05 March, 2010

today is a gift.

A'kum n ello..


anybody have a car?
anybody is free?
anybody in a mode to go out?
anybody REMEMBER me??

so,the plan to end my teenage days with style couldn't happen cos Aqilah's relative passed away last night.so we had to cancel it.

hence,i'm alone at home.with nothing to do,with only the internet as the partner in crime.how nice. i was thinking of watching those videos that i download, but most of them are romantic comedies,and i download them when i was in the mood,but now that i'm not in the mood, i just think those videos that i download are all wasted.

seriously,i'm very alone right now.where is everybody really.

oh.today is Emilia's birthday.so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you.i'll wish you through sms later around 11.59pm.that'll make me happy cos my birthday is tomorrow anyway.haha.

anyway, today is my last day of being 19. the teen number of 1 will not appear anymore and the adult number of 2 will say hi to me in just few hours and i'll be here alone and say "HOI YA HOI.I'M 20"

to tell you the truth, i'm not feeling the 20. it's not because i'm becoming older,it's because the people that i expected to be around is not around. people that i expect will be my friends forever just happen to be someone that i'm not friend  with anymore.

but just like that Kungfu Panda quote,"Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift, and that is why it's called the present" , i have to accept it then.the past is history,the present is the gift. as i still have friends that appreciate me for now,i'll just accept it. (and i don't like tomorrow is a mystery thing.i like surprise,but i don't like mystery)

i just have to be grateful and happy. 

hee. :)

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