05 May, 2010

HALAL or not?

A'kum n ello..


to be honest, i really don't want to talk about my exam. i want to say that i suck at it, but at the same time, i manage to answer them. i'm being careful here about admit this kind of stuff, cos you know, maybe..............[nathan: she doesn't want to continue cos she thinks it'll bring bad luck to her]

anyway, i have another 1 paper to go. last paper will be Microbial Physiology, on this Friday. scary paper to say the least, cos this is the same paper that told me to not continue my study,and go find a job. so yeah, i kinda scared there. and i only sent 2 out of 4 lab reports for this subject, so my carrymark is really2 low.

oh. still, i don't want a depress post. that'll make me depress just like last week.

anyway, IP MAN 2 already out.

and so......i'm planning to watch it this Friday with my sister and my maid. haha. and after the paper, i'll straight away go to Sunway Pyramid and i'm planning to have dinner at TOKYO-G and watch IP MAN 2 after that.

Gerrard: IP MAN, BEBEH!!

oh btw, i asked my dad to hang out at Tokyo-G last weekend. and he thinks Tokyo-G and other Japanese restaurant is not halal cos they put wine in their food. so i told him that Ah Hin [she's her friend that study Culinary Arts] said that every restaurant in Malaysia is Halal unless it is stated as Haram,cos Malaysia law state that.

and then, my father said "any Halal logo there?" i told him i'm not sure, but i know that place is halal,cos i saw it before.

so my father conclude, "that place is was-was" and you know what that mean.

ok. my father has a 2nd thought about it. so i can't say much about it. everybody have their own opinion about it. tho i have this thought that he just said that cos he knows that place is expensive and he only give an excuse that...........


anyway, i told my sis about it, and she said this wondeful words:


good ol sis.

ta then!

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