28 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..

don't really have anything to blog.

i want to blog about my bro's graduation day,but the pictures are in another computer. so,i guess,i can't blog about it then.

pictures are important, ok? especially pictures that involve my whole family.especially the one that involve my father,something like this:

btw, i really want to shop some clothes. i need new ones! and if things are good, i want to buy something worthwhile and expensive,cos i plan to not buy any new clothes for the next 3 months. 

so i went to Jusco Bukit Raja last week, and i bought this cardigan that cost RM10. 

and that's all. and cardigan is not the one that i want. i only bought it cos it's TOO CHEAP.

what's more, i spent my money MOSTLY ON FOOD,again! i spent RM20 at that place.

and then i spent another RM10 for junkfood...........

and last time,i spent around RM50 just for Pepero,Cinnabon,Hello Panda and Tokyo-G.



and so my money is becoming less and less, and my fat is getting thicker and thicker.damn.

anyway, i asked my dad to take me to Mid Valley cos i wanna buy some clothes. but then he said he wanna take me to Sunway Pyramid. and so we were on our way,before my dad stop by at this electronic shop.and when he was done with all his business at that shop,it was 4pm.and my dad had to meet his friends around 5pm.............

so,instead of Sunway Pyramid, he said "Nandos"

i was quiet


lucky it's not my money this time.

[thicker fat.......]

24 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..


i haven't blog for awhile,which is a lil bit weird.haha.

i was thinking of blogging about the day before yesterday, where i had this outing(ok,it's really weird typing this word) with hani,liyana,ahhin and najwa. but i'm too lazy to blog about it as nothing unusual happened during the hang out.

what happened?

  • hani wanted Satay Korea. Jusco sold those food before, but now, only Satay Japan exist. 
  • hani wanted to eat Seoul Garden. but then,we found out, Seoul Garden already change it location to the first floor. However, they're in the middle of renovation. so,Seoul Garden will opened on 2nd June(i think) and we can't have lunch there.
  • there were this Korean Food Festival at One Utama.(oh yeah, we went to O.U. i forgot to inform that). and of course, Hani bought many korean chocolates. and of course, i joined her too. hani bought Pepero and ChocoPie. i bought 3 boxes of Pepero for RM11.btw, 1 box of Pepero cost RM4.10. and PEPERO IS DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! better than that Rocky.

  • Seoul Garden closed, so we had to eat something else. Hani wants to eat at the food court, but i reject her idea immediately cos i don't like food at the food court. then those people asked me what i wanna eat cos they said i'm the one who is picky with food. and so i recommended Tokyo-G. HAHAHAHAH rite? i ate that food more than 10 times in this half-year already.haha. and so,we ate at Tokyo-G. and i hope Ahhin will not criticize any food that she eat after this. i know she's a culinary student and all, but she better be quiet cos her habit of criticizing food before we eat really irritate me. and by IRRITATE, it means i loathe it,and i'm serious here.
at Tokyo G and hani showed off her Pepero.

hello there.
  • as i was in my Period mode, i had to wait for the girls when they were doing their Zohor prayer. lucky thing, there were some promotional thing about Ip Man movie at O.U. oh, it's a different kind of Ip Man movie, not the same one that i just watched last week, but a different movie without the cool Donnie Yen.it's called The Legend is Born:Ip Man. anyway, i thought Donnie Yen will be there, (cos i thought Donnie Yen act in this movie~) but nope,no Donnie Yen[of course], but there was this one actor that i saw in the movie that i don't know his name at O.U. and yeay, i met another famous people! haha.
credits: ligagame.com

  • oh, i was thinking of buying some clothes, so i search for them and NOTHING! I BOUGHT NOTHING! i brought RM150,but i spent RM50 just for food only. HOW SAD IS THAT???? i saw this 1 blouse(i dunno what to call it,so i type blouse) but the size is not that nice for me. i tried S,too fit. i tried L,too baggy. NO M IN THE STORE.shoot~
  • Ahhin went to the cd shop. then she saw Tohoshinki's best selection album,the Malaysian version. only cost RM48.90. she borrowed RM20 from me, and bought the album. and she got A FREE POSTER!!! 
  • liyana had to go to her relatives' house, so we had to go home early.
and yeah baby,that's all.ta then!

[so she blogged about the outing.nice~]

20 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..

ok now..

it's the post about AhHin's surprise birthday party. hoho.


if you want to surprise someone, you have to make white lie first. therefore,i asked Ah Hin if she'd be free on her own birthday cos i want to celebrate her birthday.but, by saying that, there is no suprise,rite?

but as i said before, to surprise someone,you need to make a white lie first. when AhHin said that she'd be free on Tuesday the 18th May. so,something like this happened:

Alia: AhHin, nak tak buat cake time birthday ko karang kat umah liyana?
AhHin: OK!!!
Alia:(hoho.she's excited)
Alia: ok then.but sian ko.birthday ko plak tu. tapi ko kene buat kek sendiri.sian gile.
Ahhin: (maybe too happy cos nobody celebrate her bday) takpe,aku tak kisah.asalkan korang celebrate befday aku pun takpela.
Alia: (hehe)


on her birthday, liyana and i went to Baker's Cottage and bought the cake. Syefah said she couldn't join us, but she bought some drinks for the party.


i didn't inform you something. the plan was:

lie to Ahhin and told her we didn't have anything special to do for her and just make her more depress(didn't really happen.she just happy that somebody actually want to celebrate her birthday) and just bake a simplechocolate cake that she has from her UiTM's recipe file and yada yada. the main thing is: we don't want her to expect anything special. which is pretty common for a surprise party, that's why we call it surprise party anyway.

and so....

we bought the party stuff like the balloons and the cone hats.

and i told Ahhin that i'll pick her up at her house.reason?

fake reason: cos it's her special day.so i'll pick her up to go to Liyana's house.
real reason: so that we know when will AhHin arrive at Liyana's house.it's be scary if Ahhin suddenly come whilst we were preparing her birthday.aha.

so, after prepared all the stuff, liyana and i already ready to fetch Ahhin.

get ready,AHHIN! 

oh.by the way, i told AhHin that i'll buy the ingredients for the so-called cake. and i told her that i was at Tesco,and i was on her way to pick her up.[THIS WAS A LIE]

oh yeah, baby. she believed me.haha.

and to make the lie more convincing, i took liyana's tesco plastic bag,and put anything inside it,such as the peanut butter jam, breads and breads that i saw in Liyana's refridgerator just so to show off that i really was shopping for that ingredient. [heck no, she didn't even read the recipe that Ahhin gave her for the chocolate cake]

and so, we off(to Ahhin's house)!

so,we picked her up. and i told my sis(who was at liyana's house) to get ready cos we already pick Ahhin's up and we almost arrive.

so the plan to surprise Ahhin was suppose to be like this:

when we arrive Liyana's house, Ahhin have to open the door of liyana's house. and when the door already open, my sis and liyana's maid will be there with the cake and the candles already lit. when Ahhin saw that she'll cry cos she's too happy and she'll say "ALIA!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!! I DON'T EXPECT THIS!!YOU SURPRISE ME!!"

yes.that's what i thought.

tho the real thing happened a lil bit differently:

when we arrived Liyana's house,the one who opened the door was Liyana. what the heck rite? but still, Liyana opened the door, and Ahhin was behind her, and voila~ cake and candles on fire held by my sis with both her and the maid sang Happy Birthday for Ahhin.

sounds pretty common,rite?

oh well.

Ahhin was 100% surprise. she really didn't expect that. she was giggling from start to the end. she only said hahahahhahahahhahahahhahhahahahaha non-stop in a small voice and stop only to blow the cake, and continue to giggle hahahahhahahahahhaahhahahaha maybe cos she really didn't expect that.

hahahahahhaahahhahahahhaha again.


and when Ahhin stopped her giggling, we ate the food.

the food is not that many. just some......

drumets that not exist in Russia.... ;p

shepherd pie that my sis really love...

mee goreng that look a lil bit weird from this view...
delicious still.

and of course, the Birthday cake!

it was kinda wow that ALL the food were gone after that.haha. and fyi, i ate the mee goreng most, cos i know those friends and sis of mine love the pie and drumets more than mee goreng, and so ate that cos liyana's maid work hard to cook the mee goreng for us, and she warned "FINISH THAT MEE GORENG!!" and so,i ate that mee goreng the most....

and tup tap tup tap after that, there were only 3 pieces of drumets left. ceh~~~~

anyway, after all the eating...we kinda became crazy a lil. maybe cos of the food.haha. and so.......

we kinda high of being too full.....

after that, we played games.

1st: we played this Don't-Say-That-Number(2,5,9) game that i took from 1N2D. and it was PURE FUN! haha. we laughed and screamed cos a lot mistakes happened all the time.haha. 

and then...

2nd: we played Charade. we used movies as the theme. and nobody a winner.haha. and it was kinda hilarious. and you know, i had to make Ahhin guess. and i got Jurassic Park with me. and so i motioned her some dinosaur move by showing the short hand of dinosaur and it tail, but Ahhin guessed: "HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON!"...........


and after that, we played that Don't-Say-That-Number(2,5,9) game again,and we got very exhausted and that's all.


Birthday Party, END!

so here on, i wanna wish Ahhin (eventho belated) HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY and hopefully, her life will get better and people will appreciate her more and more. be mature,lady!

so now,lets hope our friendship will last forever.AMIN~~!

credits images: liyana sulaiman

edit: some images were removed

19 May, 2010

alia baik or liyana gile ?

A'kum n ello..

today,or should i say yesterday as it's already 2.40am rite now on 19th May.

oh well, on 18th May,which was yesterday, was Ah Hin's birthday.



nice one!

anyway, AhHin's family is not the kind of family who celebrate birthdays. so i planned this surprise party for AhHin. and....i will blog about the surprise party later.cos i'm just too lazy to choose the photos that need to be uploaded here. and like usual, the post about AhHin's birthday will be a long one.so i don't think i have the energy to blog enthusiastically about the birthday right now.

still, i really want to blog something. and it's about this one nice thing that happened between Liyana's email and mine.haha.

[btw,i know some foreigners that dunno Malay will come across this post,so just ignore this post cos you won't find it funny cos you don't understand Malay]

all start from.......

Liyana wanted the pictures from AhHin's birthday from my camera, and i wanted the pictures from Liyana's camera. so, we sent those pictures using our emails.

Liyana use yahoo, and yahoo got this big-email application thing in their email, so liyana can send me the pictures using email freely.

gmail,however,don't have those kind of stuff, and attach file is only limited to 25mb. and the files that i wanna send to liyana is 31mb,so i had to use mediafire to upload the file(pictures already compressed to winrar) and give liyana the file's link at mediafire.

and so,i did.

but in an e-mail form:


u see that email?

u see alia baik?
u see liyana giler?


anyway, if you click alia baik or liyana giler , you'll see a picture of Amber in a teddy bear mask. seriously cute.haha. or maybe you'll see a picture of 2 guys of Super Junior try to kiss each other.hahaha. and i love really much if you click alia baik, and it's true anyway that liyana is gila.haha.

don't think i dunno what you click ok? ;p

bye then!

17 May, 2010


A'kum n ello..

i'm hungry. i'm bored.

liyana and najwa left me at google talk....


nadia is online!

bye then! i want to attack her.....

[this is Alia Liverpool's experiment about "what will happen if you don't have anything to do, and you start to click the New Post button at Blogger.com, and you start to type something even though you have nothing to blog about"]


a picture that will make someone happy.....


GO GO!!!

[no perverted thoughts for that .gif,ok?]

(pls inform me if that image is yours.tq.)

16 May, 2010

at aizam's house

A'kum n ello..

just got back from Aizam's house. she's my cousin at my late-mum's side. and she's getting married~~

so yeah, the objective of the sudden trip to her house is because of her wedding. the pre-plan,during-plan, and the post-plan. before,during,after wedding.


and seriously, seeing her busy making people focus on her plan really is scary. and one of my aunts(she's a teacher) said that the meeting is tougher than the PIBG meeting.

[you do know what is PIBG rite?]

anyway, my father got this 1 complaint: why too many themes? why need more than 1 colour? why on that week we need to wear red,and the next week have to wear gold?why??

and so to answer his complain, i told him: it's the modern day. that's why.

and so he said "my friend's daughter got nikah and married on the same day. done."

at that time, i have mixed feelings when he said that. i really wish my wedding will be a simple one, and not too many guests. but still, wedding is a once a lifetime thing, and it also the day for your father to brag to their friend "hey Datuk. my daughter is getting married. wanna see?" of course you want to make memories and want to make your father happy,rite?

oh well. i don't even want to think about relationship right now. things are just too difficult.

back to Aizam's house.

the plan to go there was to help Aizam for her wedding.


yeah rite. help. like i even did that.

so yeah, i didn't help. to tell you the truth, i really dunno what to do......



and i really don't have any excuse for that. maybe cos i don't like to wrap those present. maybe cos i don't think i'm skillful enough to do all those stuff even though all of them are just simple stuff (erm, wrap gift? what did you expect anyway).


she's wrapping the gift....


and isn't that simple?

oh bye now.

[she loves to avoid things -_-" ]

(the owner of the hands don't want to expose her face)


A'kum n ello...

been watching this certain drama called JIN. and i have another 2 episodes to finish it.harhar.

i'll talk about that drama AFTER i finish watching it, which by then, i'll be very2 sad cos Minakata Jin is really cool as that modern doctor in Edo era even though he loves to cry so much. and Ayase Haruka is very very cute!!!!!

still, in all dramas that she act, i only love her in Mr Brain and JIN. she looks nice in both dramas.haha.


oh well.....

i was thinking of blogging about this French movie that i watched last Friday called Amelie, but i talked too much about JIN that it'll be inappropriate of me to convert the Japanese to French.

so yeah~~~ i'll talk about JIN. hahahaha.

it's about a modern day doctor goes back to the Edo period. 

and i know some of you only know about Bujang Lapok and Princess Hours, so i'll tell you what is Edo period. Edo period is the time before Tokyo was formed. Edo is the old name of Tokyo. get it? and to add to your knowledge, Edo period is also called Tokugawa period. Tokugawa is the shogun(kinda like the emperor) that lead Japan at that time.

to make it easier, it's the era where Samurai X exist(which maybe not entirely true cos that anime cross around Meiji period(period after Edo) but you get the drill then. Samurai, Katana, Geisha, The Last Samurai)

before that, i wanna remind you that Edo period is around 1603-1868.

anyway, back to the synopsis.

the modern day doctor is called Minakata Jin. cos of some incidents, he suddenly goes back to the Edo period. bcos the medical technology at that time is not that advance, people kinda shocked when he treat patients with sugery and all. so when people around that time saw him drilled someone's skull, people were like "YOU WANT TO KILL MY SON!!!!!!!" or when he treat someone's stomach and he had to cut it to see their inside,people will shout "YOU WANT TO PERFORM HARAKIRI ON HIM!!!"

so people were kinda clueless at that time.

and because this Minakata Jin performed this kind of procedure, he kinda change the history. cos most of the medical skills that he performed were not exist at that time.

and that's all.

this is the kind of review you'll get if i haven't finish that reviewed drama.haha.

for your info, i love Japanese and Chinese history. i don't really care much about the Malay history. i have my reasons on that, and you don't need to know it. but i love my Malay tradition,so don't you worry or call me "KACANG LUPAKAN KULIT" or "TAK BERHATI PERUT PUNYA MELAYU"

and oh, this drama also show the life of prostitutes during that period. it was kinda interesting. i love that the prostitutes also have their own rank. that shows women are respected even though they already sell themselves.weird,i know,but sometimes, high class prostitutes are respected more than the man's own wife,don't you think?

this image is not a character from JIN.

so now. that's all.

Japanese tradition lesson, Shūryō!

15 May, 2010

sigh sigh

A'kum n ello...

if there is a person that make me full of jealousy is this woman here:

credits: Eonline.

*sigh heavily*

she's really beautiful.


ok now.

back to being an Amber fan.

ta then!

just another badminton post.

A'kum n ello...


i am trying to resist myself from posting a Thomas Cup failure post. cos it's already 20hours after the defeat, so yeah, things like a defeat should be well-forgotten anyway.

tho apart of Lin Dan as an arrogant hot-stuff, and Koo Kien Keat&Tan Boon Heong as 2 cutie losers and Bao Chunlai as the cute player that no need to be introduced, we better forget the heartbreaks that'll make us more frustrated.



i doubt you even know him anyway. haha. Liyana and me's long time crush.hahaha. just google him if you wonder who the hell he is anyway.

anyway, a defeat is a defeat. China played very2 well, the Malaysian team can't give any excuse about it. have to say, my favourite badminton player is Wong Choong Hann. he played well last night,tho his age couldn't beat Chen Jin's youth.

oh well.

Malaysia's sport team haven't been a great team for the past 20 years anyway. Malaysia have great invidual players but not team players. We have Nicol David, Josiah Ng, and Lee Chong Wei....

as a team, we don't really achieve things greatly.


correct me later if Malaysia beat another good opponent in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in hockey. i heard they beat India before this.


sports news over.haha.

ta then!

13 May, 2010

it's a kpop thing.

A'kum n ello..

i'm bored.

so i want to blog about Kpop stuff.


1st: KIM C's DEPARTURE FROM 1N2D.[not even a kpop thing]

when 1n2d's fansub blog about the a certain someone that will leave the show(at that time,it was called as rumours), i was like "oh yeah.RUMOURS ONLY" but then, the rumour become a non-rumour and it become official that Kim C will leave the show.

obviously, i'm devastated. Kim C is my favourite member among the 7 men,so like i said, i'm devastated. i really like him. he's not the funniest 1N2D, but he is the smartest one among them. and i still remember the time when Kang Ho Dong asked him if he has a chance to go back to be a child, what will he do? and KimC's answer was nice,he said "i'll study math harder." and Ho Dong asked back,"why?" and he said"in this world, only math has the definite answer.1+1 is 2.and it won't change".

ok.that might sound too serious in a variety show, but i know in an instant how deep his view in life is.

[extra info: when Kang Ho Dong asked Jiwon what will he do when go back to become a child, Eun Jiwon said "i'll marry Wonder Girls"]

and another thing why i love this guy is, he supports Liverpool.so, enough said~

[however,he tweeted to Pete Teo,which club he support.and Pete Teo answered West Ham. and Pete Teo asked Kim C the same question. and Kim C answered "i support stupid Liverpool".lucky this Kim C guy is leaving 1N2D.harhar]

[and Alia Liverpool doesn't really know who is Pete Teo.he's a Malaysian musician tho,not the filmmaker]

and so,thank you Kim C for all the things that he gives us on tv. i'll definitely miss his abs after this. :(

2nd: AMBER!!!!!!!!!


obviously, i'm an Amber fan.hahaha.

and this just make my life happier. she reminds me of Osaki Nana in that manga Nana. and i don't really know why.haha. maybe cos of her boyish personality. and dear people, i'm not a lesbo. i really think SM Entertainment is a genius for using Amber as as their artist. they know how much Manhwa(korean manga) influence the Kpop world.

ok. if you're a manga reader like me, you'll understand what i mean by Manhwa. pretty boys and handsome girls.

yeay yeay!!

much to more liking now cos i already bored with the cute sexy women that every kpop singers have nowadays.


Bonamana is still in the twitter trending topics for more than 3 days. a good thing cos Super Junior is not Justin Bieber....

[by that, she's referring to Justin Bieber as the trending topic almost everyday]

and Bonamana is not as addictive as Sorry Sorry, but it still alright for me. i'm loving it. i have to play that song almost everyhourday.

and AND!!! KYUHYUN!!!!!!!!!! he is fine.............................!


ta then.

fangirling end!

IP MAN 2 !! n feminine ah hin

A'kum n ello...

wanna know what i did today?

i watched.......

IP MAN 2!!!!!!

Finally, i watched it!!!!!!!!

the most awesome movie of all time! seriously.


to be more specific, the best Kungfu movie of all time! this movie is damn good!! i love it! the fighting scene still in my mind, and Donnie Yen's coolness as Ip Man is heavenly nice~~ he's just brilliant. and he is sooooooo coool~~!!!! 

ok now~~

i think i'm in love with Donnie Yen more and more now.haha. he soo bloody fine as Ip Man. ok, maybe not suitable as the fine people in DamnDamnFine's tumblr, but still, he is soooo cool!

anyway, i watched that movie with AhHin and my sis. that Ip Man movie is like the most favourite movie in my house right now (apart of Lord Of The Rings) and even my maid watched that movie already.she watched somewhere at Klang,both the Ip Man 1 and 2. 

and obviously,her response was: "BEST!"


and i watched that movie with AhHin after i forced her to download the 1st one at home, and she download it, but she dunno how to use softsub,so she watched the Ip Man 1 with no subtitles;just like watching a raw Dragon Ball anime.

but still, she joined me watching Ip Man 2. and to be honest, she didn't really need to watch Ip Man 1 cos no massive relationship between both movies anyway. so if you haven't watch Ip Man 1,just watch Ip Man 2.

ok. enough about Ip Man, cos i'll end up telling the spoilers later.haha.


AHHIN BOUGHT THIS FEMININE SANDALS!!!!!!!!!! OUR AHHIN IS ALL FEMININE! AND SHE EVEN TOLD ME THAT GOT A COMPACT POWDER.tho she never use it. ceh~. but2!! she wore this cute tudung with her.hahaha..

and here you are,AhHin that become more feminine!

and THAT is her SANDALS!

so now.

tata sayang! wanna watch 14Blades. got more fierce Mr Yen.hahaha.

10 May, 2010

R.A.T again.

A'kum n ello...

anybody care to tell what is the difference between a rat and a mouse?

if you ask me, i'll say the simplest thing. i'll say "rat is ugly and irritating,and mouse is cute but stupid".

it's more like the expression of the words tho. rat sounds naughtier than mouse,and mouse sounds cute. still, both of them are the same species anyway; rodents that give housewives and woman and innocent girl like me to change the position of their sleeping cos that bloody rodent gave them some irritating moments at night i.e disturbing her sleep.

remember this post ? that stupid rat is still in my house. last time, that rat pushed [not with it hands,maybe with the paw,or maybe with the fat belly] a trophy down from the shelf. this time, it pushed this one fragile souvenir.
stupid rat.

since that incident with that rat crept around my feet while i was sleeping, i never really slept in my room. i only slept in my maid's room or on the sofa in front of telly. and last night, i slept on the sofa.

and around 3am, i woke up in the middle of my sleep, and i saw the light in my room was on. after i peed, i switched off the light. then, i heard the sound of the plastic inside the wastebasket. at first, i ignore it. but then, the sound was continuous, and i know instantly that something was inside it and it wanna get out. so i looked at that basket in the dark night, and i saw something moving~~

if only i had a cat in my house..............

and then, i saw that rat moved closer me. i have to say, that rat is stupid cos it thought i was sleeping. and as i was looking at that rat, that rat moved closer to the tv. by that time, i shocked that rat.

obviously, that small rat was startled and ran away from me.

and because i know that rat's ability to creep into high place, i went downstairs and slept in my maid's room and annoyed my sis who was sleeping.

so in the morning, i told my maid about it. for your info, i got 2 cats that not even mine that loves to come to my house just for free food. and while i was talking to my maid, i saw 1 of the cats and i shouted at that cat "WHAT THE HELL????? YOU ALWAYS GET FREE FOOD FROM US, CAN'T YOU KILL THAT RAT IN MY ROOM???? CAN'T YOU EVEN DO ANYTHING???? STUPID CAT~~"

and that cat was shocked to see me screamed at it, and that cat just look at me like this:


ta then!

[she's googling how to kill a rat]

09 May, 2010

Mother's Day,people?

A'kum n ello...

ok ok.

today is Mother's Day.


i wanna say Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. even some of your daughters and sons love to make your life like hell, you accept them as they are,just like the time when they got out from your womb. at that time, you held them,and crying "oh i hope he/she will be a good person later"

or so it seems.

as sons and daughters, we should accept our mother as they are. maybe they're the kind who will call us at night just to ask "dear, can you download Oh My Lady? i'll buy you an external hard disk 500gb if you download them" or maybe a mother that ignore you cos she thinks Farmville is more important than your dinner, but still, that is your mother.

and for the mothers, even though we sons and daughters always make you mad, we only do that cos we want to show you that we are still you son/daughter. we want to show you that the baby that you held when started to cry is still the same person. and for the fact that you still accept us and love us as whoever we are, just show how much in love we are with you.

and that's why, i want to show you people how lucky you are to have a mother that still alive. a real mother will always be the best especially if you have someone like me, someone that has an ex-stepmother and a stepmother.

funny eh?

so now, Happy Mother's Day,dear Ainor Azmin Zainal Abidin! you were the best and you always be!

08 May, 2010

36hours ago....

A'kum n ello...


let me tell what happened the last 36 hours....

[pictures are not owned by Alia Liverpool. please comment if the pictures belong to you.again,tq.]


on 6th May 2010, around 5pm, i studied Microbial Physiology. and then, i wondered what the question will look like. so, i checked the past year. i saw the Oct 2007's past year, it was:

Depp: what the hell??

seriously, i didn't even know the answers to all the questions in that exam paper. but then, i checked the previous exam,the Oct 2009.

and so i checked, and it was like :

Amber: i think i know this!

and so, i use the traditional and the usual way to study;  i wrote the notes and read it back after that. work quite well for me.

around 12am of 7th May, i was still studying the subject. Nanal,my cousin, cooked Maggi for the family. as i have this firm belief that Maggi must not be eaten during exam days, i didn't accept his offer. my eldest bro, Amin, and my little sister,Alisa, ate that Maggi the noodle with Nanal.

and then, Amin saw a newspaper, and he suddenly got mad. it was like seeing Wayne Rooney lose his temper cos people said his face looks like Shrek the Ogre....

Rooney: hello Shrek,i'm your twin.

anyway, he got mad cos of the Aminulrasyid's case, which i don't really want to talk about cos i already talk about it in real life and also at twitter, so no need for me to talk about it at this blog unless the police become more nonsense than now.

anyway, Amin kept talking about it, and i had to join the 30minute conversation and had to delay the mood to study.

and then, around 1.30am, i went to sleep. you know, i got sleepy too. sleepy like this man here:

Jaejoong: 나 잠 좀 자자

and so,i slept. with a plan to wake up to watch Happiness in The Wind at 3am,and study after that.

but i kinda woke up early cos there was this time when i was sleeping,that i felt 'something' was biting my thigh....which make me scream and pillow-throwing at the middle of the night.

however, nobody heard my scream,even my sister who slept beside me. so i went back to sleep....

minutes after that, i felt something again at my feet. and i was like, panicking all of sudden, which eventually woke up my sister. and we were wondering what was the 'thing' that kept creeping around my feet....

then, the 3.10am alarm rang at that time, and me and my sis went outside the room. i watched the drama, my sis slept on the sofa.

but then, i heard something fell. so i checked my room. i saw the trophy that suppose to be on top of that high bookshelf was on the floor.

seriously, i had 'something' in my mind.

but then, after the drama, i opened the door of my room and saw a flash of small black stuff ran to the drawer. alas, i know what is that 'thing'.

Shun: O.M.G!

it's a R.A.T.

which, we called it by the name 'Mak Menti' cos that T word is like a taboo in this house.

and so,we slept at my maid's room..........and i didn't study....

and around 9.30am, i continue my revision. around 11.30am, i done revising.....

to be honest, i couldn't really focus on studying. cos seriously, it was my last paper. MY LAST PAPER!! mijn laatste paper! kertas terakhir !! whoa yeah!

anyway, around 2.45pm, my exam started. the paper was kinda ok. at least i know most of the answers. Most,but not FULL answers. but still, i left the exam hall early.

and then i talked to KP who also left the exam hall early. she was waiting for Aqilah and i was waiting for my sis and maid cos we made plan to watch Ip Man 2. 

and then, my sis arrived,and i said bye2 to KP. she said "see you next semester!"

on the way to Sunway Pyramid, there was this car. a couple were inside the car, and they were lovey-dovey,which is not a bad thing. but still, they should do it somewhere private, not someplace like inside the car. cos seriously, please don't try to play 'dirty' with your girlfriend or boyfriend inside the car. the traffic lights do not have a long period of green light, ok?


we arrived at Sunway Pyramid. and Ip Man 2 was full. there were empty seats at the 2 rows at the front but no way i'll watch my favourite movie at that kind of position. told my sis about it, and i recommended to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love instead. however, Sunway Pyramid doesn't show that movie anymore.

like HELL!! throw away that poster if you don't want to show that movie anymore!aiyo.

Torres is Mad.

so, the plan to watch Ip Man 2? FAIL.

another plan: Tokyo-G.

eat then nicely. hahahahaha. tho i spent rm92.25 just for that food only. hrm~~~

after that, went window shopping........

and went to that shop that sell the cheap Japanese dramas....and JIN still not in the RM19.90 shelves, so i end up buying Mr Brain. hahahahahhaha.......eventhough i already watched that drama before.haha.

and then, went home....


i saw Izza da cousin of mine. and Izza,you're different lor! i was too shocked when i saw you that i only spoke 10 words to you and your sis! aih.

bye now.


[long post cos of the picture.and i love you]

05 May, 2010

HALAL or not?

A'kum n ello..


to be honest, i really don't want to talk about my exam. i want to say that i suck at it, but at the same time, i manage to answer them. i'm being careful here about admit this kind of stuff, cos you know, maybe..............[nathan: she doesn't want to continue cos she thinks it'll bring bad luck to her]

anyway, i have another 1 paper to go. last paper will be Microbial Physiology, on this Friday. scary paper to say the least, cos this is the same paper that told me to not continue my study,and go find a job. so yeah, i kinda scared there. and i only sent 2 out of 4 lab reports for this subject, so my carrymark is really2 low.

oh. still, i don't want a depress post. that'll make me depress just like last week.

anyway, IP MAN 2 already out.

and so......i'm planning to watch it this Friday with my sister and my maid. haha. and after the paper, i'll straight away go to Sunway Pyramid and i'm planning to have dinner at TOKYO-G and watch IP MAN 2 after that.

Gerrard: IP MAN, BEBEH!!

oh btw, i asked my dad to hang out at Tokyo-G last weekend. and he thinks Tokyo-G and other Japanese restaurant is not halal cos they put wine in their food. so i told him that Ah Hin [she's her friend that study Culinary Arts] said that every restaurant in Malaysia is Halal unless it is stated as Haram,cos Malaysia law state that.

and then, my father said "any Halal logo there?" i told him i'm not sure, but i know that place is halal,cos i saw it before.

so my father conclude, "that place is was-was" and you know what that mean.

ok. my father has a 2nd thought about it. so i can't say much about it. everybody have their own opinion about it. tho i have this thought that he just said that cos he knows that place is expensive and he only give an excuse that...........


anyway, i told my sis about it, and she said this wondeful words:


good ol sis.

ta then!

04 May, 2010

defending Rafa.

A'kum n ello..

exam still in progress, but still..


remember that depress post? it was gone on Sunday after the defeat against Chelsea [nathan: she rather not talk about it cos she fought with her brother about being such a hooligan in front of the tv]. yeah,defeat is a defeat, no fourth place for Liverpool.ok,don't mind.

still, facebook is an evil place. i saw plenty of statuses about Liverpool. some fans want Rafa Benitez to be sacked, some fans said Rafa is just bad for Liverpool, some fans think Rafa done nothing for the club cos he brought in a bad defender,played a striker as a winger, and other sorts.

and so i commented those people's status,i told them they are some worthless bitches that dunno how to appreciate people. [nathan: she lied. she told that so-called fan "you only see the bad side of his work. who is that defender that can't defend that rafa bought? kuyt played well as a winger, n you said he played out of position. you said Liverpool's midfield is bad,and you blame rafa for that?why not blame gerrard" she told that guy that] and that guy replied "you said Johnson is not bad???what are you thinking??" and i was like 'bloody hell. why must you blame Rafa Benitez if you want a someone like that Ashley Cole the nudist as your player? blame the owners,not Rafa. if the owners have the money to buy good players, Rafa can even buy all the cool players that the fans want. heck, he even can buy Messi!

and so, you ungrateful bitches that blame Rafa, please think wholly. this season is the worst season that i ever seen as a Liverpool fan, but i won't blame Rafa for that. i respect him more, to tell you the truth. with all the pressure he got from the fans and the press, weak people will walk away and join others. but this man, he still stay. he handle the press nicely. he can shut up the whole conference room and made journalists annoyed with his answers. he has the brain and the heart.he knows what he is doing. people make assumptions. with the injury that he got, and the limited amount of players that he have, you think Liverpool can win all the time?

i am a Liverpool through and through. i am a Rafa Benitez fan forever till i die. with some logical thinking and no emotional outburst, you have to admit, Rafa's tactics are really good. however, the players didn't execute it well. Rafa trust them that they can do it, but some players don't have the nerve to take that challenge. that ungrateful Arbeloa said Rafa will not take any risk. yeah, right. rafa bought him,isn't that a risk? he take that risk, and he wants the players to be confident of themselves and do the right job. but sometimes, the players underperformed. people didn't see Gerrard's bad form. his form this season was the one of the worst i ever seen. but people only blame Rafa for that.people blame by saying Rafa is not a good manager cos he could not handle the players well. wrong assumption there, Rafa trusts Gerrard to handle his confidence better, but Gerrard didn't take his trust well.

i hope Liverpool will let Rafa stay. give him the money and give him his trust back, he can make Liverpool champion. no money, and you expect Rafa to win the league in his first 5 years? you gotta be kidding.that is illogical!

and yesterday's morning, i got this facebook message from a Liverpool fan that said Rafa already leave Liverpool,which make me really2 depress cos i kinda believe that rumour. luckily, it doesn't happen,for now.

anyway, players don't want Rafa to leave. Benayoun said he dunno if he leave or not. it's too obvious from his interview that he'll only stay if Rafa stay. and i don't even want to know if Torres stay or not. i don't think he'll leave tho. he got pride anyway. if he leave, it means he is selfish. if he doesn't leave, it means he doesn't have the passion.

i don't care much who'll stay or not. if you have the passion and heart to play for Liverpool, you're good enough as a Liverpool player. that's why i love Liverpool in the 1st place anyway.

....aside from Michael Owen as a cute player...

ta then.


01 May, 2010

depress mode.watch glee.

A'kum n ello...

i'm depressed.

if i'm not mistaken, the 1st time time i ever felt this depress was the time when Liverpool lose to Benfica. i think it was about 2 years ago,no? or maybe 3, i'm not really sure.

but then, the same thing happened again.

except that, Liverpool lose to Atletico Madrid,in a SEMI FINAL. and IT'S NOT EVEN A DEFEAT!

Liverpool won 2-1 over Atlectico Madrid, but bcos of the away goal rules, Atletico Madrid advanced to the Europa League final.


i depressed not bcos the team didn't advance to the final. i was depressed cos the team played well. they worked hard, but it wasn't enough. one mistake from Liverpool, Atletico took it,and scored and advance to the final.

worked hard but no good result? that is DEPRESSING.
kuyt: sorry Alia. me also depressed.

not a good thing for me considering i'm in an exam mode right now. right now, i'm in a condition where i think "i don't want to work hard. i better watch Glee cos it makes my life BETTER. it's not like i'll get Dean List if i even work hard"

yeah. i'm in that condition.

i'm just too depress right now.

but still, i'm not an idiot.

no way i'll stay in that depress mode for the next 48 hours.

besides, i already watched 8 episodes of Glee and i have another 8 to go. my next paper is in another 48 hours, and those 8 episodes of Glee take only 8 hours.........

[nathan: O_o?]

damn.i'm just being sarcastic. bye now.

seriously, please wish me luck for my exam. i seriously need it. i need LUCK!

changmin: i'll give you some kisses for luck,ok?