08 May, 2010

36hours ago....

A'kum n ello...


let me tell what happened the last 36 hours....

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on 6th May 2010, around 5pm, i studied Microbial Physiology. and then, i wondered what the question will look like. so, i checked the past year. i saw the Oct 2007's past year, it was:

Depp: what the hell??

seriously, i didn't even know the answers to all the questions in that exam paper. but then, i checked the previous exam,the Oct 2009.

and so i checked, and it was like :

Amber: i think i know this!

and so, i use the traditional and the usual way to study;  i wrote the notes and read it back after that. work quite well for me.

around 12am of 7th May, i was still studying the subject. Nanal,my cousin, cooked Maggi for the family. as i have this firm belief that Maggi must not be eaten during exam days, i didn't accept his offer. my eldest bro, Amin, and my little sister,Alisa, ate that Maggi the noodle with Nanal.

and then, Amin saw a newspaper, and he suddenly got mad. it was like seeing Wayne Rooney lose his temper cos people said his face looks like Shrek the Ogre....

Rooney: hello Shrek,i'm your twin.

anyway, he got mad cos of the Aminulrasyid's case, which i don't really want to talk about cos i already talk about it in real life and also at twitter, so no need for me to talk about it at this blog unless the police become more nonsense than now.

anyway, Amin kept talking about it, and i had to join the 30minute conversation and had to delay the mood to study.

and then, around 1.30am, i went to sleep. you know, i got sleepy too. sleepy like this man here:

Jaejoong: 나 잠 좀 자자

and so,i slept. with a plan to wake up to watch Happiness in The Wind at 3am,and study after that.

but i kinda woke up early cos there was this time when i was sleeping,that i felt 'something' was biting my thigh....which make me scream and pillow-throwing at the middle of the night.

however, nobody heard my scream,even my sister who slept beside me. so i went back to sleep....

minutes after that, i felt something again at my feet. and i was like, panicking all of sudden, which eventually woke up my sister. and we were wondering what was the 'thing' that kept creeping around my feet....

then, the 3.10am alarm rang at that time, and me and my sis went outside the room. i watched the drama, my sis slept on the sofa.

but then, i heard something fell. so i checked my room. i saw the trophy that suppose to be on top of that high bookshelf was on the floor.

seriously, i had 'something' in my mind.

but then, after the drama, i opened the door of my room and saw a flash of small black stuff ran to the drawer. alas, i know what is that 'thing'.

Shun: O.M.G!

it's a R.A.T.

which, we called it by the name 'Mak Menti' cos that T word is like a taboo in this house.

and so,we slept at my maid's room..........and i didn't study....

and around 9.30am, i continue my revision. around 11.30am, i done revising.....

to be honest, i couldn't really focus on studying. cos seriously, it was my last paper. MY LAST PAPER!! mijn laatste paper! kertas terakhir !! whoa yeah!

anyway, around 2.45pm, my exam started. the paper was kinda ok. at least i know most of the answers. Most,but not FULL answers. but still, i left the exam hall early.

and then i talked to KP who also left the exam hall early. she was waiting for Aqilah and i was waiting for my sis and maid cos we made plan to watch Ip Man 2. 

and then, my sis arrived,and i said bye2 to KP. she said "see you next semester!"

on the way to Sunway Pyramid, there was this car. a couple were inside the car, and they were lovey-dovey,which is not a bad thing. but still, they should do it somewhere private, not someplace like inside the car. cos seriously, please don't try to play 'dirty' with your girlfriend or boyfriend inside the car. the traffic lights do not have a long period of green light, ok?


we arrived at Sunway Pyramid. and Ip Man 2 was full. there were empty seats at the 2 rows at the front but no way i'll watch my favourite movie at that kind of position. told my sis about it, and i recommended to watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love instead. however, Sunway Pyramid doesn't show that movie anymore.

like HELL!! throw away that poster if you don't want to show that movie anymore!aiyo.

Torres is Mad.

so, the plan to watch Ip Man 2? FAIL.

another plan: Tokyo-G.

eat then nicely. hahahahaha. tho i spent rm92.25 just for that food only. hrm~~~

after that, went window shopping........

and went to that shop that sell the cheap Japanese dramas....and JIN still not in the RM19.90 shelves, so i end up buying Mr Brain. hahahahahhaha.......eventhough i already watched that drama before.haha.

and then, went home....


i saw Izza da cousin of mine. and Izza,you're different lor! i was too shocked when i saw you that i only spoke 10 words to you and your sis! aih.

bye now.


[long post cos of the picture.and i love you]

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