29 March, 2010

excuse letter to Madam.

A'kum n ello...

haven't blog for awhile.

anyway, something that upset me today.

i'm trying not to be bias to myself, cos i was the one who 'started' this 'mess' first anyway.

btw, please don't imagine big problems. this is not a really big deal anyway. just a lil bit upset and sad and disappointed.

2 weeks ago, 2 days before the Super Junior's concert, which was on 20th March, i went to the clinic cos i felt something at my throat.

so i went.

didn't ask for MC. cos i thought i'll get better easily after that.

but nope,i didn't get better 'easily'.

on the next day, i lose my voice.ok.tried not to think too much.
on the next next day, my condition was quite weak.but i don't want to think too much about it. so i always talk and talk,and there was a Super Junior concert to look forward to.
and because of that concert, people already predict that my condition will become a lil bit worse than before.

it did.

i remember the time when i went to the DBSK concert. i couldn't sleep at all after that. i want to talk talk and talk cos i was too excited.

but after the Super Junior concert, i couldn't talk. i was too tired,too weak. i even slept in aqilah's car on the way home. my excitement was there, but i didn't have the energy and the voice to show it.

and on the next day of the Super Junior concert, i was in a weak condition. i always felt dizzy.

so i didn't go to class on the next day.(22nd March),cos seriously you would if you had that kind of dizziness also.
exam slip already out. no need to care much about the MC.


on Thursday, my lecturer asked for an excuse letter for the people that didn't go the class on 22nd March. she said if there is no excuse letter, she will deduct our test marks.

of all days, she asked for an excuse letter on the day that i didn't go to class. how cool!

i'm not really a person that care about marks. but still, the test was a lil bit off for me. so i better send the excuse letter.

she didn't ask for anything.
she only said EXCUSE LETTER.

not other stuff like Medical Certificate.

and so i made the excuse letter. checked at google how to do it, and even bought a white envelope for it, you know,just for a good impression. was thinking of using a pink envelope,but that will be too informal.

so i sent.

but the lecturer asked for a MC instead.



so i told the whole story to her. except that i said "some event" instead of "super junior concert".

so things just became too 'real'.

madam: kalo kat court, awak bagi excuse letter macam ni, awak rase court nak terime tak?
alia: erm.ni 1st time saya tak datang kelas. so saya boleh gune tu ntuk jadi rekod.

ok. i didn't really use that kind of tone.that'll be too rude.

it was more like:

"erm.saya tak pernah tak datang kelas sebelum.so...maybe..boleh?"


i dunno which one is more rude.

but still,

i sent the Excuse Letter. with an ENVELOPE.

i saw this girl that tried to send the  Excuse Letter with only a piece of paper,with NO ENVELOPE.

i mean, people with GOOD IMPRESSION will always win in the court. record is only a proof.

still, i'm not the boss anyway.

hail to the real world.


ta then!

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