06 March, 2010

old friends.hee.

A'kum n ello..


i may lose a friend.


i have my OLD FRIENDS BACK!!!!


izaaz,liyana munir,arip and farahin.damn i love you guys.you make my day!!! n you all are the reasons why i still not sleeping rite now.haha.

u know,there this 1 good thing that i like about being 20.

i met my old friends at facebook. on my birthday. at a nice timing. and they're all just the same people that i know. friends that forget the bad old days that we had before, and the only thing that they remember about me is me being a Liverpool fan, and also about me being one of the craziest person that they ever know.

oh how nice.

i didn't add Khairil Naim cos he is like Afiq Ersyad.he will say something bad about Liverpool,and i really don't want that.haha.

and you know,Liyana Munir is one of my closest friend before this.and i had some bad terms with her when we were young.and when saw each other at facebook, we were closer than ever. the mind just click. and man,i seriously miss how close we were before this.

to think that i had a crush at her then-boyfriend when we were young was really funny!!haha.

nice birthday i had now.

and i have to thank Nadia Zailan for this. her "this is YOUday" really makes my life better.

it's my birthday,and it's MY day,so i'll have fun.hehe.

ta then!


Sepet said...

i didn't realize it wrote YOU instead of YOUR until you mentioned her lahhh. lawak kot. but still the same kan ;pppp

Alia Liverpool said...

ahahah.classic mistake tu.haha.sampai buat org trus cheer up plak tu.aha.

Eireen Camelia said...

woooooii! happy birthday! pergh 20 da umur kau????!! tua seh! hahahaha

Alia Liverpool said...

hahahahhaha.sngal Erin.tgk la ko tahun dpn.haha.

Alia Liverpool said...

hahahahhaha.sngal Erin.tgk la ko tahun dpn.haha.