10 May, 2010

R.A.T again.

A'kum n ello...

anybody care to tell what is the difference between a rat and a mouse?

if you ask me, i'll say the simplest thing. i'll say "rat is ugly and irritating,and mouse is cute but stupid".

it's more like the expression of the words tho. rat sounds naughtier than mouse,and mouse sounds cute. still, both of them are the same species anyway; rodents that give housewives and woman and innocent girl like me to change the position of their sleeping cos that bloody rodent gave them some irritating moments at night i.e disturbing her sleep.

remember this post ? that stupid rat is still in my house. last time, that rat pushed [not with it hands,maybe with the paw,or maybe with the fat belly] a trophy down from the shelf. this time, it pushed this one fragile souvenir.
stupid rat.

since that incident with that rat crept around my feet while i was sleeping, i never really slept in my room. i only slept in my maid's room or on the sofa in front of telly. and last night, i slept on the sofa.

and around 3am, i woke up in the middle of my sleep, and i saw the light in my room was on. after i peed, i switched off the light. then, i heard the sound of the plastic inside the wastebasket. at first, i ignore it. but then, the sound was continuous, and i know instantly that something was inside it and it wanna get out. so i looked at that basket in the dark night, and i saw something moving~~

if only i had a cat in my house..............

and then, i saw that rat moved closer me. i have to say, that rat is stupid cos it thought i was sleeping. and as i was looking at that rat, that rat moved closer to the tv. by that time, i shocked that rat.

obviously, that small rat was startled and ran away from me.

and because i know that rat's ability to creep into high place, i went downstairs and slept in my maid's room and annoyed my sis who was sleeping.

so in the morning, i told my maid about it. for your info, i got 2 cats that not even mine that loves to come to my house just for free food. and while i was talking to my maid, i saw 1 of the cats and i shouted at that cat "WHAT THE HELL????? YOU ALWAYS GET FREE FOOD FROM US, CAN'T YOU KILL THAT RAT IN MY ROOM???? CAN'T YOU EVEN DO ANYTHING???? STUPID CAT~~"

and that cat was shocked to see me screamed at it, and that cat just look at me like this:


ta then!

[she's googling how to kill a rat]

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