22 March, 2010

super junior at airport?yeah rite.

A'kum n ello..

so before i started the post about the Super Junior concert,i'll talk about the day before the concert.

it was one of the worst day of my life,but lucky a Liverpool win over Lille and met an online-to-real friend made me forget that day.


19th March 2010.

the day started smoothly cos Liverpool won over Lille in Europa League.so they through to the quarter final and will meet Benfica later,which is,a very big team,but we'll be positive about it.

and of course la, a victory for Liverpool is always the best joy i for me.pure happiness,seriously.

i didn't sleep after that.i surf the net and saw Nadia Zailan's comment at facebook.so i read it and she was talking about the Super Junior's arrival at the airport.will i go or not,was the subject.and i told her i will later around 3pm or so, and bcos i talked to her about it,so it was weird that she's not even joining the fun with me at the airport especially that she live quite close to me.and she even know some of my close friends. so i end up asking her this one surprising invitation "awak nak ikut gak tak?" and she was like waaaaaa cos she didn't expect i will invite her, and she said ok instantly.cos seriously, i always care about others anyway.the reason i went to the airport was to take the people that is not going to the concert anyway.

and becos it'd be our 1st encounter,i told her that she should be like her usual self when she was around me later. and we even plan what to talk about if we suddenly getting awkward,so we planned: "we'll talk about what asya will feel if she found out that we go to the airport together" and also something like "oh.torres score 2 goals this morning". yeah,we planned to talk something about that.haha.

and we exchange numbers,and i told her i'll sms and call her later.haha.

and becos it was Friday, and Virology lab was postponed to that day, so me and aqilah went to the class. Hamka sms-ed me that the class will start at 9.20am,instead of 9.30am. and aqilah got the info a late,so she picked me up around 9am,which is a No-No for someone that will park the car at Padang Kawad.

so we parked the car at the staff parking spot. we saw 2 UiTM guards at that place,but we tried to ignore it. at that time,Mdm Amaliawati's face was more terrifying than a mere summon.

apparently,the class started around 9.30am,not 9.20am. even though Mdm. Amaliawati said that she would lock the door at 9.30am,but she didn't.even Wiera,who arrived at 10am entered the lab easily.da.

so the lab ended around 11.30am. instead of going home, we went to the Physiology lab to settle some lab stuff. so we went.

we were there until 12.59pm.

and when we planned to head home and getting ready for the Super Junior's arrival, we say the 2 summons on the car.in our head, it was like "oh,summons~.nothing much" then we saw the right tyre was clamped.

that's when things just getting bad. cos seriously, Super Junior will arrive at the airport around 4.45pm,and when we called the uitm staff to unclamp the car, the person there said they'll unclamp it at 2.45pm cos at that time, it was a rest time for them.

oh ok then. rest time. and it was 1pm at that time, aqilah and i stayed in the cafeteria and waited 2.45pm to arrive. so we called the uitm staff again,and she said that we have to pay the summon first,then they will unclamp the car. ok then. we took the bus and went to the place that handle the summon thing.

so we went.

and things just got worst. it was 3pm at that time. and the person that in-charge of the summon should be there around 2.45pm. but nope, there was nobody that take care of the summons problems, and at that time, both me and aqilah were checking our watch cos we already late.Super Junior will arrive in 1hour and 45minutes.

and so we waited again.

a staff saw us.and she told another staff to take care of our summon. his response was very irritating.it was like this:

lady staff: budak tu nak bayar saman.ko pi handle bdak tu.
guy staff: pi la buat saman lagi.

oh seriously.we were very2 mad. aqilah almost explode. i tried to remain calm.

so we waited. aqilah asked again when will the person that take care of the summon will arrive. i didn't hear the answer. so i asked aqilah. she didn't answer me but instead,she said "where is that fucking bendahari??"

oh yeah baby. our aqilah mohsin said that f word!

and so we waited.it was 3.20pm and that woman still not arrive. and so,aqilah explode,in a slowwwww way. she said "oh.my. GOD!!!!!!!!!!"

oh. she shouted that GOD word loudly.
and the uitm staff were shocked. the lady was like "oh dia marah~~!!" and the guy was quite scared. and so he asked "ade class ke?" aqilah answered "takde.tapi kitorang ade benda penting lepas ni." then that guy said "kalo penting,nanti jela bayar." aqilah shot back "kereta kene kunci,camne nak pegi"

and that guy said "oh.kene kunci"


so that guy took care of da summon. i told aqilah to ask for that late-woman-uitm-staff name,but one of the staff didn't tell her.

dear uitm people,one of your staff,namely Mdm Amaliawati told us to be punctual all the time.if uitm want us to be punctual,can't you be punctual too? so you're an adult, you can do anything that you want? this is not the era where people just sit and look ok.

bodoh punye orang.da.

and so we went back to our car. but the car still clamped.stupid really. found out, the guard didn't know which car that he should unclamp. he told us that he must not be blamed cos he just found out about this. i guess that was just an usual excuse from him anyway. he just clueless.

so we went to Melati Unite to pick Nadia Zailan. i told her to be in front of the Melati.guess either one of us didn't know which one is back,n which one is the front of Melati. cos both of us were not at the same place.

i tried to call her when i didn't see her anywhere. so i tried to call,but my phone suddenly shut down. seriously.it was hell. why must the battery suddenly gone at that kind of time. so i asked aqilah's phone. found out, her phone also the same,no battery.


at that time,i was the one who explode.seriously.

so i tried to search for Nadia.i entered Melati. then i saw Belle,my microbe mate. she let me borrowed her phone.when i placed my sim card into her phone, Nadia called. i picked up,and lucky her voice was sweet. so my anger ease a lil bit.she asked me where i was and i told her where,and she rushed to come to me. i hung up and thanks Belle for her phone.

so i saw Nadia, the online-now-real friend. she was running to me with her bag at her side. haha. i forgot what was our first words, cos we already late, and we still haven't pick up Najwa and Alisa yet.

so we went to Najwa's house. and that was when i lose my sim card.my sim card was missing in all those hectics. so i explode,again. i told Nadia "now you see THE REAL ME???"

and she laugh. she always laugh tho. in every single thing that i said,funny or not.

then arrived at my house. saw that my sister was in her shorts,she wasn't even ready. i explode again. WHAT THE HELL???!?!??!?!?!?!?! so i yelled at her,but instead of saying sorry or anything like that, she shot back at me. i told her she didn't need to go.

i went into the car, and waited for her,in case she suddenly like "sorry2 alia. aye nak ikut" oh hell,she didn't. instead,she yelled "PEGILA!" and slammed the front door.

before this, Nadia said she really wanna see my sis and me. she said it'd be funny if she saw us together. so i told her "now you see what happen between me and my sis?" she laughed,again.haha.

and my anger didn't go away immediately after that. the clock was ticking. it was 4.30pm already.we prayed that maybe the flight will delay or something like that.and bcos i was constantly exploding, Najwa said "alia,kite takut" cos i was exploding all the time.

i was like -_-"

seriously, i was very2 mad on that day that i always tease Najwa in a cruel-er way.seriously.

so we arrived at KLIA.went to the arrival hall immediately. the fans still there.so i asked one of them,and she said the SuJu's plane already landed. so lucky us.

and then,suddenly, the fans suddenly ran to the escalator and ran ran ran. they heard that Super Junior were in the departure hall instead of arrival hall cos they used the VIP entrance. all 4 of us just stood there at the arrival hall cos we thought maybe that was only a decoy(something like that happened when SS501 came to Malaysia).

then, some fans saw this video from a certain fan that saw the Super Junior member went into a van. so people were like, what the hell, they really were upstairs???

and some fans were crying. and me and the mates were like "lets wait for them". and so we waited,and many Korean people were there,but no Super Junior members among them. and we even saw the Korean's badminton national team.and some of Japan's,i think. i'm not sure. Nadia told me that maybe the team are here in Malaysia cos of the Thomas Cup. so instead of shouting Siwon's name or LeeTeuk's or any Super Junior related name, we shouted "LEE CHONG WEI!","DATUK!"

ok.not loudly,but still.

and then, i saw some of Super Junior fans near us. and i asked them about the fancam-true or not. and that Super Junior fan,an Indonesian, said "yes,it's true." she saw the fancam and all.but our hope still not down yet, and we still wanna wait for them when the girl said "the fancam only have Lee Teuk,EunHyuk and HeeChul" so we thought maybe the other 6(not including Siwon) will appear at the Arrival Hall,cos maybe,the HyunJoong incident was happening again.

but nope. it didn't.


we snapped this kind of pictures:

Real Sad Face.
(ok. i smiled,i know)

Fake Happy Face.
(See the difference?)

we stop waiting,and went to Burger King. both me and Aqilah didn't eat anything since morning.and i was so thirsty,i drank Coke even though my throat wasn't in great condition.

so now,i got the punishment, and i lose my voice.

how nice. i lose it before the concert.

and i assume Najwa didn't go to the concert tho cos she never told me about it.but i found out she went.ok.i'm not mad that she didn't tell me,but i let her go together with us to the airport cos i want to take the people that is not going to the concert to see them.cos i really want them to be happy even though by not going to the concert. oh well, i'm upset cos i really care about the people that is not going, and i really,really thought she didn't go so i asked her to the airport with us,but instead,it was like she lied to me even though i only assume she didn't go. i was very unhappy that she did that.

oh.thanks for the photos.

i'm just really in a bad mood to blog more.

and Nadia,really happy to meet you.sometimes,someone that you dunno is better anyway.

ta then!


Sepet said...

hahaha. sore kte sweeet? thxxx ^^ hahahha. tp klaka la. mne de. huhu. kte mmg ske gelak kot. idk ;p thx la ari tuh. XDD

Alia Liverpool said...

aha.better than sore kwn2 kt yg lainla.haha.

kalo aqilah angkat fon:sore bgn tdo.


mostly kwn2 kt care diorg ckp cam kasar skit.dats y.haha.

Najwa said...

Alia, it was a last minit thing~ Da day of da conc, bru dpt tix tu..
Sooo mianhae if awk trase~ Mainhaeee~~ Thnx 4 da airport thing btw~ Appreciate it chinguya~ Hehe :)

Alia Liverpool said...

be more sincere with no hehe.