01 May, 2010

depress mode.watch glee.

A'kum n ello...

i'm depressed.

if i'm not mistaken, the 1st time time i ever felt this depress was the time when Liverpool lose to Benfica. i think it was about 2 years ago,no? or maybe 3, i'm not really sure.

but then, the same thing happened again.

except that, Liverpool lose to Atletico Madrid,in a SEMI FINAL. and IT'S NOT EVEN A DEFEAT!

Liverpool won 2-1 over Atlectico Madrid, but bcos of the away goal rules, Atletico Madrid advanced to the Europa League final.


i depressed not bcos the team didn't advance to the final. i was depressed cos the team played well. they worked hard, but it wasn't enough. one mistake from Liverpool, Atletico took it,and scored and advance to the final.

worked hard but no good result? that is DEPRESSING.
kuyt: sorry Alia. me also depressed.

not a good thing for me considering i'm in an exam mode right now. right now, i'm in a condition where i think "i don't want to work hard. i better watch Glee cos it makes my life BETTER. it's not like i'll get Dean List if i even work hard"

yeah. i'm in that condition.

i'm just too depress right now.

but still, i'm not an idiot.

no way i'll stay in that depress mode for the next 48 hours.

besides, i already watched 8 episodes of Glee and i have another 8 to go. my next paper is in another 48 hours, and those 8 episodes of Glee take only 8 hours.........

[nathan: O_o?]

damn.i'm just being sarcastic. bye now.

seriously, please wish me luck for my exam. i seriously need it. i need LUCK!

changmin: i'll give you some kisses for luck,ok?


::ayn:: said...

Alia,I am so pelik because ur blog's update tak de pon kat dashboard. Maybe something wrong dengan follower kamu dulu. Buat baru lah ! Susah nak baca post kau sebab selalu lupaaaaaa !

Alia Liverpool said...

ney.kalo nk blog update ade kat dashboard, try copy the url and taruk kat dashboard u.

the follow button kat my blog (n also others) x update the blogger dashboard, but instead update the google reader.mayb dats y my blog x kuar kat ur dashboard.