01 March, 2010

moments with the fungus in my house.

A'kum n ello..

last thursday,i brought home this agar plate,called Sab+.

fyi,agar plate is something that look like this:

credits image: wikimedia

the agar contain plenty of sugars,like glucose,sucrose and all sorts of things that end with -ose.

the reason i took it home was because i wanna show it to my maid.haha.so that she'll have a clear view what i'm doing at college. i'm a talkative person.i always tell her about the fungi n bacteria that i always use.

oh.the MAIN reason for bringing this home,is bcos of this 1 experiment that instruct me to expose the agar plate at 1 place outside the lab(i.e my home) for 2minutes.

so,i Woke up in the morning feeling like P Diddy,which obviously mean that something is bad.

so i looked at the agar.


like i stated before,the agar plate has PLENTY OF SUGAR. and i forgot that my house has plenty of ANTS,and i forgot that ANTS LOVE SUGAR.

this is the cartoon image of the agar plate that full of ants.

ok.stupid me.

so i shooh2 all the ants.most ants ran away,but 2 ants died already.maybe cos of stampede.

n i got this hypothesis,that maybe,just maybe,that the ants took ALL the sugars inside the agar.

and that is a bad thing for me,cos seriously,the sugars are the main nutrient for the fungi to grow on the agar.if those ants took all the nutrients,i can't even grow the fungus.

but still,i did the thing that i supposed to do; i exposed the agar to the world for 2 minutes.

and so i thought that maybe no fungus will grow on that agar.

and like usual,i was wrong.

DAY 1: the agar looks like this:-

the grey ones were the fungus that i dunno their name.the green ones,maybe,are Aspergillus.

i was kinda surprise when i saw those green stuff. cos let me inform you here,dear citizens of dunno-anything-about-fungi readers, the green ones are Aspergillus,a very dangerous fungus.(tho i doubt that it must be the same fungus that live on an old bread)

i was quite surprise when i saw that fungus actually GREW on the agar.maybe the ants didn't really take all the sugars.maybe.

DAY 2: the fungi grew more and became like this:

seriously,i was scared to even touch the plate.i'm more concern now that these fungi are the ones that live inside my house.

scary there.

and bcos my house doesn't have any dettol, cos the whole family only use Lux and Shokubutsu to clean themselves, i brought the plate with the fungus to the university and asked KP to dump the fungi at the lab instead.

and she did.

thank you,KP.

so now.

be clean.

and please do not be scared when you come to my house.i actually exposed the plate at the dustiest place in my house i.e the place that my brother always spend his smoking times.


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