09 May, 2010

Mother's Day,people?

A'kum n ello...

ok ok.

today is Mother's Day.


i wanna say Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there. even some of your daughters and sons love to make your life like hell, you accept them as they are,just like the time when they got out from your womb. at that time, you held them,and crying "oh i hope he/she will be a good person later"

or so it seems.

as sons and daughters, we should accept our mother as they are. maybe they're the kind who will call us at night just to ask "dear, can you download Oh My Lady? i'll buy you an external hard disk 500gb if you download them" or maybe a mother that ignore you cos she thinks Farmville is more important than your dinner, but still, that is your mother.

and for the mothers, even though we sons and daughters always make you mad, we only do that cos we want to show you that we are still you son/daughter. we want to show you that the baby that you held when started to cry is still the same person. and for the fact that you still accept us and love us as whoever we are, just show how much in love we are with you.

and that's why, i want to show you people how lucky you are to have a mother that still alive. a real mother will always be the best especially if you have someone like me, someone that has an ex-stepmother and a stepmother.

funny eh?

so now, Happy Mother's Day,dear Ainor Azmin Zainal Abidin! you were the best and you always be!


::ayn:: said...

Dah okay dah dashboard :)
Anyway, u can always find me if u need kinda mummy's advise because my frens call me mak, mummy, mama. hehe :)

Anonymous said...

She must be proud if she knows four of you have grown up to be what four of you becoming now.

Alia Liverpool said...

adzrin, lets go shopping, den u bayar.tu keje mak.hahaha.