2 busy...so i haven't blog some days..which is normal for you,and not for me...and i still have 3 lab reports to be done...and shame on me cos i ignore the reports and not the blog...

reports are boring me...and luckily that i only have 3 weeks to forget about that...
which also means,final exam is nearer...
which also makes me realize,


but still,i'm happy that my organic chemistry is improving...and mdm fazni didn't nag like she always do...and mdm amaliawati is beginning to recognize my existence,thus make me worried that i'll be her next victim to answer questions during lecture time...

but i like it when she said:

yeay to that...

it's just my nature to make people happy by following their 'way' of teaching....

i read your blog,izza...
and i'm not going to nag or anything..bcos that anonymous is not wrong nor right..but that person just say what he/she thinks...and he/she thinks that you're being a spoil brat bcos you look like one..and you have to be open-minded cos he/she is not your close friend,and so that person can say what he/she wants...bcos that's what blog is all about...a blogger is a person that is open-minded to other people's view(you should know that better than me)...and anyway,that person is new...and he/she is not the only one...but,the way you blog about how much you want a laptop makes other people think that you want a laptop RIGHT NOW...so,better you just change a lil bit of your tone about wanting it,bcos i think that maybe your mother(i met her once a year only.ditto.so i dunno if she will think about this) will think you want it so much,and later will feel the burden that she has to buy it for you(i hope she won't feel the burden).i only said this bcos that'll be what i feel to make my daughter happy cos no mother don't want to see her daughter happy,and she'll be thinking about the money to spend for your laptop..i know this cos my father always have a wonderful smile whenever he gave us something that we want so much...

so..don't mind about the anonymous thing..and just don't talk about how much you want it and all...

i'm your cousin who is 6days older than you...and just say things that i really2 care only...
i dunno if you'll be mad at me for saying this anyway..but just take what that anonymous guy/girl words to improve your life and make you realize whatever things that need to be improved..


back to my life..

and on the evening...i have BEL260...which is the class that i always look forward to cos i always a great laugh in that classs...ahaha~..and my group got another high compliment from Mdm Kanaga..hoho....

and i have to finish my lab reports now..

and another thing,i've been attacked by the Boys Before Flower syndrome already..haha!

too many people loves Goo Junpyo..i dunno which one i want..
and my sis is in love with Junpyo also..hss~

ta then!

tagged by noi

A'kum n ello..

k now..noi reminded me about doing this tag thrice already..so i better do it now....

been really bz nowadays..

here goes~

Tag 1 ,..answer all of this Q..for those who dunno,just copy n paste the Q to ur blog n answer laa sesuke ati yer...then proceed by tagging ur other friends, ENJOY yer !!

1.7 ciri lelaki idaman saya

  • taller than me.
  • smarter than me.
  • richer than me.
  • understand me more than anybody.
  • not a scum fan.
  • loves me more than anybody in this world.except his mother,bcos mother is no1~and will always defeat me~
  • 6PAX!!!!!!!
  • muscle~~~~~~
  • reliable.
  • trust me in everything i do.
  • play and loves football.A MUST!

2.7 lelaki yang pernah saya minati [cinta?]

  • k..i don't think i ever fall in love with someone...but yeah. my high school crush. u know, "taiki"...haha...doki-doki and that...people guess it was him cos of aura...and also me,who like him bcos i feel a certain vibe between us...haha..is that common or what?..i'm not really sure myself...
  • oh.this person.i love him so much.haha.XABI ALONSO.
  • and yeah.SHIM CHANGMIN~
  • and yup. there this guy when i was form3...but i don't really like him that much..just has a crush on him cos his body is sexy..hehe..
  • and there this stupid friend of mine who currently dating someone that has the same name as me...haha~
  • and also "presiden cine"...i like him once during my primary school days...tho suddenly he pop up at smks9 during my form2 years...i was like O_o?..wth he's doing here?

3.7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati [cinta?]

  • never date with xabi alonso or changmin before,so i dunno the feeling.haha~
  • to tell you the truth,i only went out with that guy that currently date with the girl that has the same name with me...not really date,but we just hang out tho..with other people...and maybe bcos at that time,my close friend was his girlfriend,so feel..GUILTY?
  • erm..i'm not really sure tho to tell you the truth,maybe i'll feel doki-doki??
  • or maybe i'll talk too much...
  • or i'll just say,"wey,Liverpool kuat k?jangan nak ngutuk2 dah"

4.7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama orang yang tersayang

  • my mother's grave.haha
  • maldives~
  • Liverpool..eventho that guy hate Liverpool,i'll force him.
  • korea~maybe the snow place that famously known bcos of winter sonata..
  • shibuya,japan...not really the best place to date,but still,it's cool to date at a unique place..haha~
  • Mekah~!
  • introduce tg malim and batu pahat to that special guy..hahaha!!!

5.7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin dihadiahkan buat orang tersayang

  • football jersey.hahaha!
  • watch

6.7 Lagu yang anda nyanyikan untuk orang tersayang

  • Robbie William's better man.
  • Faith Hill's there you'll be
  • Michael Learn To Rock's you took my heart away
  • DBSK's love in the ice.
  • Daniel Bedingfield's if you're not the one.
  • Wonder Girls' nobody. haha!
  • You'll Never Walk Alone?

7.7 thing about the person that TAG u..

  • lovely lady..
  • nice legs~
  • tall.
  • very2 smart!
  • my pillow-talk partner
  • best cousin ever!

Tag 2, same rules like above ..

1. Take a recent CUTE photo of yourself.2. Don’t change anything, edit or whatever.3. Post that photo.4. Post this instructions with the photo.5. Tag 7 people to do this.

happy faces are the cutest thing ever...so i put this picture..haha~!

tagged to~

  1. nazneen,pengunjung bangunan lawa yg ade di Malaysia
  2. salikin,anak jati tg malim yg bakal jd cikgu.
  3. asya,si gile GunPyo...
  4. ainun,si bakal doctor dari UM
  5. adikku yg malas blog.
  6. malas nk amik tau org lain nye..hoho..~

k now..wanna solat...hope you're happy with my answer,Noi~~

15 February, 2009


A'kum n ello..

things are nice now right?..i love it...

i dunno what i'm saying,cos i feel like crap right now..yosha~!

nway...been trying to finish my mircob's lab report...but only finish until the material/method part...shh~...really tho...when will my sleepiness head will gone.i slept early and woke up late in this past 2 days...instead of fresh,i feel groggy...that's what they call,OTAK LEMBAP~

i think that's how it spell..
what's the difference between lembab and lembap?

whatever...i think only lembap in exist as a word,lembab is not...

oh ****

i have some ambitions nowadays...

1st,i will go to Liverpool before i reach 21.
2nd,i will go around the world before i get married.
3rd,i'll try to go to korea or japan before i reach 23.

i'm thinking about umrah..but that's happen when fate call you...i'll try hard to go there...and when i know i'm ready,i know that'll be the time when God call me to meet at His House...right now,i'm a low servant that still need an improvement...

i'll try hard to be good Muslim!AMIN~!!!

oh.another thing.my sis took her JPJ's computer test today...she failed though...she got 41/50...unlucky aite?..cos you only need 42/50 to pass,but she got 1 wrong...and i told her that this maybe bcos she didn't solat subuh,thus,no berkat...if she solat,maybe the berkat from her solat will help her pass...

it's like from B to A...maybe the true mark is B...but with some doa and berkat,you'll get A...

i said this bcos i experienced it...i've been lucky throughout my life..and i thanked all of that to God cos helping me...


k now..
wanna mandi and solat...and finish my microb...
and tomorrow will have Basic Chemistry's test...

k now.

14 February, 2009

sushi groove

A'kum n ello..

hehe..so..i celebrate valentine's day...
guess2 who was my date...
or should i say dates?lol

xabi alonso?he's in Liverpool..
shim changmin?he's in japan...

nope.my dates were my sis and aqilah...
yeah.2 girls were with me during v-day~..

shame.we thought it'll have v-day discount if we go out today..but nope,nothing like that happen...but still,happy time happened...

so,we went to sunway pyramid.
but nvr mind...i care about aqilah...and also mind about the traffic..so i told her that we'll just go to pyramid...and so,we went there...

predictably,many couples...even the folks were there...and both me and aqilah planned to watch slumdog millionaire..but it's a 7pm movie...i'm thinking about solat,and things like movie will not be considered to be an excuse for not solat..so...we didn't want to watch any movie...

and then,we window shopped..and nothing we like was in front of us...and then,we planned to eat sushi..we thought about sushi king...but then,we thought about sushi groove...and that place didn't have many people..so we went there...

of course,we think about our expense cos sushi groove really EXPENSIVE...but bcos i have some money in me,so i say 'lets go!'..

and so we ate there....
and here the food that we ordered...
mind the blur.bcos my camera sometimes blur.and yeah,you can see the tempura,and maybe flying geisha?

another view of the food..tho the rock n roll sushi wasn't in the pic...can't do anything about it..

the people there always recommend us the rock and roll sushi...which we know already how delicious it is cos we've been to the restaurant before...and so,we ordered that 1st thing....

and bcos we ordered many sushis(about 5),and so,you know how much the cost of all the food...cos it's really EXPENSIVE!!!...and i think this is the most expensive food i ever paid..but instead of regret,i think i paid for something good...

so,no regret there...

no need to know the price.but if you really wanna know the price,just IM me,i'll tell you...haha....

and another present...
yeah.my sis with her mouth full..

yeah.i forced her to eat all the food.but we had to bungkus cos the things we ordered were too much...haha..

k now..

music goes usb?

A'kum n ello..

my father once told me that later,dvd will be no more...and after cassettes already gone and vcds nearly dead,dvd may follow later...

i thought my father said that bcos he didn't want to buy an external dvd-player for my laptop....

but nope...dvd may gone in few years...cos audio cd that singers use for their album will later be replaced by USB!...

yup2..USB flash drive....

and the first person(i think so cos i never heard anybody done it before) will be ayumi hamasaki...

read this:
Ayumi Hamasaki's tenth original album, "NEXT LEVEL," marks a new stage in the era of digital music. With the industry gradually shifting away from CDs, Hamasaki has decided to make the album available to fans on a USB flash drive.

USB distribution has been tried by indies artists before, but this is a first for a major label in Japan. The USB album will be released in limited quantity on the same day as the regular CD version on March 25. "NEXT LEVEL" will be released in a total of 4 different packages, including a CD+DVD combination. The USB edition will include all 13 tracks from the regular CD, 6 music videos, and a lyric booklet.

The USB flash drive itself will have a capacity of 2 GB. The album will take up about 800 MB, while the remaining 1.2 GB of space is free to use. At a price of 6,800 yen, the USB version is said to be a bargain, as typical USB drives reportedly sell for around 4,000 to 5,000 yen.

The USB will be packaged in a case the same size as a normal CD case, making it easy to display in stores. Oricon will apparently include the USB drive version in its sales tracking.

Hamasaki explained, "As the way we listen to music changes from day to day, I looked at things from the listener's perspective and decided to sell it this way."

pretty nice eh?...and people even thought this is a bargain..
it's bargain for usb,but not for cds...
cos cds in japan sell about 3000yen..and that's cost more than rm100(note:japanese currency is really high.thus,the price of their cd is really high also)...so,maybe the usb that will replace cd album will be twice the price...

so,eventhough the economy is worsening,people just have many ideas to show that music is really too expensive...

k now.

[i read back again,indie artistes already done it.but ayumi hamasaki is the first major label artist to do it]

13 February, 2009

bloody monday end~

A'kum n ello..

k...Bloody Monday,END!...finish already..

k..the drama for me is bloody awesome..totally different than anything that i ever watched..i know more about hacking by watching this drama...k..i read some reviews from some forums..and they said that drama was bloody bad,not even true in the medical info and all..but i think the viewers shouldn't bother about all those stuff,cos what really happen is not about the health thing...

but still,that's forum...those people who take part in forums always think they don't have any fault..haish~

anyway...that drama,for me,is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!...and it's not bcos of miura's hotness or anything..heck,i think narimiya hiroki is hotter than him in that drama...but miura's acting ability is brilliant~!..he's good with tears eh?

anyway...nothing i predict happened in that drama..and that's a good thing..hoho...

and now,i dunno what drama i want to watch...maybe i'll try watching binbo danshi...oguri shun and haruma miura were in it...so maybe i'll try..ahah...

i'm currently downloading domoto kyoudai..hehe...some preparation before tohoshinki appear in the show..ahaha..

is dbsk~


i'm really sleepy right now..maybe i'll better go to sleep..but my habit of sleeping is becoming brutal..i think i pushed my sis this morning during my sleep..and i think my sis slap me back...

but i'm not that sure if that really happen...my sleep is becoming weirder tho..da~

i really dunno what to say..

it's just that i'm frustrated that bloody monday didn't has a perfect ending...it's a nice ending...BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!confusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfusedconfused

the emoticons explain everything..shh...

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A'kum n ello..

a word that i despise the most.bcos it makes my heart hoping for something,but in the end,an if is just an if.

tho it's not bad.bcos thinking positively,IF is a word that also give you some hope that nothing is impossible in this world.
and thus,it's a bad word.

but still.you wonder with that IF right?

IF i am rich....
IF i am smart like him...
IF i am pretty like her..
IF i can have him...
IF babel score that goal,Liverpool will not be condemn by the press..
IF lucas don't make that stupid mistake that made him get a red card.
IF the american owners drama never happen.
IF i study during SPM..
IF my father never meet mak cik azah..
IF my mother still here...
IF memory can be erase...
IF secrets never exist...
IF love never exist...
IF being judgmental never exist...
IF sex is not a sin..

too many if...
and that's what rule is all about.
follow it.
and you'll have a nice life.

IF is not bad nor good.
but still,do you ever wonder why IF ever exist?..i wonder..and maybe some i know why it exist...but still, i just understand that without if,maybe life will be too perfect and life will be boring..

what will happen?

i like my life..so if just make things interesting now..
ta then~
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12 February, 2009

xabi alonso!

A'kum n ello..

whenever i saw news about xabi alonso as the architect of any goals that scored by anybody...i'll be soooo HAPPY!!

cos it means xabi made another wonderful pass..
and yup,he made another cool+wonderful+brilliant+amazing+super pass to david villa...

maybe david villa made a good run for the goal...but xabi's pass was amazing than that..
without the pass,where will the ball goal then?

this is amazing...

just watched the pass just now..and i think it was awesome..
maybe xavi's pass for the 2nd goal was also brilliant..but through-ball is better than any pass...
except long pass,cos i love that kind of pass more than anything..hoho..

here the video of the goals then..

it's alonso!
xabi,xabi alonso~!

xabi and becks.xabi win~!

A'kum n ello..

life is good..

and afiq,i already know what is aliphatic..haha..it's simple really,it's the long chain of the compound..
something like that anyway...
but still,thank you~..i never know you're a sensitive guy,you Hamburg-er~

nway...today's classes were alright..though quite disappointing during microb cos mr. o suddenly want to make a pop quiz..and the whole class was shocked cos never expect it...but then,mr. o let us off,and said that every week will have a pop quiz..now that is not a surprise..cos i WILL TRY and DEFINITELY READ ALL THE THINGS THAT WE LEARN EVERYDAY..

such a smarty girl i become...

and organic class today was good...i know how to do those isomers thingy..so that's an improvement for me..hoho..

and we were late for Bel260 today..and bcos kp was very sick...we had to use this excuse:"madam,sorry that we're late.kp was very2 sick.but she insists to come to class" and bcos madam just begin her 'list of latees' regime,she let us off..hoho...

and then she asked"where is she?"
and i said "sick people walk slowly"

and then kp came 30secs later..hehe~

do you know that beckham plays for ac milan right now,and not at that stupid l.a galaxy?...as a football fan,and also as someone who rated beckham highly,i feel sad seeing beckham at E!news instead of sportscenter...cos he's a football player,not an entertainer...but now that beckham is in milan,and want to play for milan,he said something wonderful:"i rediscover myself as a football player"

and that's good..

and this 2nd semester...i'm all new..maybe not ALL..but i can definitely say "i rediscover myself as a student"

oh.that's very philosophical.

and i hope all thing will end well...hehe..

and bcos spain vs england last night,beckham met xabi alonso...and so there is a picture of beckham and him...and i think maybe xabi alonso tried to make another person got a red card..haha~!...but england were white,and not blue..so no red card given...(you won't understand this unless you're a Liverpool fan)

yeay to xabi~!!

and now...

thanks for readingrolleyes

11 February, 2009

ah.today is~

A'kum n ello..


my maid said she'll make mee udang today...am i lucky??

i am!!!


and today was alright..mdm amaliawati wasn't mad like always...and mdm fazni also the same...no nag..so things are good...tho people were talking about her life when she was young..

k..she is kinda fat and tall...but during her young days,she was bloody seautiful...
that's what the mr.potter said when he saw mdm fazni's facebook...tho i dunno if which one is her in facebook...cos i couldn't find her at facebook..

and mdm kanaga was bloody fun today..hoho..she's the nicest lecturer i ever met..tho i dunno which one is nicer,but mdm kanaga really reminds me of a motherly figure..hoho...

and i finished my physical chemistry's lab report~!..yeay!...
tho i haven't done my organic chemistry yet..

but still,basic chemistry's test will not be held tomorrow..hoho..so..things are good..hoho..

and now..
i dunno what to say...my mind is just too tired...i can't wait for tonight's 1N2D...hoho...
and also that mee udang..hoho..

k now.
ta macha~!

10 February, 2009

life?nice and maybe

A'kum n ello..

still home.

k..today's class was alright..i think it was fun...lucky that organic chemistry's test will be next week...but really tho,i need some genius to help me with this..i really don't understand anything about this stuff....i tried and tried...and all saw is just hexagon with NH3...

something like that.

and my maid told me about today's story...she said my dad being weird to my sis....

weird means mentally pelik and mad suddenly..

really,i pity my sister...my father has some bits of his mind that can't satisfy him,thus,making my sister as the victim of his anger...

again.pity her.

i can understand her feeling.i was like that when i was 17...maybe it's just the nature of being 17..our dear mr othman just hate 17year old kiddies...

anyway...i was a lil bit upset with kp...i know she doesn't have enough sleep or maybe some trouble in paradise...but really tho,aqilah and i were trying our hardest about being patient with her behaviour...shh~~


i think my father is back from work.
gotta ta~!


09 February, 2009

fernando torres.my hero!

A'kum n ello..

i have a new hero in my life.

it's not xabi.
it's not changmin.

heck,eventhough i said he is hot,i never think he is my crush.
nope.never i thought he is my celebrity crush.
my celebrity crush will always be xabi alonso and shim changmin.

but him,he is special.very2 special.he has the mind that really relevant.he knows what i think and what all true Liverpool fans want.Thank God that he choose Liverpool and not others.i'm happy that this man is a Liverpool player.

FERNANDO TORRES.you're my hero.
i never rated you higher as a man...but now i have to rate and respect you.you're better than anything.oh,i am very grateful that someone like you wear the red shirt.someone young like you have a mind like someone old,but still relevant.

oh. rumours said that he is going to be a dad.but whatever,even if he is,a child is a good thing.just the unwed is not.lollollollol

no jealousy means i never have any celebrity crush in him.why huh?he is handsome.maybe just not my type.haha~

but still.