13 March, 2010

my busy?

A'kum n ello..

some might have a thought

with a kl accent:

"elleh,alia tu.kate je busy. online je lebih sbenarnye tu.mane de busy.dia malas nak blog je tu."

or in manglish:

"you know ah.that alia.i don't think she said itu betul2 punye alasan about the no have time for blogging la.i know she tak busy itu punye olang la.i know la.she very2 da lazy one.come on la.no class meh?i dun percaya sama itu dia,i cakap lu,ok?"

or in english:

"don't think alia is that busy.she doesn't seem like busy type for me.she just lazy to update the blog,i think.i know she's lazy,and so you ask me why?see the old posts.she blogged about she was lazy to blog anything.prove that she really is lazy rite?

and so,to show you that i'm a very very da busy punya person:

now u see dear people. i'm a very2 busy person. no test this week,but assignments like HELL.i seriously don't like that Mycology assignment.totally BS.haven't learn any science stuff in Malay before,now all of sudden want us to do the work in MALAY??aiyo.btw, i love my Malay language.i don't mind if i'd learn MYCOLOGY IN MALAY BEFORE I EVEN KNOW IT IN ENGLISH tho.aih.

oh well.

ps: dear Sir Nik,i'm not good in BM eventho my BM paper in SPM was A1.i still not good in BM.my english is ok-ok,but my malay is like the mix of english michael schumacher and malay sarimah ibrahim.seriously.so, please change the assignment to English,not Malay.PLEASE!!!!

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